Bakers to maintain the size and price of bread in Aweil

Bakers in Aweil have ended their strike in protest to the government proposal to maintain the price and the size of bread in the market. The governement has agreed to supply the local bakery with wheat floor in subsidised price of 19,000 SSP per 50kg bag instead of the hiked market price of 24,000 SSP per bag.  

The bakery operators were protesting the governement decision to impose the old price of bread  in the market. The bakers had earlier hiked the bread price and reduced its the size. A planned meeting between the bakers and the authority to reach a consensus on thursday failed to bear fruits, prompting the bakers to close bakeries in Aweil. They had hoped for the government to maintain  the old wheat floor price.

Community has welcomed the resolution over the impasse between the bakers and government. Some community members had complained about the inadequate bread in Aweil town after the closure of bakeries.

The traders promised to maintain the bread size and price of 20 SSP per piece. They said the order would have affected their business amid the severe economic crisis in the country.

 Mr. Atak Madut, a bakery owner, said they have agreed with government to purchase wheat floor at the lower prices which has made them re-open their businesses.

“The reason some of us stopped operating is that we buy wheat flour expensively. Now the Government ordered us to maintain the size and price of bread. Still, today we are all happy because the Government has purchased wheat and to sell it to us at 19,000 SSP, but before we could buy it at the Market price at 24,000 SSP. We will accept the orders now because we can make profits,” Madut said.

Dominic Kang Deng is the secretary-general in NBG state. He said the initiative aims at supporting citizens to buy food items cheaply.

“The Government wants to help citizens by buying wheat flour with a high price of 24,000 SSP and sell cheaply in the market with a price of 19,000 pounds per sack”.

The government said it had secured 300 sacks to be sold to the bakery’s owners and will ensure to purchase more from neighboring countries to make a long term initiative.

The commodities price reduction was also endorsed by the Government of Northern Bhar El Ghazal. All bakers were ordered to “maintain affordable prices and sizes of loaf bread” as part of government regulatory policy

Two SSPDF soldiers arrested for carjacking an ambulance in Awerial

The Police in Awerial County has arrested two soldiers from South Sudan People Defense Forces (SSPDF) for stealing a hospital ambulance in Awarial Center.

Police said the suspects stole the ambulance after the driver left its engine running while buying water at a nearby shop. An eyewitness said that the suspects jumped into the vehicle and drove away at high speed and later involved in an accident. However, there was no fatality though the car was damaged.

The motive behind the vehicle theft is still unclear.

Marial Akuok, the deputy Police Inspector in Bunagok, said the two soldiers are under detention under their Zonal Command for further investigation. 

“These soldiers belong to division six-under Jima Rian, and the base commander is Majak Kondok, and Zachariah Maluk is here also. They are responsible for the forces, so they are now arrested under their division,” Akuok said.

The county health director, Abraham Majok, said the damages to the ambulance would put pregnant women’s lives at risk. He said that the ambulance was for transporting pregnant women with severe complications at delivery to the nearest health center for an emergency. 

“When the car overturned, it got damaged on both sides. The side mirrors, tires, and other parts all got damaged. The front windscreen got smashed too,” Majok stated.

The ambulance was donated by Japan’s government through a partnership with UNFPA to support emergency obstetric care service in 2014.


Police detain a man over land dispute in Warrap State

Police in Wunrok (Warrap State) said they have detained a 30-year-old man in connection to a land dispute that left one person injured.

The suspect was believed to have shot his neighbor after the two quarreled over a piece of land in which the police were called in to intervene.

The incident happened on Tuesday in Gorayak village at Wunrok Payam.

Head of police in Twic County Lieutenant Colonel Machel Deng Atem said the police were dispatched to the scene to intervene where they made the arrest.

Meanwhile Twic County Police boss Michael Atem confirmed that the relatives of the victim reportedly carried out a revenge attack where the suspect’s properties were burnt and livestock looted.

The Police boss appealed to the public to stop violence and resolve grievances peacefully. 

“This case is for two people to justify who is wrong and who is right. And if you come and burn the house or attack, then it is a criminal case according to the law.  It is not allowed by the South Sudan Penal Law. It is called a conspiracy, a situation when you interfere in someone’s criminal case,” explained Michael Atem.

The police have ordered the arrest of those involved in the looting and destruction of the victim’s property. 

The community leader of the Pan Ajuet section, Rehan Cyier Rehan popularly known as Rehan Pinychilieu urged the relatives from both sides to stop incitement, saying the government is handling the matter. He warned of consequences by the law should anyone get involved.

The South Sudan Land act of 2009, section 2, says that every person shall have access to land for housing, cultivation, grazing, or fishing as shared resources and shall be regulated by this law.