Palakal Residents Going Thirsty as the Main Water Tank Bursts

The Palakal area resident in Kapoeta has raised concerns over the shortage of water after their source of water damaged. The community has been fetched water from the tanker installed in the area that busted last week.

Some residents said they find it challenging to get enough clean water for drinking, washing, and bathing.

Others argued that the remaining tanks could not supplies every resident despite water pumped daily.

 “We are urging the government to help them because of the water tank which is busted or spoil no water they always cry every day of water when there is sun water come, but all pour out, so they run shortage of water they are urging the government to help and make the tank,” she said.

“People do quarreling every day because of the water supply. What happens with water? What take water? The tank busted and did pour water out, so children cry for thirst; nothing we can wash the cloth tells the authority to come and help us,” community member stated.

The Palakal asked the town council to address the matter urgently.

Singaita FM spoke to Juma Buhari, Council’s Chief Executive in Kapoeta town Eastern Equatoria, distance his government responsibility to repair the broken water tanker. He said the facility had been handed to the community, and people should contribute money to replace the tank and other maintenance costs.

The water tank of Palakal was hand over to the community management team, mostly the tank that got spoil or burst. Those people did not give any money to the government. It is almost one year they have not given anything to let them collect money to buy another the other tank NGO who did so they have handed to us want the NGO to give the tank the community has to assist.

The government expressed a lack of budget for purchasing a new tank. Some residents said they resorted to drinking from the river as an alternative way to meet their needs but highlighted the fear of water-borne diseases.





Report Road Accidents, Awarial Traffic Police Urges the Citizens

The Traffic Police department in Awerial County called on motorists’ riders to report accidents that happen.  The motorists’ accident has caused an alarm among County residents.

The Deputy Director of Traffic Police Officer Mapour Majok cautioned that some motorists’ riders committing crimes will not hide due to insecurity threats.

Awerial county traffic police department recorded five murder cases of road accidents early this year. Last week, a Boda Boda operator knocked a 6-year-old boy at Tukure village hide for several hours before handing himself to traffic police.

Police explained that it is not lawful to hurt a person and run away. According to the law if you are involved in an accident with a motorbike. The rider should be in the scene until the survey has done like what he did to leave the motorbike in the place of accident and report yourself to the police and not to run away not good.

Law enforcement

Local County in Awerial in Lakes state acknowledged that cases of a motorbike accidents increase. But, some Boda Boda operators in Mingkaman town have risen concerned about being targeted in motorbike accidents involved the passenger.

The motorists’ riders didn’t dismiss police department claims. They said the reason why they escaped the scene during accidents is to avoid being hurt by relative to the victims and dodge public confrontation.

Motorists’ representative talk in the condition of anonymity to Mingakaman FM.

He said ’’it is better to run away before relatives harm you, you can even be killed if fail to run for your life.” The reason for running is that people gather crying and they turn violence against you so the best to escape for safety, traffic police should be the ones to handle accident cases so our people must stop fighting us back. Our people should learn how issues to do with roads are addressed”.

Boda boda Riders urge citizens to refrain from violence and allowed traffic police to investigate road accidents.

Public Warns on Misuse of National Flag at Private Festivals

Turalei former youth leader Daniel Bol Thel on Tuesday has protested against the misuse of the South Sudan national flag on private occasions which he labeled “unconstitutional”. Warning against the misrepresentation of the national flag came because some people randomly use it at kraals, local brewing sites, and wedding ceremonies.

South Sudan’s national flag constitutionally represents the blood that was shed for the independence of the country, Unity, agricultural, natural wealth, and the land.

Mr. Bol said distortion of the flag was so disturbing because the flag should be raised up mostly in public institutions including offices and schools. The flag was rampantly being used in “unofficial events. The flag represents the country as a whole, not individuals he said should be respected and protected” he illustrated.

“You could find that one has risen the flag at the shop, not logical. Even at home, people raise the national flag. This has gone for many years, and we thought it is still a new nation, but they have stuck to it now. That is why I decided to talk about it. We need it to stop.”

Citizens’ anticipation

Some business people who put a flag in their compound said that they did not know that the national flag couldn’t use privately. They admitted the mistake.

Resident in Twice County Kuol Deng Kuol said they felt proud to use the national flag because of their pride toward the nation.

“It was just pride for our country, South Sudan that is why we use them at weddings. Before the country south Sudan got independence, we have been using a clan flag during the wedding. When we became an independent state, we adopt the use of flags because it is beautiful,” Kuol explained.

Legal concerns

Advocate William Mapiu Ayuel appreciated those concerns risen against the flag. He disclosed that the flag is one of the national identities. No individual constitutionally could use the national identities in his or her events.

Mapiu said “it is used in public institutions like schools, hospitals, County, states, and others. Number two is used in the national events or national celebrations but to take it for yourself like at the wedding, it is unbecoming, and it shows that you don’t respect it.”

The South Sudan transitional constitution of 2011, article 7, emblem, national anthem, coat of arms, public seal, medals, festivals, and commemorations of the State shall be prescribed by law.