South Sudan plan to change currency.

The government of South Sudan has revealed a plan to change the currency, saying it is the only option left to mitigate soaring inflation.

The council of ministers directed the economic crisis committee and the central bank to come up with a plan of changing the currency and present it to the council of ministers next week for approval.

The government spokesperson said the decision was reached after the cabinets deliberate on the matter.

The minister of information Michael Makuei Lueth briefed the media in Juba on Friday, saying they came to the conclusion that people are keeping money in the houses.

He said the move is a strategy to force those keeping money in their houses to take them to the bank.

“The cabinet has decided that the currency should be changed so that anybody who doesn’t take their money to the bank will be left out and will lose that money,” Makuei said.

The government said it had mandated the committee to do all appropriate ways possible and develop one clear policy on the economy.

“Most of the citizens are keeping the money in their houses for so many reasons. Some fear if they take their money to the bank, they may be confiscated. However, this is a typical situation that has been happening, and there is always a solution,” Makuei said.

The government stated that the idea aims to improve economic challenges. It’s not clear what type of currency South Sudan wants to introduce.

And how this will be possible with current flooding that cutoff road accessibility and COVID-19 restrictions to reaches all Country.

President Kiir formed the economic crisis management committee in August this year after the central bank said it had run out of foreign exchange reserves.

Kiir appointed vice President Dr. James Wani Igga to head the crisis management committee.

Awan Community contribute 7,000 US dollar to support flood victims

The Awan Chan community in Warrap State have contributed 7,000 dollars to support internally displaced persons affected by flood in the remote villages.  Seven thousand US dollars were donated after the committee formed to lead the fundraising initiative.

The committee’s leading member said the money contributed will be used to buy medicines, food items, and non – food items to support affected families.

Committee representative Garang Bol Akoon promised that the contribution would continue until the target amount of 15 thousand US dollars reach.

“We are almost done because there are some people that have made pledges. So, we wouldn’t again stay here for two weeks before we take the support home. And if our targeted amount is not met, then we will go with what we have. We decided this because people didn’t cultivate due to flooding with its associated diseases” Bol stated.

Member of the community leader of the Awan Chan community Mr. Agau Agau Lual, has welcomed the contribution. He urged the committee to consider food assistance as a “priority”.

“I am truly excited and NOT only me but the entire community of Awan Chan that includes Akon South and North for the great contribution have they done. This support will help those in need wouldn’t be enough. It plays some role. So, we deeply appreciate them”Agau said.

Lual says, thirty-one villages have been affected, and many farms destroyed in the area starting from July this year.

The selected committee task for fundraising explained that their target beneficiaries for the funds are Akon North and Akon South Payams of the Awan Chan community.

The severe flooding in South Sudan has forced more than 600,000 people to flee their homes since July, according to the United Nations. Most places affected include Jonglei, Upper, Unity, and part of the Bahr El gazal region.