FVP, Dr. Machar calls for national powers’ devolution 

The South Sudan first vice president Dr. Riek Machar has called for the devolution of powers and resources at the States and Counties level within the implementation of the Revitalize Peace Agreement. 

The top country leader made these calls during the SPLM/A-IO annual conference conducted on Tuesday 1st December in Juba. The National conference brought members of the party-political bureau, National Liberation Council, and states delegates to evaluates the implementation of R-ARCSS.

Machar said resources should be directed toward services delivering sectors that include education, health, water, and sanitation in his first party annual address. 

He commented on establishing the judiciary reform committee and reconstitution of the national petroleum guess commission. 

SPLM-IO outlined the burden for the country of exercising rampant corruption, depends on oil revenue, high public debts and unlimited foreign exchanges flow which he said continue to affect the economic”.

This week, the National Audit Chamber called for establishing an Economic Crime Court [ECC] in South Sudan to trails those accused of corruption.

Dr. Machar said all loans and contracts grantee against oil should publicly be declared. 

The conference further demanded the implementation of the agreement reconstitution of the transitional legislature, Upper Nile governor appointment, completion of R-TGoNU, drafting a review of the national parliament, implementing chapter five transitional justices, and voluntarily repatriation of IDPs, and permanent constitution reform committee. 

The SPLM/A mission is a response to this national tragedy. It takes it into an opportunity to peacefully address political, social, economic, state and federal building crisis to achieve unity, reconciliation healing, social cohesion and restore dignity for our people”.

Machar explains a need for political wills for the transitional of democracy and national healing and reconciliation. 

“Why SPLM-IO remained steadfast and committed in the implementation agreement in letter and spirit, we expected the same commitment from our peace partners so that we better managed together the challenges in facing the implementation process,”He said.

He says creating conducive environment wills might allow parties to exercise freedom of expression, association, and assembly. 

SPLM-IO secretary-general Regina Joseph said the conference is oriented and enlightened their members on peace implementation status.

“The delegated to this conference are SPLM-IO members who are coming from ten States in South Sudan include Abyei administrative area. These members include nominees were selected in all level in of government within IO,”She stated.

Amb. Mohamed Mansur acknowledged the implementation of the agreement is in the best interest to move South Sudan forward. He said Egypt is having an open door of communication with stakeholders. 

Mansur mentioned his country is remarkably at peace and keeping the bilateral relationship between the two sisterly countries.

“It is within best interest to work with the government of South Sudan. And it is also within the best interest of working in the bilateral of our two countries”.

The SPLM/A-IO National conference is a five days event expected to end on 5th December 2020.

 SPLA-IO called for an investigation of recent clashes in Moroto

Sudan People Liberation Army in Opposition -SPLA-IO has calls peace monitors to investigate the ceasefire violation after fighting reported in Moroto training center.

The Opposition army claimed that its training camp was attacked on 26 – 27 November in the Moroto area of Kajo-Keji county, and six soldiers were killed, others wounded.

 In September 2020, Major General Moses Lokujo defected from the SPLA-IO to South Sudan People Defense Forces -SSPDF, which create tension between the two major parties in the peace agreement.

The SPLA-IO Deputy spokesperson described the attack as a “violation of permanent ceasefire agreement.”

Col: Lam Paul Gabriel said their forces not ready to retaliate but demands immediate investigations to hold perpetrators accountable for the committed crimes.

“We are not going back to war, or to go back to retaliate on what happened. We will bury our innocent soldiers and will continue engaging the SSPDF to realize we are implementing peace,” said Lam.

The SPLA-IO also recommended an immediate unification of high command, and soldiers at training centers should be graduated to avoid the risk of more fighting. It blamed the SSPDF for supporting the generals defected from the Opposition.

“We condemn the attack on Moroto training center in the strongest term possible. We demand the immediate withdrawal of the SSPDF from the SPLA-IO assembly areas of Kerwa, Andujo, Kendri, Mangalore”, said Lam.

The SSPDF denied accusations said their forces were not involved in any attacks at Moroto and Kerwa. 

Brigadier General Santo Domic Chol, the SSPDF acting spokesman, said the attackers were the area’s armed youths. 

What had happened there was a petition written by the chiefs of Kajo-Kejo country addressed the governor of central Equatoria protesting about the atrocities committed by SPLA-IO in Morota as well as Kerwa areas against the population. They wanted the SPLA-IO to be relocated from Moroto and from Kerwa to get far away from civil population,” Dominic stated.

The Army official repeated his party commitment to peace implementation as the primary responsibility to create a conducive environment.

NBG: 16 years’ girl sued parents on forced marriage in Aweil.

A sixteen-year-old girl in Aweil South County has opened a legal court case against her biological parents over forced marriage allegations.

The teenager identified Abuk escaped her father’s home after her family received 16 dowries without her knowledge.

The girl has reported the issue to the Police Special Protection Unit in the area to protect her.

Abuk felt humiliated by her biological parents for abusing her rights because she wasn’t qualified to be married below 18 years.

“My parents have taken cows from someone who wants to take me as a wife, although I told them that I am not interested in marriage because I am very young. I thought of killing myself because I don’t want that person, but some people advised me to first report to the Police.”

Akol Yam contacted her brother Lual Lual. He confirmed that his family had received a summon letter from the police service.

Lual acknowledged his parents received dowries because they tried to marry her off.

“What happened is that this young girl first accepted the marriage and then, later on, changed her mind when we have already made losses of preparing for the wedding, this is what is the problem, but we have agreed to accept her decision and let her return home, 

“We have already returned the cows to the person, and we want her; I have agreed not to marry her off again, so I think there is no need to go to court again.”

The Director of Special Protection Unit, in Aweil Capt. Ayak Agiu says the girl is under their protection unit, and legal procedures will follow.

This is the first time a young girl reported force marriage to the Police in the area.

Last week, South Sudan embarked on a 16 days campaign against gender-based violence to preserve women and girls’ rights.

South Sudan has the eighth highest prevalence of child marriage globally. An International NGO, Oxfam estimated that 71% of girls are married before the age of 18.