Women group called for an end to all forms of GBV

As The Radio Community (TRC) featured women’s roles in the society ahead of International Women Day on 8th March, Akol Yam 91 in Aweil hosted Elisabeth Ajok Atak, Women Chairperson in Aweil, and Monica Mawien, leader of Women Forum for Peace Building.

 The two guests spoke about ways to end violence against women and girls in South Sudan. Both pledges to play their roles to end violence in the family, saying there is a plan to move across the state’s Counties and explain the effects of violence. They aim to prompt a peaceful family.

Elisabeth said misunderstanding and disrespect of women’s rights are significant issues encouraging violence in the community. “You know I have been working with different organizations supporting gender-based violence programs in the state, and according to my experiences, women are not considered as people who contribute to the family affairs or development.”

Monica Mawien, leader of women forum for peacebuilding, urges women to be peace promoters and avoid disputes that lead to the suffering of children. She calls on fellow women across the state to speak up during International Women’s Day.

UN reported that South Sudan has endured protracted conflict and instability, during which crimes of conflict-related sexual violence have reached appalling levels of brutality, often committed with marked political and ethnic undertones.

In May last year, UN Mission in South Sudan said survivors of conflict-related sexual violence continue to struggle to access adequate medical and mental health care.

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March around the world. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights.

Government listed charges for violators of COVID-19 restriction

South Sudan National Taskforce announced to punished violators of Coronavirus guidelines. The charges include paying money, or sentencing to jail for not maintain social distancing, wear a face mask, smuggling people at the borders and disseminate false information on social media.

It warned public drivers who carry more passengers in the vehicles without observing the rules to face penalties.

The Taskforce extended nationwide partial lockdown for an additional month to curb the spread of coronavirus.  The new lockdown effective on 3rd of March valid until April 3rd, 2021

Chairperson of the National Taskforce on COVID-19 pandemic Vice President Hussein Abdelbagi Akol make an announcement on Wednesday.

He directed South Sudan National Police Services to impose fines against any person who failed to comply with the guidelines. Fine payment shall be made through South Sudan National Revenue Authority and valid receipts.

Taskforce urged citizens to stay safe and implement health safety protocol to protect from the pandemic.

Government drawback banned the public from gathering, receiving dead bodies in large numbers at the airport, stopping the hospital from admitting any COVID-19 suspects, and directed town municipality councils to maintain good hygiene and sanitation.

COVID-19 prevention measures are linked to the South Sudan panel code 2008. The statement says law violators who will fail to comply with the national guidelines shall be punished.

National Taskforce imposed partial lockdown in early February a wave of pandemic cases increases in South Sudan.