Students to get ready as school reopening in May 3rd

The Ministry of Education in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state has called students, school administrations, and Parents for preparation ahead of schools reopening next month.

The national ministry of education closed down the school in March last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown to protect students from the virus.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of General Education announced schools reopening after the lockdown was lifted.

Valentino Achak Deng, Minister of Education in NBGs State, said the learning centers should be open soon. He urged teachers should start reporting themselves to their duty location.

“I came here to juba for a four days education conference which is discussing general education. Fortunately, we have decided on reopening schools in two weeks, and we are still discussing other issues.

“I want to take this time to call upon parents, teachers, schools’ administrations, and partner organizations concerned with education to take note and support the reopening of the schools.”

Although the school will be open, COVID-19 precaution measures are mandatory, which shall be observed. The school administrators in NBGs affirmed their readiness to reopen schools.

“We were called by the ministry this week about this issue of schools reopening. And we feel that we are ready to open schools, although the issue of teachers’ absenteeism is affecting us. We are already trying to mobilize and recruit new teachers.

>We are ready; it is a surprise reopening of the schools after a long time. But we will cooperate with the announcement, our students have been down for so long, and many were dropping out.”

Earlier this month, Parents in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state were concerned that school closure negatively affected their children, young girls become mothers.

MSF dismissed seven staffs protested in Abyei

Medicine San Frontiers has dismissed its seven national teams from their jobs over demonstration. The dismissed persons believe to be the ring leaders who led the organization’s staff strike in Agok MSF hospital.

In February this year, MSF staff went on strike over contradictory letters from the office of national labor and national revenue authority.

The dismissal remains unclear because victims have not yet received a formal communication letter from the organization. They said MSF has submitted a sacking letter to the labor office and asks the group to get the letter in the office of labor and public service.

The controversy that occurred from the letter in the labor office indicates that the National Service Insurance Fund, NSIF has to be tax-free, and NRA stated that it should be TAXABLE which prompted the strike.

The Team leader for the sacked group, Mr. Daniel Reec Ador, questioned the dismissal procedure. He said the labor office has no direct roles in an issued letter to the accused staff.

The letter is supposed to be issued by MSF. He asked the organization to provide them with the dismissal letters or go to court.

“If the government is aware of the policy, then they will take back our dismissal letters to MSF and handed them over to us, and if they are not aware of the policy, then they continue keeping those letters. And this issue will take us to court to tell us if this is the right procedure,” he warned.

Abyei RRC officer Mr. Kuaja Yai Kuol clarified the organization had accused the workers of doing illegal strikes without notification, taking control of the hospital.

Kuol accredited that organization has carried the procedural dismissal based on the labor policy.

“We have seen all the procedures and are all correct. So, if anyone has a complaint, we can let him or her come to the labor office or go to court if he/she is not satisfied. So, this is it, either you go to court or come to the labor office”.

Last month, nine MSF committees were suspended indefinitely and warned to write an explanation letter to the MSF office indicating the reasons for the strike.