The suspect in connection to the double killing is in custody say authorities

Authorities say, a man who is alleged to have killed a woman and her infant child is in custody and has NOT been executed.

Police say, Nyitur Mapuor Chut and her baby boy where killed by a gunshot. The killing happened at Pachong in Lakes State on Monday.

Eighteen year-old Sebit Marol Kuticel from Panbarkou village, was arrested in connection with the double killing.

However, there are concerns that the arrested man has been executed – without evidence being presented in court. Local chief Sultan Majak Agok says they received Sebit Marol’s body. And he was buried at Panbarkou village, on Thursday.

Poth Madit is the deputy governor in Lakes state. He says the suspect has NOT been killed. “That is not the information I have. What I heard was that there was shooting at the scene when the man was arrested but he is in the custody of security forces in Rumbek East as we talk now. He is not killed”.

Madit says the arrest was made with the help of local youth group gelweng, police and the area commissioner.

Elijah Mabor Makuac is the police spokesperson in Lakes state.  He also denies the execution of the suspect. Makuac says the Sebit Marol Kuticel is now in custody and the report of the firing squad execution is not true.

Mingkaman 100 FM spoke to a number of people in Lakes state, some who claim to be close to the suspect Sebit Marol. They say Sebit Marol Kuticel, also known Rel Cheeth, was executed.  And his body was buried at his father’s house on Thursday.

They say justice for the woman and child has not been served. And the charges against Sebit Marol must be proven in court.

The commissioner of Rumbek East County was contacted by Mingkaman 100 FM.  Mapuor Malek refused to comment on the alleged execution of the suspect.

Day of African Child commemorates in Kapoeta

Hundreds of residents in Kapoeta town gathered at Freedom Square to commemorate the “Day of African child” with calls to protect children and support their education.

In 1991, the OAU Organisation of African Unity, the current African Union, dedicated 16 June as Day to honors those who participated in the Soweto Uprising in 1976.

The Director-General for Gender, child and social welfare, Mr. Thomas Nawi, encourages partner NGOs to work together for the children’s freedom.

 “I encourage all the partners to put their hands together in such occasion that lead to help people in the entire people in the communities in this country to reflect freedom and human right we are to give a chance to all children in all time to remember freedom children not allow to exercise.”

The Manager of an International NGO known as Root of Generation, Clement Loboi, said their responsibility to create a conducive environment for children would not stop.

“The implementation of the plan 2040 for an Africa fir for children is indeed our effort to make sure we create a conducive environment for our children we know in our daily lives in our homes, in our communities in our school’s children under a lot of challenges our children are not getting access to proper education they are not getting adequate access to health care due to lack of health care facilities.” 

Save the Children’s Child protection officer Joseph Lokulang told the parents to prepare their children for a better future.

“We need to support children, give them maximum support in our community. We need to ensure that their needs are met, and through doing this, we can be able to give children a perfect environment to go.”

The Day of African Child is commemorate annually on 16th June.

Suspect shooter of lactating mother fire squad in Lakes

The Commissioner of Rumbek East in Lakes State has fire squad a man alleged of killing lactated mother and infant in Pachong on Monday. A family member of the deceased suspect of murder confirmed to MInGKAMAN FM.

Commissioner Rumbek East County, Hon. Mapuor Malek Maual was said to have contacted the Governor and permitted to kill the suspect identified as Rel-Chiith Marol Kuctiel.

Eyewitness who speak in condition of anonymous said the order was from newly appointed Governor Ring Tueny Mabor.  But no official document seen governor has signed.

This came after group of youth known as Gelweng apprehended suspected and handed him over to the police before he was fire squad.

Youth leader says the suspect was identified through an individual who leaked the information related to the killing.

Police reported that a breastfeeding mother was shot dead with her baby at Pachong in Rumbek East after an unknown man fire in the house through the window. The motive remains unclear.

Makuer Dut Matong is Gelweng Youth leader in Maleng-agok. He says the alleged individual was arrested on Wednesday and will be handover to police for further investigation.

Dut discourages youth from killing women and children who are not part of the conflict in the state.

“Our conflict targeted youth it doesn’t involve children and women like last week fighting was taking place in touch between Gelweng youth. So any person who lost relatives and resorts to kills children and women is not in our custom that person should be handed over to the government to answer his crimes in the court of laws that is why we captured him by forces and called police to arrest him.”

Police spokesperson in Lakes state, Captain Elijah Mabor Makuach, confirmed the arrest.

“This morning at 7 AM, relatives and Gelweng youth managed to apprehend him at gunpoint, and the suspect was handed over to police authorities. He is now in police custody, and he will be investigated to answer his crimes.”

In May two lactated mother was killed in Akot village, and suspects are in Police detention. 

Late Dr. Louis Edward suffer homicidal death, the report indicates

The government has released its finding over a medical worker murdered in Panyijiar County, Unity State, by unidentified culprits at large. The forensic report was presented on Sunday by the undersecretary in the Ministry of Health.

Minister of Cabinet Affairs Dr. Elia Lomoro issued a statement stated that the report confirmed: “Dr. Lousi Edward died of homicidal death, citing reparative cuts at the neck, injured major blood vessels of the neck and sustenance of stab wounds to the arms indicating struggle injuries.” Juba Military hospital’s forensic report was presented to the government on Sunday last week.

Late Edward worked for International Rescue Committee –IRC was murdered on May 22 May this year. That forced the organization to suspend its operation in Ganyiel Payam of Panyijiar County temporarily.

An anonymous killing of Dr. Louis in Southern Unity received broader condemnation from the UN, youth, civil society, and government described it as “Heinous and inhumane.”

The national government has directed Unity state Governor Joseph Monytuil to deploy security forces to investigate and arrest culprits.

Minister of Cabinet Affairs also urged SPLM-IO to allow the legally appointed commissioner to take his duty and self-claims Commissioner Handover the area to state government.

In February, President appointed William Gatgiek Mabor as Panyijiar County commissioner under the SPLM-IO ticket. Since his appointment, he was never to the county due to controversies from the community. A former humanitarian worker Mr. Loat Gatluok was identified as a self-imposed county commissioner who is still performing the duty as commissioner.

The government said such controversy should end to allow a smooth implementation of the peace agreement. Authority apology to the health professions for not paying attention to their concern and appreciated them for ended the strike.

Healthcare Workers agreed to reconsider and ease their peaceful strike in what was described as “humanity ground” for all South Sudanese. The medical team said they resumed duties on June 13 June, 2021.

17 people kills in Lakes communal violence

Police authorities in Lakes state confirmed 17 people dead and 22 others wounded in fresh communal clashes that erupted over the weekend. The fighting was said to be between Athoi and Gony communities in Rumbek East.

Official says wounded persons were taken to Rumbek Hospital, and the police describe their condition as stable.

Captain Elijah Mabor Makuach is the police spokesperson in Lakes state.

He says the cause of fighting remains unclear, and police did not arrest any suspects.

Mabor assured the public that force had been deployed in the area to provide security to vulnerable people and road users.

“Since we heard that there is mobilization among the youth to fight, we assembled the few forces we have and sent them to the area to protect the town, residences, and people using the road. Their youth was well-armed, and the small force cannot stop them from fighting,” He said.

Several communal violence, Road ambushes, and revenge attack have been reported this year in Lakes state and the government effort to stop them remain invisible.

Nilepet starts renovating road connects to the oilfield in Unity

NilePet has begun the renovation from Twic in Warrap via Wau to Unity state, the government’s own oil company. Officials say the project will allow the easy transportation of crude oil to South Sudan’s capital Juba and other parts of the Country.

The Dal-ke and Ability construction companies are implementing the initiative.

Joseph Mayol Bol is the Bar El Ghazel Nile-pet Regional Director. He says companies are using Murram and are expected to finish the work in three months. Road renovation started last week from Wunrok to Kuajok and Wunrok to Unity state, respectively.

“From Gogrial coming Twic here and proceeding to Unity is not suitable during the rain, and that is why we have given it a priority before heavy rain. So, we have now begun it from Wunrok back to Gogrial and from Wunrok here to Abiemnhom to Mayom County of Unity.”

Resident in Wunrok area where the road passes through expressed happiness, saying the renovation will also improve business through easy transport.

Others believe the road will strengthen security between Warrap and Unity states.

“These roads will improve patient mobility to the hospitals. This is because roads have been impassible. After all, they are damaged. It will improve security because vehicles can rush to the areas of insecurity. Trades between Abyei, Warrap, and Unity state.”

In March this year, South Sudan Nile-pet managing director Mr. Bol Ring Wuorwel promised to renovate the road connecting Unity and Bar El Ghazal.

South Sudan get $116 million to tackle food insecurity

World Bank has offered new financing to address acute Food Insecurity and Desert Locust Crisis. South Sudan will get 116 million US dollars hoping to strengthen the capacity of farmers, improve agricultural production, and restore livelihoods and food security.

The country is facing increasing levels of food insecurity despite increased production, with exceptionally high food prices constraining access to food for large segments of the population and desert locusts devouring crops.

According to the World Bank projection, 7.2 million people will face acute food insecurity in the coming months, which is the highest number since South Sudan’s independence.

South Sudan Resilient Agricultural Livelihoods Project (RALP) provides a grant of $62.5 million that will support investments in training for farmers to help them efficiently manage their organizations, adopt new technology, and use climate-smart agriculture practices to boost their yields. It will also invest in tools, machinery, and seeds required to improve productivity.”

World Bank allocated $53.7 million to boost South Sudan’s response to desert locusts by restoring livelihoods for the poorest and strengthening the country’s preparedness systems through Emergency Locust Response Project (ELRP).

Mr. Ousmane Dione is the World Bank Country Director for Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Sudan. He said the money would ensure direct income to the most vulnerable households to produce more food for themselves and local markets.

 “These two timely projects provide a mix of investments in social protection and agriculture to address drivers of both acute and chronic food insecurity. The implementation modality supports a broader agenda of institutional capacity building for the Government of the Republic of South Sudan, and we look forward to collaborating closely with the government and other development partners to ensure that no one goes hungry,” said Dione.

The two grants will be the first World Bank-financed projects since 2018 to be implemented through government systems, specifically the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.

COVID-19 Health workers end protests

South Sudan’s COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare Workers agreed to reconsider and ease the peaceful strike in what was described as “humanity ground” for all South Sudanese. The medical team say they resumed their duties today, on June 13, 2021

The workers peacefully strike demanding unpaid nine-month incentives from the Ministry of Health and the National High-Level Taskforce. However, in the last two weeks of peaceful lay down of tools by the workers. The stated health workers issued said the committee constituted to follow up the payments of staff with the Ministry of Health was able to engage in a series of meetings. Still, all the negotiations couldn’t produce a positive outcome. 

Though the Ministry of Health acknowledged that it’s the legal right of the COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare workers’ to be given their unpaid 9-months, still failed, neither have they mentioned when to pay nor to address the concerns of the staff,” Health workers stated.

The medical team expressed readiness to continue to deliver services despite the challenges facing them. “You can imagine, the COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare Workers committed despites the daily life challenges while saving the people’s lives.”

COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare Workers call the country’s top leadership to intervene, and their concern should not be neglected. “It’s on these bases that we still call for the intervention of the top leadership to protect the rights of the COVID-19 healthcare workers.”

They urged the government and the Donor communities to continue supporting the healthcare sector in South Sudan to overcome the pandemic, expressed the need for accountability and auditing to avoid the misuse and mismanagement of resources by individual.

South Sudan cumulative number of cases confirmed to date 10, 691, number of cases recovered 10,514 and one hundred fifteen death since coronavirus declared in the country last year.

Nine African countries set to miss urgent COVID-19 vaccination goal

The World Health Organization has warned that nine in 10 African countries are set to miss the September target of vaccinating 10% of their people unless Africa receives 225 million more doses.

The global targets were announced recently at the World Health Assembly, the world’s highest health policy-setting body, and at today’s pace only seven African countries are set to meet them.

According to WHO, numbers of cases continue to rising week-on-week and increased by nearly 20% to over 88 000 in the week ending on 6 June.

The pandemic is trending upwards in 10 African countries, with four nations recording a spike in new cases of over 30% in the past seven days, compared with the previous week. 72% of all new cases were reported in Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda and Zambia and over half were recorded in nine southern African countries.

“As we close in on 5 million cases and a third wave in Africa looms, many of our most vulnerable people remain dangerously exposed to COVID-19. Vaccines have been proven to prevent cases and deaths, so countries that can, must urgently share COVID-19 vaccines. It’s do or die on dose sharing for Africa,” said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Africa.

At 32 million doses, Africa accounts for under 1% of the over 2.1 billion doses administered globally. Just 2% of the continent’s nearly 1.3 billion people have received one dose and only 9.4 million Africans are fully vaccinated.

United States President Joe Biden who is currently in England for G7 submit is expecting announcement his country effort to support low income nations.

The US said to purchase and donate half a billion Pfizer vaccines to 92 low- and lower-middle-income countries and the African Union is an important step forward. “The tide is starting to turn. We are now seeing wealthy nations beginning to turn promises into action,” said Dr Moeti.

Attitudes towards vaccines and acceptance of vaccination varies across countries and communities.

South Sudan confirmed 10,475 cases of COVID-19, ten thousand two hundred fifteen recover and one hundred fourteen death since coronavirus declared in the country last year.

RJMEC gives resolutions of Constitution-making Process’ workshop to R-TGoNU

The Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (RJMEC) said it has handed over the Resolutions of the Workshop on the Permanent Constitution-making Process to the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RTGoNU).

The document’s hopes to be a roadmap for constitution-making was given to Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon. Justice Ruben Madol.

Last month, President Kiir Mayardit instructed stakeholders in the permanent constitution-making process to reflect the citizens’ interest and spirit of nationalism in the amendment. The constitution amendment is expected to be accomplished within four months.

RJMEC Interim Chairperson H.E. Maj. Gen. Charles Tai Gituai said: “I am pleased to report that the workshop was successfully convened and facilitated, and its outcome is a very robust and clear roadmap on the details for conducting the Permanent Constitution-making process for the Republic of South Sudan.”

Gen Gituai continued: “I commend the participants for the cordial, principled, and constructive engagements during the workshop that yielded the expected outcome that we celebrate today.”

This was then followed by three days of technical and constructive deliberations with the nominees of the Parties and stakeholders entrusted with the responsibility for designing the path to a durable constitution-making process for the Republic of South Sudan.

“The process design was just the first step in the constitution-making. Much more work of the Permanent Constitution-making, which will be led and owned by the people of South Sudan, and supported by their friends and partners, will now start with enacting the legislation to govern the process,” Tai said.

The head of peace monitors further stated that the next phase of civil education would be a national conversation and a wide range of consultations with South Sudan’s diverse communities. All voices must be heard in this process.”