Lakes state governor sacked

President Salva Kiir has sacked Lakes state governor Makur Kulang in a republican order read on SSBC this evening, Tuesday, 8th May. In a separate decree, Kiir appointed Gen: Ring Tueny as successor. The reason for his dismissal was not stated.

Former Governor Makur Kulang was appointed in June last year under the Unity government parties’ implementation. He was among eight states governor President Kiir appointed.

Since his appointment, several killings have been reported include the shooting of a Catholic Bishop in Rumbek this year.

On Monday this week, two aid workers were killed. The staff members who work for International NGO, Doctors with Africa (CUAM), traveled with a security escort, and their vehicle was ambushed in Yirol West County.

In August last year, Kulang has directed all soldiers to carry out disarmament exercises in the state. Still, the process wasn’t successful and could not stop the rampant killing which has been on before his appointment.

The New governor, Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor, was formerly appointed to defunct Eastern Lakes shortly after the president created 32 states in 2017 before the country return to 10 states. Kiir later appointed him as Chief of Military intelligence replaced Major-General Chock-rach Angich in 2019.

Last year, he became disarmament forces commander in the Bahr el Gazal region, threatened to use force against civilians if they didn’t surrender guns. The disarmament turned violence’s in Tonj left over eighty people dead and that process was suspended.

Two aid workers kills in Lakes state

Police in Lakes state have reported the killing of two aid workers after humanitarian convey ambushed on Monday.

Authority says the unknown gunmen also injured two other women who were on Board.

The decreases work for international NGO Doctors with Africa (CUAM)

This is the second incident on aid workers within weeks following the killing of medical workers in Unity State.

According to the report, the staff members for an INGO were killed while traveling with a security escort on their way back from the fieldwork in Yirol West County.

Police Commissioner in Yirol, Brigadier Taban Lueth, says his department investigates the matter to identify the suspects who carried the attack.

 “We tried our best to reach the scene yesterday, and there is no identification made to help the police trace the suspects. They shoot people in the vehicles while in the bush and immediately left the scene. That is what we got from the people who were injured”.

Lakes state’s ministry of health has condemned the killing and called the incident a devilish act against aid workers.

Dr. Jacob Akuochpiir Achuoth is the minister of health in Lakes state. He says they will work closely with law enforcement authorities to investigate and hold those involved to account.

He said the two staff were on duty delivering nutrition supplies to the far west Payam of Yirol West County.

Akuochpiir conveys his deepest condolences to the families, friends, and colleagues of the workers and entire people of lakes for this loss.

Police called for calm and urged the health personnel working in lakes to follow safety precautions.

Doctors with Africa (CUAM) in Yirol do not yet comment on the matter.

Last week, six aid workers from South Sudan Red Cross were reportedly assaulted, forcing the branch to suspend its activities in Eastern Equatoria.

Police arrest four people overshooting at wrestlers

Police at Awerial County in Lakes State have arrested four people after wrestling match violence left two people with gunshot injuries on Saturday.

According to Police, an incident occurred on Saturday at Dor Payam in a traditional wrestling game between the area’s local Youth without knowledge of the government.

Two wounded persons are receiving treatment at Mingkaman Primary Health Care Center.

John Bol Tiar is the County Police Inspector. He says two suspects are being questions for arranging the match that turns violence.

Bol warns local Youth to refrain from conducting a wrestling game in rural areas without notifying local authorities for approval.

“We have arrested them. We will investigate them when the time comes so that they tell us, the Police who gave them the right to arrange for the wrestling and who said the other to shoot his fellows and the two injured are okay and being taken care of in the hospital one is shot in the mouth. The other in the ear, I am sure they will all be alright soon.” He said.

Local Authorities bans wrestling matches between the Youth in Awerial County since last year.