Citizens call for free education to reward martyrs’ children

As South Sudan commemorates Martyrs Day, citizens in Jonglei and Lakes states called for free education across the country. They say the schools will help martyrs’ children access free education as some families could not afford to pay school fees.

Martyrs’ Day in South Sudan is observed on July 30. It is a public holiday and a Remembrance Day commemorating John Garang de Mabior, who died in 2005.

Citizens say the schools will compensate the families who lost their loved one during the struggle.

Listeners of Mingkaman FM in Awerial County, Lakes State, expressed their views.

“There is nothing that the government can do better than establishing schools for the children of martyrs to learn freely. When they are educated, their lives will change. That would be the best reward.” 

“I see education as the best gift to children of Martyrs. If the government could do that, it would be good and lasting remembrance.” 

“I am a child of the martyr. My father got married during the war, and we were all born on the frontline. Unfortunately, when people returned home, he got killed and never had time to access good learning institutions due to financial constraints. I believe if the government could offer free education to the children of Martyrs, that will be of great benefit.”

President Salva Kiir salutes men and women uniforms for their unwavering contributions to freedom. In his statement, he called for the honor of martyr’s families.

“Today, I called upon you our citizens to salute our Martyrs who bore the brunt of hardship that come with liberation struggle but never faltered,” Kiir stated.

“Kiir said the nation would continue to remember the contribution toward the birth of South Sudan. The selfless action of these men and women who did not live to see the birth of our republic hold important clues for us on how we should overcome our present-day challenges.”

President stated his government effort to stabilize the country and focus on achieving total peace and called the citizens to promote peaceful coexistence in their communities.

Immigration announces to resumes issuing Nationality and passports

The immigration department has announced the resumption of issuing national identity cards and passports for South Sudanese. The process was being suspended for nearly a year after the country failed to pay an international contracted company.

The German technology provider Muhlbauer Tech shut down the system due to unpaid bills.

Director-General of Immigration, Gen. Atem Marol Biar, said South Sudan had paid 1.4 million US dollars to the company as part of the balance the country owes them.

“The Ministry of Finance pays one million five hundred dollars, and we remain with the balance of about five million which will be payable by the government,” Marol said.

Gen. Marol said the company was instructed to prioritize providing an ordinary passport as most needed by the citizens.

” We’re going to receive twenty-two thousand cards of national IDs and three thousand nine hundred diplomatic passports. We have told them the most needed is a regular passport, and we don’t want to receive a diplomatic passport/National ID card without a regular passport,” He stated.

According to the Director-general, the resumption of immigration documents is expected to start next week.

Mantani’ death dismay Artists in South Sudan

Musicians and other Entertainers described Singer, Murye Alex, Mantani’s death as a great loss to the entertainment industry.

The Rapper Murye Alex died of intracranial pressure due to a fatal motorcycle accident in Moyo, Uganda. The medical report indicated increase pressure in the brain due to intracranial bleeding.

His body was brought to South Sudan on Monday this week.

Thousands of his fans, family, and government officials gathered in Juba wearing blacks’ shirts and dresses with a picture of the deceased artist to pay their last respect.

Late Mantani was a Hardlife Avenue Stars member, an Afro-pop and dance group in South Sudan formed in 2011.

Other members in the group include Mr. Vocalist Siliman Musa (Nicky Prince) and Ochwo Junior (Linus). They produced series of collaborated songs in Arabic like Kilo Kwen Kulek, offside, and Yau De.

Nicky Prince said the loss of their member is a test but will not stop them from fulfilling the HardLife Avenue Stars family’s legacy.

“When we formed the group, our motto is ‘Voice of Change, and we can’t just stop here.”

Mr. Prince encourages the people to celebrate those who make an impact in their life.

“Most of you don’t know the impact of music, and you only realize when someone is no more. We should only love people when they are dead.  We should love people when they are still alive. Stop pretending and waiting until we died,” Prince said.

Pitty Tonny, one of the female artists in South Sudan, said she shouldn’t believe Mantani is no more, and it’s “unbearable.

“The Artists and Entertainment community are saddened and shocked. He was a musician who creates songs that unite people, bring a smile to people, and he is a humble guy” Tonny said”

Another musician described Late Matani as a man of peace. Dj Cent, also known as Mr “No Rest,” said, ” Mantani is one of the artists who preach about love. He contributed a lot to educate our people through his music about peace in South Sudan.”

Dj Cent also retreated calls for support to the artist achieve their dream and promote culture. “We musicians are trying our level best to our people that we are talented, but lack of support from our people matter.”

South Sudan Artist Association’s representative, Mc Lumoex, said Artists are traumatizing due to low income and government support.

“We’re traumatized, and that’s the reason why you see the music that we do is not enough to support our families, and the young education artists are pursuing,” He stressed.

Lumoex urges the government to formulate the copyright law for the artist to benefit from their career.

Central Equatoria State Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony directed the local government Minister to named one the road in Kajo Keji as Murye Alex for his remembrance.

Adil also pledges to support the Artists in achieving their goals in the music industry.

These views were collected during the funeral prayer of the late Murye Alex, Mantani, held in Juba on Tuesday. The body of Matani is expected to be burry in Kajo-keji, his home village, on Saturday.

Flood displaces nine hundred twenty households in Warrap

Boma Administrator in Gogrial West say 920 households are in dire need of basic commodities in Warrap state

The rainwater which started early this month has caused major flooding in the village and displaced thousands of residents at Agal in Gogrial West county.

James Agoth Awar is the Boma administrator for Agal village in Gogrial West. He says the two need assessments have been conducted and nine hundred and 20 households were registered.

Agoth said the county commissioner had also visited the area to assess the situation on the ground with several NGOs such as the World Vision.

He said up to now it is going almost a month since those people were displaced and aid agencies are yet to act, and the situation is worsening daily.

He said the people are staying under trees, and there is an urgent need of food, shelter, and medicines.

Some of the those affected spokes to Mayardit FM, and they described the conditions they are in and many said to have lost all their belonging, most of their properties destroyed, including crops which they had planted.

Nyanut Athoui, one of the residents at Agal village says, she is surviving on the firewood which she collects and sell in the market to buy few cups of maize floor to feed her children.

Alim Chol a mother of 7 children a family of nine members said that the flood has destroyed her farm.

She said that they are not hoping for new harvest, because their maize, sorghum and sesame are all destroyed by water.

The director of the state relief and rehabilitation commission (RRC) in Warrap, Gabriel Anyar says his office is engaging with aid agencies on emergency response to help those affected.

He said they have formed committees based on clusters, so that each cluster will be able addressed the needs such as food cluster, health cluster and others.

Anyar said he is hoping the agencies will respond this week on how they will help those affected by the flood.

Kenya allows free Visa Entry to South Sudanese

The Kenya government has waived Visa to South Sudanese citizens who hold a valid passport. The move will allow travelers visiting Kenya to go without obtaining Visa as generally required for the foreign national.

“This waiver of the visa requirement for the Republic of South Sudan citizen takes immediate effect from the date of this press release,” Kenya Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Monday.

The decision said is in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community and The common market protocol on free movement of labor and persons for the citizens of the neighboring states adopted in November 20, 2009.

Kenya said the visa waiver demonstrates the strong partnership and cooperation between the states.

“It will enhance cultural ties and strengthen the economy of both countries encouraging free movement of person and labor which are critical pillars in the integration of the East African Community.”

South Sudan Ambassador to Kenya, Chol Ajongo welcomes the development. He said the principles of waiving Visa could also be applied to Kenyan Nation visiting South Sudan.

South Sudan instructed direct the Ministry of Interior to implement Visa waives for Kenyan nationals.

“The Ministry of Interior as a competent institution through its directorate of Nationality, immigration and passports will immediately operationalize the Visa waiver as per this statement.” Foreign Affairs stated.

A single visa entry costs 50 US dollars for South Sudan entering Kenya.

SPLM nominate Jemma Nunu as speaker of Reconstituted TNLA

South Sudan’s ruling party has selected Hon: Jemma Nunu Kumba as Speaker of Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly, TNLA. The Nomination of the current Acting SPLM secretary came during the party’s briefing chaired by President Salva Kiir on Friday, 23rd July.

Chapter 1.14.3 in the agreement stated that the former incumbent, Transitional government shall nominate the Speaker of TNLA with the first deputy from SPLM-IO.

The Chairperson of SPLM President Salva Kiir has announced the Nomination of Jema Nunu Kumba as the next speaker of the revitalized transitional national legislative assembly. The party also selected Mary Ayen Majok to take deputy speaker for the Council of States.

What makes people leave is the position of the speakership because many of you want to be speakers, and I have a long list. In the SPLM leadership, we thought we have a person you might not accept, and this is Nunu Jema Kumba. This is the government for many parties, not SPLM alone, so that the deputy speaker will be from the IO.”

Kiir further promised to swear in the MPs before the end of this month.

The Vice president of the Economic Cluster and SPLM Deputy Chairperson, Dr. James Wani Igga, called for Unity and hard work from his party members to deliver services to the citizens.

“Peace promotion on national Unity, your Unity within the parliament. Since we’re the ruling party, let’s do the good things to maintain the power,” Igga said.

President Salva Kiir reconstituted the National Legislative Assembly and Council of State in May and July, respectively. But all members from both houses have not yet been sworn in to start their duties. The reconstituted parliament comprised of 550 members majority nominated from the SPLM (332) and SPLM-IO (128) MPs.

On Thursday, Peace Monitors described the swearing-in of the MPs as “critical” to ratify some vital legislation, including security and constitutional amendment bills.

Parties urge to swearing-in R-TNLA members

Peace Monitors described the swearing-in of the MPs as “critical” to ratify some vital legislation, including security and constitutional amendment bills.

The Interim Chairperson of Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission, R-JMEC, Gen. Charles Tai Gituai, said there is a need for both houses to become fully functional, as stated in the peace agreement.

“This is important, particularly in the case of the TNLA because it should, upon commencement of its work, immediately ratify some important legislation that has been held up,” he said.

President Salva Kiir reconstituted the National Legislative Assembly and Council of State in May and July, respectively.

He also concerns that the lack of implementation of Transitional Security Arrangements remains a challenge.

“Even though some progress has been made in some areas of implementation of the (Peace) Agreement, a critical concern remains on the security arrangements, which is fundamental to the peace process.” 

Gen: Gituai also appealed to the Parties to “urgently resolve the issue of the ratio of the unified forces and the unified command structure of the Necessary Unified Forces.”

The Interim Chairperson further urged the R-TGoNU (Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity), “in the spirit of addressing the country’s insecurity, ” to expedite the unification of forces and the Transitional Security Arrangements and establish the state security committees.

 “I urge the R-TGoNU to make financial resources available for the completion of the Transitional Security Arrangements, including graduation and redeployment of unified forces,” he added.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, Nicholas Haysom, expressed concern on emerging insecurity in Tombura, Western Equatoria, and Tonj North, Warrap States affect humanitarian assistance.

He stated that humanitarian’s food stores were looted or destroy in Marial-Lou after fighting between the local youth over cattle raiding in July. Haysom said such acts of criminality must stop, and the hard work of humanitarian actors can’t be taken for granted.

“South Sudan is increasingly becoming one of the most dangerous places to operate for humanitarian workers. This year alone, four humanitarian workers have been killed in the line of duty”.

“These acts of criminality must stop. The support of our donor community and hard work of humanitarian works should not be taken for granted, and those perpetrators should be brought to justice,” Haysom said.

The RJMEC convenes its 18th monthly plenary in Juba on Thursday, 22 July to evaluate the status of the peace implementation.

VP Nyadeng led the athletes for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

South Sudan Vice President Rebeca Nyadeng de’Mabior has led a high-level delegation to attend Toyko 2020 Olympics that will kick off on Friday this week. Athletes from South Sudan will also participate in the multi-international sport event organized in Japan.

The Secretary of the South Sudan Olympics Committee, Dr. Tong Chor Malek, said members from the team already travel to Toyko as other participants made on Monday (today), 19th July, ahead of the games.

According to the Olympics Committee’s Secretary, two accredited athletes, Lucia William for 200 miters and Abraham Aguer, 1500 miters runner, will represent the country this year.

“This is the last team to participate in Toyko 2020 Olympics game. South Sudan team has already gone to Japan, the chief division, the administrator in the camp to train with athletes. We’ve Lucia William for 100 and 200 miters and Abraham Aguer for 1,500 miters”.

Dr. Chor further said the dignitaries lead by H.E Vice president Rebeca Nyadeng will conduct a bilateral meeting with the Olympics family in Toyko.

“She is going to meet President Thomas Bach of International Olympics Committee, and she will also meet Prime Minister of Japan, JICA to pay vote of thanks for their activities in South Sudan,” Chor mentioned.

It is the second time South Sudan athletes participating in the international game after Rio 2016 Olympics.

Tokyo 2020 multi-sport event scheduled to be held from 21 July to 8 August 2021.

Bakosoro rejoin SPLM and disown his party 

A prominent senior member of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance -SSOA has dissolved his party and joined the SPLM.

Hon: Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro, Minister of Public Services in the Unity government, announced the change of allegiance on Thursday 

Joseph Bakosoro was a leader of the National Movement for Change (NMC), one of the Allies of SSOA in the peace agreement. 

This morning, he dissolved his political party in a news conference and joined the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM).

The former elected governor of Western Equatoria State formed the party he dissolved in 2017 opposed the political roadmap of president Salva Kiir’s government.

The SPLM cadres described his interest in rejoining significant milestones to reconcile party members. Bakosoro said he previously terminated his membership from the SPLM due to intimidation and assassination attempts from his political rivals.

I am suffered from all sources of humiliation, hate characters assassination, and all part of betrayal from our people, just because of my try from Western Equatoria State. Hence, we were a force to form our movement.

He further said the move to join SPLM again is a community demand 

The decision to join SPLM was requested from the community and some senior leaders. A tough decision is taken for seeks unity. People should avoid history that will have effects on the next generation. People should be part of decision rather than to be part of the problem,”

Bakosoro called his supporters to embrace the NMC decision of merging back the party to SPLM for Unity of South Sudan.

“The decision we have taken can be positive or negative. It will have negative or positive effects from our brothers. But it is worthy taken”.

 SPLM Acting Secretary-General Ann Nunu welcome back Bangasi Bakosoro to the SPLM and urged political parties to return to the party. 

She acknowledged that the return of senior SPLM members to the party is in line with Arusha Agreement to reconcile SPLM liberators.

I strongly believe that we will come together, we will unite, and we will take this country forward. I called upon all of you once again to leave the pass to the pass. Let us focus. Let us focus on our vision and our objectives. Let us work for peace”.

Former Speaker in the National Legislative Assembly Antoni Lino Makane spoke on the SPLM liberation councils behaves and appreciated Bakosoro ‘s return.

Hon. Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro was appointed as Minister of Public Services in 2020 under the SSOA seat.

Schools celebrates National Girl Child’s Day in Aweil

Hundreds of schoolgirls in NBG state have turned out at Aweil National Secondary school to mark the national girl child education day with calls to end early and force marriages.

According to the state ministry of Education, the day is celebrated every 7the of July in South Sudan but was reportedly delayed due to Independence Day preparation.

Valentino Achak Deng is the Minister of Education in the NBGs Government.

He said late Dr. John Garang Mabior declared the day to encourage the enrollment of girls to the schools in South Sudan.

Hoh: Achak stressed the need to end challenges facing enrollment in schools to complete their Education.

“It’s a right time for each of us to commit to educating children and mainly the girls who are left behind in Education. Enrolling girls to schools have been observed but retaining them at schools to continue their studies is now the challenge. Other schools lack teachers, and girls in those areas find it difficult to continue with Education. It’s a collective responsibility to promote girl-child education,” Achak said.

The Minister further urged parents to supports girls in Education with the hope of having a better future.

Some of the schoolgirls who spoke to Akol Yam 91 in Aweil said lack of moral and financial support is the major challenge facing the girls to complete their studies.

They said that inability to afford basic needs forces some girls to abandon schools and opt for marriage.

“Girls always have a lot of needs where some parents support while others don’t. That lead to our colleagues is dropping out of school.”

“There is no moral advice that encourages girls to continue instead; some parents always talk to you about marriage plans, which is also another challenge.”

“We although thank the teachers they are doing the roles of teachers and parents; they always encourage us to continue without studies for better future.”

Education Minister also urges the parents to send girls to schools at a young age to avoid being distracted from learning.

On 7 July 2015, National Girl Education Day in South Sudan, the combined enrolment at primary and secondary schools broke the 1M barrier for the first time, of which 417,116 were girls.