Three people were injured in Bor after a dry old tree collapse on them

At least three people have been injured, leaving one in critical condition after one of the oldest trees collapsed. The incident happened on Wednesday evening around 7 PM in Bor, Jonglei state.

The tree is famous in the area which one of the residential names, “Langbaar,” in Dinkais scientifically known(Ziziphus spina-christi). Langbaar is located 3 Kilometers Northeast of Marol Market in Bor town and is believed to be 100 years.

Chier Jok, a 71-year local chief in Bor said the tree had been there before he was born.

He claimed the Sudanese Soldiers cut off the tree branches during the liberation struggle because of the fear of SPLA spotting the area using it for long-range bombardment.

“I am 71 years old, and the tree has been existing as Langbaar. It was the tallest tree in the area when I was a boy. There was no other Neem tree in the area. Even during British, when they were marking the road that goes up to the area of Athooch. It was known as Langbaar Ateet because it falls just in the territory of Atet Community,” said Chief Chier Jok.

Ustaz Makoy Dhal was nearby when the tree collapsed. He said they rushed in to rescue those who were knocked down by the dead branches of wood.

He said among three injured, two were women, one of them is in critical condition, and a boy sustained injuries.

Dr. Bol Chaw Manyang is the Director of Bor hospital. He said the woman critically injured has been transferred to Juba using an Ambulance for further medication.

The Ziziphus spina-christi tree, orLangbaar” in the local language, is a thorny tree that bears fruit. Its leaves and fruits are used for nutritional and medicinal purposes.


Shops Demolition dismay Chamber of Commence

The chamber of commerce for the Central Equatoria state is unhappy with shops demolition and pledge to negotiate with the government to support affected traders.

The department reported over seventy shops demolished in Hai Thaura and Customs markets during Juba City (JCC) exercises. The City Council launched a weekly demolition exercise to shops it said encroached into the roads, but traders were concerned about not being notified ahead of time.

Businesspeople said they have encounter losses which the JCC reveals un readiness to pay the compensation.

Robert Pitia Francis, the Chairperson chamber of commerce, industry, and agriculture central Equatoria, described the City Council exercise as “unfair” and called the mayor to allocate places to the affected traders. He said the recent demolition had frustrated several small-scale businessmen and women operating in the national capital.

Pitia claimed that government did not listen to the view of traders whom he said are partners with authority and supported the state through paying taxes

“The government should organize a place for them to operate to provide for themselves and their families. When they raise the money, they will come to the level of small business to have the capital to rent a shop,” Pitia stated.

The chairperson of the Juba City council at the Chamber, Stephen Wani, said it is impossible to destroyed shops and left the space empty while the citizen without business to support their families.

“If the government plans to demolish, they would have created a committee to notify the trader. You cannot demolish someone and left in the sun. This person created self-employment for themselves to help them sustain their life,”Wani said.

The chamber of Commerce in Central Equatoria state has called the traders to remain calm as the case is being followed up with authority.

Mayor of Juba City, Kalisto Ladu, said he is implementing the bylaw that prohibited anyone builds on the public space government allocated for packing or roads.  They stated that people on their private land would not be affected as the plan is to keep the city clean.

On September 18th, a journalist who works at this media institution was briefly detained by the mayor’s office while covering a demolition exercise in Hai Thoura. The Juba City Council claimed the reporter didn’t seek permission, but he was released without charge six hours later.

New Bright Stars Coach ambitious to reform the team

The National football team, Bright Stars’ new head coach, is ambitious to reforms the club and uses the current players, take South Sudan to the next level.

Mr. Stefano Cusin, an Italian national, signed a two-year deal with the club on Tuesday, September 28 September 2021.

The 64 Italian professional football managers worked with clubs from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

On Tuesday, the South Sudan Football Association briefed the media after signed two years to lead the team.

The President SSFA, Agustino Maduot, said the new coach is unanimously accepted base on his previous experience that will help the club.

“He has been a coach for a long quiet time; because of his experience, the board of directors of SSFA unanimously accepted that he is the right person to take the team to the next level.”

Maduot pledged to support the new head coach with the necessary resources to achieve the dream of South Sudan football.

Mr. Stefano Cusin, the new coach of Bright Stars, expressed willingness to transform the team, achieve a great result that will make South Sudan proud.

“We are not coming from zero, no no, this team has quality. So now we need to reach tactical organization, the essential mentality,” he said.

The new coach said South Sudanese want a competitive national football team.

South Sudan forced to forfeit Fifa Arab Cup qualifier after nine players tested positive of COVID-19 in June.

The National team will face their first games with Morocco, Gambia, and Sera Lieon under Coach Simon James Yor, an interim coach for bright stars. But the new coach will act as a technical and senior advisor until the listed games are plays this year.


Cattle vaccination starts in Gogrial, Warrap State

The health department for animal resources and fishery launched cattle vaccination in Gogrial West County this week.

The move is hoping to prevent cattle from lumpy skin diseases, black Quarter, anthrax, Foot and Mouth Diseases. Several cattle died due to flooding this year.

The Animals’ Resources Director-general, Mr. Salvatoria Mayar Mayar, said the campaign is targeted two hundred in Gogrial West County due to shortages of the animal vaccine.

But the vaccination is not free of charge. Herders require to pay 250 South Sudanese pounds, or else your cow is left out.

Mayar said the plan came after cattle keepers raised concern about the death of their livestock in Gogrial.

” We received a message from cattle keepers that their cows are dying. Some cattle owners came with their cattle to near our officer asking for vaccines. We have seen the condition of cows, and we give out vaccines, although it could not be enough to vaccinate every cow. Next month the general vaccination will kick off across the state,” Mayar said.

Some cattle keeper’s spokes to Mayardit FM in Turalei. They welcomed the state initiative and urged the animal resource department to extend vaccination to the villages and other counties of warrap.

“My cows are sick, singe of disease is a cow can have leg swollen and skin rash, for some few days now 15 cows have died, and other cows are now suffering.” 

“My Cows have many diseases that I cannot verify, and I don’t know if they will be okay after receiving vaccines. I like to tell our government to be engaged with partners for more vaccines.” 

“My cows got disease since August this year, and this month also, I have lost some cows of them. I am hoping now that those cows who receive the vaccine will not die.”

The government further called cattle owners to take special precautions against flood-related diseases in poultry and livestock.

Floods have wreaked havoc in many parts of Warrap State this week resulted in the displacement of hundreds, schools closed, and some health facilities evacuated the areas.


Three people drown in Gogrial West

As flooding intensifies in many parts of the country, Warrap State has reported three people drowned this week. The incident occurred in Alek Payam, Gogrial West County.

According to Alek Payam administrator Angelo Kol Akol, one teenage boy and two adults were confirmed died due to heavy flooding in the area. Several villages were submerged in water and people could not manage to escape, he stressed.

He said the victims drowned while crossing the flooded swampy areas, and their bodies were later recovered.

The county reported that at least seven people drowned in Alek between July and August this year.

“It is dangerous at this time because of flooding. We should take care of our family members,” Kol said.

Paramount Chief Akol Maror cautioned that the high risks people are children and elderly persons during this flooding devastation.

“I want to tell the community to stop much movement at night and early in the morning because there are so many snakebites. Please don’t leave your children at home alone although they are condition to take you out like food.” He said.

The commissioner of Gogrial West County reported having registered eleven cases of people who have drownd this year alone.

Floods have wreaked havoc in many parts of Warrap State this week resulting to displacement of hundreds.

Toposa and Didinga communities resolve to end conflict

The Toposa and Didinga communities in greater Kapoeta have resolved to end bloodshed and pave way for peace following a three days peace dialogue organized by Nyakirikit Consortium Organization in Ngauro Payam of Budi County this week.

The peace conference began on Monday and ended on Wednesday this week.

The two communities have agreed that those who will violate peace agreement will be arrested and handed over to the government to face the law.

The residents attending the peace dialogue have welcomed the peace treaty between the two communities.

“Fighting is really bad we give birth to children but they go and die through revenge killing for both side it is really bad and when people go for gold mining, garden or collect firewood they are being killed for nothing we have agreed to end this,” said one resident about the peace dialogue.

The two communities during the peace conference resolved that anyone found raiding cows or goats will pay the double number of animals they took.

They also agreed to share grazing lands but on agreed terms to avoid conflict.

Clement Loboya who is the deputy secretary general for Nyakirikit says the aim of the peace dialogue is to bring together the two communities to end cattle raiding and revenge killings.

He explained that their organization is working hard to deliver services to the local communities together with help of the government for better development.

“We started implementing peace process with inspiration in implement other developmental services to the communities, this is the first of its kind. We first started in Budi – Buya communities in Kimotong,” said Clement Loboya.

The county commissioner of Budi appreciated Nyakirikit Consortium for the initiative.

Hon. Akileo Mboya Peter Anyanga said when there is peace among the communities, there is easy development of the state.

He explained that the government is working hard to provide security and developmental programs to the citizens.

“The document we signed here is a good, it will bring peace. For us the peace for today means there will be no more bloodshed in our communities. What is remaining is us the government to provide you with clean water, schools, hospitals, medicines for the animals and seeds for people to cultivate,” said Akileo Mboya

He is urging youths to refrain from cattle raid and revenge killing and should follow the resolutions agreed in the conference.

Juba Parents’ School boost students’ protection against COVID-19

A private school known as Juba Parent Nursery and Primary has introduced new policy of giving out 1500 pieces of face masks to its learners every day.

The use of face masks is one of the critical compulsory action school’s administration has put in place for the safety of pupils in classrooms during the pandemic.

Juba Parents’ School is a day care private institution hosting at least 1,000 learners, both in nursery and primary classes. They all wear face masks the school provides upon their arrival every morning.

The school headteacher says pupils have been directed to regular handwashing at the two containers stationed around the school compound.

Juba parent school is a Nursery and Primary School located in Juba three Yei Road, offers a well-blended local and international curriculum.

Conducting an interview on Wednesday with School headteacher Christian Kisitu says the school’s challenges are the high cost of face masks.

He urged the national health ministry and international partners to support the children by providing masks to reduce the charges.

“The school is taking care of the children there is the provision of the mask to all the children daily, hand sanitizers, children, are sanitizing from the school gate.

Jackeline Kereke, a primary two student in that school. She says the move is welcome that help the parents economically and ensure safety of their children is grantee. Kereke also advises the parents to implement covid-19 preventive measures at home.

“The children are given good care, and the school also provides them with bottles for drinking water.”

The National minister of general education and Instruction, Hon. Awut Deng Achuil directed learning institutions to implement health measures as the state continued to monitor the school’s operation closely.

South Sudan announced the reopening of higher education, secondary and primary schools’ country-wide in the national capital Juba in March this year. 

On Thursday country recorded fifteen new COVID-19 despite the ongoing vaccination campaign.


Two arrests for allege looting of food aid in Lafon

Authorities in Eastern Equatoria said they had arrested two people suspects  of ambushing and looting a vehicle of the World Food programme in Lafon County last month.

Armed men ambushed the WFP vehicle in August and walked away with the staff’s belongings. The WFP staff were on their way from Imehejek after spending 12 days in the Lafon area to monitor food security, education, and other programs.

Early this month, county authorities recovered WFP kinds of looted stuff and handed them over to the state government.

Speaking to Singaita FM, the state government spokesperson Patrick Oting Cyprian said suspects have been arrested and are awaiting further investigations before been arraigned in court.

He said two suspects had been arrested from Imehejek in connection with the looting of the WFP vehicle, but the government will continue to hunt down the rest.

We have two culprits that are brought in Torit from Lafon County, from Imehejek. We have two people. One of them is among the five or four people who looted the vehicle of WFP in Ibahure,” Patrick Otting told Singaita FM.

Patrick Oting explained that the second suspect was involved in another looting of the WFP vehicle in Lacharock.

“The second person was also involved in another incident of WFP, but it was in Lacharock.

These two people are in our custody. We are still looking for the rest that are part of the looting, especially in the Ibahure area,” explained Patrick Oting.

Authority stated that the lootings of the World Food Programme vehicles had caused more suffering to the people in Lafon County. It called the humanitarian agencies to continue to supply food to the needy people in the area.

“The community is now suffering because of that and looking from the WFP part because they have given the condition that if these people are not apprehended, they would not supply food.

County administration pledge to grantee safety of aid workers

“It is our priority and prerogative to apprehend these people and bring them to the relevant authority for justice to prevail. But WFP should continue supplying food to the needy people in Lafon County,” he said.

The World Food Programme had suspended its activities in Lafon County following the incident.

Abyei criminalizes women sleeping in hotels

The Abyei Administrative Area has restricted females from sleeping in hotels. The Abyei municipality issued a local order on Thursday, September 16, 2021.

Area administration says women and girls will not get accommodation in hotels unless one has a marriage certificate.

According to the Abyei government’s spokesperson, the move is to preserve community norms and values that do not allow single women to sleep in hotels.

John Ajang Kiir, the spokesperson, said the order permits female visitors to stay alone in their rooms. He warned the hotel owners of consequences for violating the directive.

“We want our females to respect themselves because it has been seen that our girls and some women use hotels, and that is not the reason for hotels to be in town, community leaders including women and youth have agreed with this order,” said John Ajang in an interview with Mayardit FM.

According to John Ajang, the directive will also help curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

“It is also good security for the community. The plan will reduce some diseases that affect people through sexual,” he stated.

Some youth in the area welcomed the order and urged the government to implement it. They claimed that many girls get impregnated by those staying in the hotels.

“We have our own country, which is good for us to have hotels, but people should not take it as a place that you can take someone’s wife to and someone’s daughter. I appreciate the government and the community because sometimes it does not please someone the way people are using hotels. I like the idea,” said one woman in support of the order.

“I am a woman, and I like the order. My message is that when you see a visitor in your home, please welcome her, let her sleep because you will remember the order. This is the message to the people of Abyei.” She added.

The government promised to form a committee to identify female travelers and arrest those that would violate the order.

Several NGO workers in the area stay in the hotel during their fieldwork. It’s not clear whether this directive will affect them or not. The implementation of the order would be effective on Monday next week.

A Triplet’s mother calls for support

A mother who gave birth to triplets in Kapoeta Civil Hospital is calling for humanitarian assistance.

Regina Napeyok says she cannot produce enough milk for her three male babies due to a lack of food.

According to her, the husband and relatives never came to visit her since she was brought to the hospital on Monday.

“God has decided to give me these children. Toposa people couldn’t believe I gave birth yesterday. God helped me to reach here in the hospital so that I get help. I really got good support from the doctors here,” said Napeyok.

Napeyok is calling on the government and well-wishers to provide support to her for the better health of the kids.

“Let people help me, am not producing milk for the kids. I am saying people need to help me give food to eat I have nothing now and my husband has run away,” she said

Dorothy Abua, the health officer in charge of the maternity ward at Kapoeta Civil Hospital says Napeyok needs urgent help because she has nothing to feed on.

According to Dorothy the children are in good health but the mother lacks enough blood due to loss of blood during delivery.

“It is was yesterday in the morning that we received a mother from a PHCC she came with triplets live baby boys and the mother had retained product she came on the ground and we received her and we removed retained product but she bled a lot because she gave birth before yesterday and this mother currently is in need of much help there is no breast milk and there is no food for her,” said Dorothy.

She added that CCM organization managed to contribute 50 Kgs of maize flour, soaps, three basins and others but says is not enough.

Dorothy further stated that men should not abandon their wives during delivery because the child is a blessing from God.

“If the husband is to be right here with the mother maybe if the husband could support the mother psychologically because at night they may want to breastfeed the mother want to rest the husband can help it is a curse it is a blessing there are some people who are in need to triplets and they cannot get so we can encourage her and the people of this community that is not a curse but blessing,” explained Dorothy.

She is urging the public to avoid abandoning their loved ones during difficult times.