Johnson & Johnson vaccine consignments arrive in Juba

The first batch of United States donated Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccines arrived in Juba this morning. The 152,950 doses were received at Juba International Airport by Health Minister Elizabeth Acuei Yol and The U.S. Chargé D’affaires, David Renz.

The single-dose J&J COVID-19 vaccines are the third batch of several vaccine shipments to arrive in the country through the support of the COVAX Facility.

The U.S. Charge’d Affaires, David Renz, says the vaccines are part of worldwide United States efforts to combat the global pandemic and help South Sudan respond to COVID-19.

“These vaccines are the next step in our support for protecting the health and wellbeing of the South Sudanese people and for bringing the COVID-19 pandemic to an end,” said David Renz at JIA this morning while receiving the vaccines

The J&J vaccine requires only one dose to protect against the virus but, AstraZeneca takes two dosages to vaccinate fully.

South Sudan government has welcomed the donation from the United States, saying the vaccines will expand the protection mechanism against COVID and its variants.

Minister of Health Elizabeth Achuei Yol said the target people to get vaccinates are young adults to offer protection against delta variant. She urges the public to stop listening to rumors about the effects of vaccines.

“The delta variant is with us, and there is no compromise between the young person and elder in this virus. So, you take your time and come forward to take the vaccines. If there is information you want to know, come to us and were the right people to ensure your safety,” Achuei said.

World health organization Country representative Dr. Fabian Ndenzako warned the public not to mix the vaccines from different companies. He says one should consistently get vaccinated either for Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca.

“Effectiveness and guidance on how to use those vaccines are particular to each of these vaccines because there was clinical trial and guideline during the development of these vaccines were achieved through those processes. So, if we use the vaccines, we must follow that as part of the recommendation,” Ndenzako stated.

He encourages adults in South Sudan to get vaccinated to limit the spread of COVID-19 and help protect individuals, families, and communities.

The COVAX Facility is a global partnership comprised of Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, UNICEF, and WHO, to ensure all countries can equitably access COVID-19 vaccines.

Police officers detained after theft at police station in Torit

Four police officers have been detained for investigation after thieves broke into the traffic police offices and walked away with three million pounds. The suspected officers were on duty during the incident.

Police say the money stolen on Thursday night was an income generated through vehicle plates issuing to the public.

The acting director for traffic police in Eastern Equatoria, Lieutenant Colonel Faruk Yousif says the investigators will decide the prime suspect to pay the money.

“Yes, stealing has happened in our office, but investigation is still ongoing. If the government’s properties are stolen, its investigations are done at police office,” said Lt. Col. Faruk Yousif.

“We have not yet confirmed how much the money is because people who are working in the place of money are at police custody. That is the money of every week, after report, this money is send every Friday to Juba because this is the money of the companies. By then these companies, they have account, but up to now they have not given us account for us to remit in; we are sending through money transfer. Every Friday we send this money and this money was stolen on Thursday night, it has not reached Friday,” he added.

Yousif further explained that the premises were guarded by four police officers, but they failed to secure the area.

When asked about public property safety, the officer said thieves are everywhere and are uncontrollable.

“Four people were working, but this compound is big. A thief does not know office of security or any office. A thief is everywhere only on judgement day, but any place where there is human being, a thief is there. There is not place where he is there and place where he is not. Even in the office of national security, these are human being, they are not angels and so a place where there is a human being, there is a crime,” said Faruk Yousif.

Police Inspector in Torit Municipal Council who is the spokesperson for police in Eastern Equatoria Major Justine Kelopaus Takuru told Singaita that the real suspected thieves are on run and authorities will continue hunting for them.

“The report is true. We opened a case and sent official there and found there is breakdown of the door. They broke the office of the director and jump over to the finance office. They break the box and took a lot of money, two million seven hundred and sixty five thousand. A case is opened and investigation in ongoing,” said Major Justine Kelopaus Takuru.

The theft at the Police station has raised concern from the public about the safety of their properties.

Female student kills in Bor

Authority in Jonglei state has reported that a senior four female student was killed in Bor town on Thursday. According to the police investigation, the prime suspect is her brother allegedly stabbed her to death with a knife at Lek-yaak suburb.

An eyewitness says the 20-year-old Rebecca Amuor Mawut was stabbed four times in the chest while separating the conflicting brothers. The cause of fighting remains unclear.

Her mother and two other relatives sustained knife injuries admitted to Bor hospital. 

Maj. Gen. Joseph Mayen Akoon is the police commissioner in Jonglei. He says the suspect has been arrested, and the investigations will soon commence establishing the course.

“We received the report yesterday about a young girl at her 20 stabbed to death by her brother in Lek-Yaak. The suspect surrendered himself to Police, and he is now under custody while waiting for the investigations to do.”

The school of the deceased student has suspended its operation for four days, citing her death.

Akech Magot Akech is the principal at Day Star Academy secondary school, condemned the student’s killing and called authority to arrest the cuprite. 

“Our voice as the school, it is a painful experience to kill a student. We need justice for Amuor, and we argue the families in Bor to respect students and provide necessary protection to them.”

Medical Director at Bor Hospital, Dr. Chaw Manyang, says the mother of the disease and the other two people are being treated with injuries.


Kiir sacks Minister of Foreign Affairs, appoints successor

President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Thursday evening issued a republican decree sacking Beatrice Khamisa Wani as Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation.

Mayiik Ayii previously served as Minister in the Office of President was appointed the new minister of Foreign Affairs in another decree.

Beatrice Khamisa Wani was appointed as minister in March 2020.

Mayiik holds other positions including representing a political constituency in Tonj North, Warrap State, at the national legislative assembly. He first gained the trust of the leadership and the president in 2016 as the minister of presidential affairs after restructuring of the ministries as part of the stipulations of the 2015 and 2018 revitalized peace accords required to establish a transitional government.

He was one of the two officials appointed in February 2020, when the parties were still negotiating how to share cabinet positions to help the president in negotiation.

He was removed in June 2020 and replaced with Nhial Deng Nhial after the president accused him of having played a role in a failed oil-for-roads contract between the government of South Sudan and the Republic of China through a Chinese company, Shandong Hi-Speed Group Co., Ltd (SDHS).

The company later subcontracted a subsidiary company to construct Juba-Bahr El Ghazal which could not stand heavy downpour of rainwater, attracting public outcry.

SPLA-IO general in EES defects to SSPDF

Brigadier General Solomon Peter Angelo | TRC

By Sisto Ohide Gideon and Everlye Losike

As Defection continue to hit the main armed opposition party to the peace agreement in South Sudan, a senior SPLA-IO in Eastern Equatoria has announced his defection to President Salva Kiir’s side becoming the first commander to defect in the state.

Brigadier General Solomon Peter Angelo declared his allegiance to South Sudan People’s Defense forces under President Kiir command. He says blames his former Chairman of mismanaging the affairs of the party and abandoning soldiers at the training and cantonment sites.

General Solomon who defected from Rambur Training Center was the former administrator in AnyaNya Division in Aswa Cantonment site and was attending training as a senior police office at the centre.

In a letter seen by Singaita FM, he alleged that the party is no longer relevant with political realities for which it was formed for.

General Peter says his defection comes after realizing that his former party chairman lost the direction to control the movement.

He says IO is now divided and he is not interested to go back to the bush.

“Our chairman is already lost his direction to the movement, this is the reason why I don’t want to again be with him, and we IOs we are now divided, Simon Gatwech already got his side” his resignation letter reads in part.

“I’m a son of Eastern Equatoria, I don’t want to go back to the bush. If those people now they are divided why would I still stay with IO? Let me join my citizens, let me join my government rather than to go back to the bush, that is why I decided to join the government because our chairman is now messed up,” the letter reads.

Brigadier General Solomon Peter says he was warmly received by the National security service in Lira. He says his defection is effective from seventh of September 2021

SPLM/A-IO spokesperson confirm the defection of General Solomon to SSPDF.

Colonel Lam Paul Gabriel describes the defection as a violation to the peace deal.

“We know about that so I don’t think it is right for him to claim that he move from SPLA-IO; SPLA-IO have already handed him over to the transitional government of National Unity where he is going to be a national, if he suppose a soldier a national army, but he suppose a police officer not the one loyal to the party, but he decided to move back one step forward, that means a backward and now defect to SSPDF. It is surprising, but as far as the agreement is concern is a violation. For us SPLA-IO we look at that as a violation of the highest order something that need to really be stop. This, culture of defection is not helping. We just surprise that he declared his defection to the SSPDF from Lira

General Solomon blamed the SPLA-IO for abandoning the forces at the training centre and cantonment sites, but Paul dismissed the claims saying it is not the responsibility of the party any more.

Colonel Lam says the Joint Defense Force, joint monitoring ceasefire commission and National Transitional committee chaired by Tut Gatlauk is responsible for the training and cantonment centers.

When asked about implementation of security arrangement, the military spokesperson says there are people who are against the implementation.

“There are people who are against the implementation of security arrangement in particular the unification of command and the graduation of these forces. These crossing over is sponsored, I know there are challenges,” said Lam Paul, the SPLA-IO spokesperson.

“We need to be nationalistic with the national agenda to stabilize this country for the greater good, but crossing over is not going to solve this problem, is going to create more problem. Instead of moving forward is dragging the feet of everyone backward, but I would like to assure our people in the Eastern Equatoria that the defection is not going to cause us any challenges, he move as an individual.”

Col. Lam Paul assure the people of Eastern Equatoria state that the defection will not cause any changes to the peace implementation process.

Defection has continue to hit the SPLM/A-IO party with many senior Generals and political figures accusing the party’s leadership of failing to control the army and it structures.

Visually impaired persons in Yirol want govt set up schools for the blind

Lakes State government is asked to give opportunity for blind people to learn as many visually-impaired persons wish to pursue the careers of their choices.
A 38-year-old visually-impaired student Simon Kuch Majok calls on the Minister of General Education and Instruction to establish a school for the blind in Yirol town.

The visually-impaired learner made his remarks to Mingkaman 100 FM on Wednesday during the commemoration of the International Literacy Day celebrated in Yirol town.

Speaking to Mingkaman FM, Simon Kuch Majok said blind students face challenges of attending classes in Juba due to the lack of school in the area.
He says having access to a visual-impaired educational system in Yirol town would help cut down some expenses for them.

“I want to talk to National Minister for General Education and Instruction to open a learning institution for blind students in Yirol to have access to education like other disabled children in the community,” Said Simon Kuch.

Majok said he’s in coordination with Buluk School for Blind in Juba to support the opening blind school in Yirol possibly.

“If the Minister accepts, I coordinate with my team members in Buluk School to send teachers to teach blind in the field. There are qualified teachers there in Juba only that we lack blind school in Yirol here,” he said.

The Minister for Education was not available to comment on this story.

According to the UN Children Organization (UNICEF), the visually impaired persons in South Sudan have borne the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic amid fractured livelihoods and negligible support from the state.