36 people are reported dead, 80 wounded in Tonj clashes 

Cattle keeper in Turkana area of Kenya bordering South Sudan.

Authority in Warrap state has reported that 36 people have been killed, and 80 others wounded on both sides in cattle raiding attacks over the weekend.


Officials said, the fighting started between armed youth of Tonj North and East.


John Deng Kok is the Commissioner of Tonj East County. He said there were no forces on the ground to helped separate the rival group but later the youth stopped the fighting alone.


Adding that those injured are being treated at Paliang, Ngap-Agok, and Marial Lou health facilities.


Deng stated that some women and children have run away from their homes and shelter at Paliang and Muok villages.


A report suggests that several houses have been set on fire. 


He said some of the health centers are running out of medical supplies to treat the wounded.


The Commissioner further urges youth to cease the fighting and embrace peace in the communities. 


A statement released by Warrap state government condemned the renewed inter-communal violence in Tonj and promise to search for culprit behind the conflict.

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