60 disabled school children registered in Warrap state

Image Credit: USAID

At least 60 children with disabilities have been registered in Twic County Warrap state.

The children are from various schools, 36 boys and 24 girls as part of a program that is targeting one thousand and eighty (1080) disabled children to access education.

Mr. Tong Deng Buok is an education officer for inclusive working for Adventist Relief Agency (ADRA)in Twic County.

He said that their goal is to ensure every child with physical condition have access to education.

“Disabled children are mostly excluded and often stay invisible due to high level of stigma and physical abuses” said Deng.

He said his organization will provide wheelchairs and cater medical care of children with severe illness.

Mr. Deng also urges everyone in the community that have disabled child to send them to school.

He appeals to the families to provide home good care so that they feel included and participate fully in social activities.

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