High court lower cattle case court fee from 10k – to 1k in Aweil

Court in South Sudan ruled in favor of Twic former leader

A high court Aweil has reversed earlier ruling and lower the court fee from ten thousand to just one thousand South Sudanese pounds.

The decision came after executive chiefs across the state raised the matter with court arguing that fee of ten thousand for a case of one cow will make it hard for people to claim their right in court.

They appealed to the high court to review the decision and reduce the fix amount of ten thousand pound.

Justice Mathiang Kuac Mathiang, the high court presiding judge ruled on the issue of court fee after closed door meetings with chiefs on Thursday in Aweil Town.

He said that the decision to increase the fees was unilateral taken by one of the judges without the knowledge of court administration and local chiefs in the state.

Justice Kuac said the people of Aweil in general are well regarded in South Sudan and seen as informed and respect the rule of law.

Some of the chiefs who have been in consultation with court over the matter welcome the decision.

They appreciated high court listening to them and addressed the matter in a thoughtful manner.

“We want to inform those who paid 10,000 SSP per cow before this decision is final, please don’t think of claiming the money you paid back but the reduction will be for the new case” said one of the chiefs after the decision was announced.

Last month, executive chiefs sent a petition letter to the high court demanding the president of high court to nullify the increase of court fee.

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