A second wave of desert locust invaded some villages in Kapoeta.

Some residents in Kapoeta town have to start worrying about the second wave of desert locust seen in the area on Sunday.

Some community members said the large number of desert locust scared them, saying they might feed on all the green vegetation in their gardens.

In February, South Sudan was hit by desert locust swarm crossed from Kenya border through southern Magwi County in Eastern Equatoria. 

Local government and partners NGOs including UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported the situation to be under control.

some of the resident who to spoke to Singaita FM said the desert locust could cause poor harvest this year if nothing is done to stop the invasion.

“This thing [Locust] could bring hunger, sickness, finish grasses, and complete all the trees. The locust comes here to kapoeta; they will finish our gardens, which are almost to be harvested, we are praying God locust should not come down.”

“The government should look into the matter, where they get locust they should spread with the chemical so that they cannot finish the garden, grasses or complete all the trees” farmers reacted.

one of the officials from defunct Kapoeta state said the authority is coordinating with FAO to support South Sudan on the locust prevention 

 Kadong Merisia is a Director at the State Ministry of Agriculture. He said the government and its partners are in the ground to stop the desert locust.

” In Kapoeta yesterday of cost, the enormous locust come to Kapoeta we heard the information with the help of FAO Agriculture and food security. The task force to combat locust is that because we have facility supported by FAO, theirs emerged. That is why we manage to go and spread the locust at Nanaknak.

Mr. Merisia said the government would continue with the exercise to defeat the invaded desert locust in Eastern Equatoria.

The desert locust is a locust species, a periodically swarming, short-horned grasshopper in the family Acrididae.

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