Activists demand accountability of 5 percent oil share for communities

Oil facility in South Sudan's oilfield

South Sudanese activists have called for accountability of government officials alleged of misusing 5% oil share allocated to oil-producing states.

Auditor General released a report on Saturday, April 24th, in unjust separate misappropriation of 2% and 3% oil share to the producing states.

According to the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, 5% were allocated to the oil region producing states for development and the community affected by the environmental pollutions.

Unauthorized officials paid under illicit deals in the states’ oil share money include Bior Tong Bior with $151,500 and Angelo Beda with $30890. And other eight officials received thousands of dollars under unjustified reimbursement.

The ministry of finance and Oil revenue received more than two million dollars without reason. The report indicated in 2016, unknown officials in the office of the president were paid 1.3 million dollars below uncertain circumstances. 

Between 2015 -16, the finance ministry was further naked for paying 22.2 million dollars to unknown accounts. And 7.5 million were transferred to foreign companies without payment justification.

National Auditor General said the ministry of finance and Banks of South Sudan had denied them access to credible data (documents) from July 2011 to November 2013 for transparency and accountability purposes.

Mr. Wani Michael said oil money misappropriation by individuals is unlawful. And more investigation is needed from the ministry of justice to persecute an alleged group responsible for misuse of public funds. 

He condemned public funds misappropriation and the Unity government and Anti-corruption commission quick intervention to recovery embezzled community resources.

“We appealed to the president to take this matter seriously because if we don’t see what is happening, so that means the government is encouraging corruption, the government is encouraging looting.”

Unity state activists were so shocked by the severe misappropriation of public funds calling for justice against the officials.

Ruot George Wal is the executive director Organization for Peace and Development Agency (OPDA). He welcomes National Auditor-General Report and demanding reimbursement for vulnerable community money in the oil-producing region.

The radio community contacted Governor of Unity State Dr. Joseph Nguen Monytuil and minister of information, Gabriel Hon Makuei. Still, they declined to comment, citing the unavailability of the National Auditor General’s Report in their office.

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