Aid worker killed in Budi County

Cordaid International Organization operating in South Sudan.

An NGO worker was shot dead after a humanitarian vehicle was attacked on Wednesday in Budi County, Eastern Equatoria.

The female staff killed, identified as Ann Clara Amono, worked for CORDAID International organization operating in the area.

The eyewitness says the attack occurred along Camp 15 Chukudum road, no culprit was arrested.

CORDAID’s finance administrator Repent Ndrago who also survive the attack, says the incident occurred on their way to Kapoeta town, and the attackers were putting on civilian clothes.

The deceased is a Ugandan National who worked as medical staff in Budi county for over five years.

“We were coming as a team a convoy of four vehicles, one ambulance, then one car from Save the Children, then two other operation vehicles for Cordaid when we reached Ngerera. I was in the first vehicle then I saw somebody pointing at us with the gun but never shot they left and then our last vehicle which was behind was the one got shot at of our staff sustain blooding and died immediately,” He narrated.

Another Cordaid staff, James Lokoro, explained said: “we only hard the bullets shot towards our car from the bush while we’re crossing a stream.”

“The incident happened yesterday at 11:30 am in a place called Ngerera when we cross the river I saw one person coming, and then we passed that person then shortly I hear the gunshot two bullets one took the deceased then we just keep driving so the person who shoot us we don’t see maybe was hiding in the bush”

Budi county health officer Anjelo Mauro condemns the killing of the humanitarian worker. He describes decease as a committed person who served the community tirelessly.

“It is a massive blow to the people of Budi. They have lost one of their servant Amon Clara which has served almost five years providing maternal and health for the whole county. She was a very dedicated servant who doesn’t care about her life. She died because of people of Budi county.”

Mauro urged the government to arrest the suspect and called for the deployment of security forces to stop the further incident.

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