AMDISS Elect New Executives Board

A group photo with new elected board member of Association for Media development in South Sudan- 04th June 2021

The Association for Media Development in South Sudan – AMDISS has elected Mary Ajith again as its Chairperson with other six members includes deputy Chair, Secretary-General, and Treasurer. The election of the new board members came after three days annual general meeting held in Juba. The members will serve two years term in office before an election is conducted.

The AMDISS Chairperson Mary Ajith says she will continue with effective advocacy on freedom of expression and create awareness for media houses to join the Association. She urged media practitioners to work as a team to make people’s voices heard. Mary called the International partners to support AMDISS and the Union of Journalists of South Sudan to strengthen the safety of media practitioners.

The Media Authority, a government regulatory body, tasked to oversee the work of the media in South Sudan, encourages AMDISS’s new leadership to improve the media profession.

Sapana Abui, Director General for Information and Compliance in Media Authority, says media a tools to democracy and should be uses wisely in South Sudan.

A representative of Norwegian People Aid, Jacob Atem, has called the new board members to work with all partners, both national and International, with goals to strengthen media roles and promote press freedom.

The Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) is a membership organization of media houses formed in 2003 with the cardinal aim of building professional journalism.

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