Amnesty International backed Current Arms Embargo on South Sudan

South Sudan People Defense Forces SSPDF outrage after UN imposed arms embargo

The human rights organization Amnesty International has asked the UN security council to maintain the arms embargo on South Sudan.

The organization asks to maintain an arms embargo to the youngest nation after series of extrajudicial execution, forced displacement, torture, and destruction of civilian property by the government and former opposition forces in Central Equatorial State.

According to the document, Amnesty believed the attacks took place in April and June 2020. Central Equatorial State was located in the Southwest of the national capital Juba.

The UNSC will conduct a mid-term review of its arms embargo and other South Sudan measures before 15 December.

The organization said it had interviewed six displaced people who witnessed fighting on 9 and 10 May near the Pojulu villages of Lomilikin, Loka West, and Kengwe in Lainya County. After a mixed force of SSPDF and SPLA-IO soldiers clashes with the NAS, the interviews were conducted, searched all the villages in the area.

Reports said 26 interviews were conducted remotely. Eyewitnesses and family members of victims, five of whom were women, from Lainya, Moborobo, and Yei counties in Central Equatoria State.

All people interviews have requested anonymity due to security concerns.

Researchers used satellite imagery, photos from the scene of violations, and open-source data to verify the attacks.

Satellite analysis confirmed that villages north of the Yei-Lainya roads were destroyed between January and June 2020. Reviewed verified photos of the four men, taken immediately after they were killed, and confirmed the details of their specific injuries with multiple interviewees.

“On 9 May, 11 villages in the area were burned, and an estimated total of 22,000 people were displaced,” disclosed Amnesty.

Amnesty International’s East and Southern Africa Director revealed SSPDF and SPLA-IO soldiers are routinely violating international humanitarian law and failing to protect civilians.

He said horrific attacks continue. The UNSC must demand South Sudan to end these war crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice while maintaining the country’s arms embargo.

“Earlier this year, as South Sudan’s officials called for the arms embargo to be lifted, government soldiers were shooting civilians, burning homes, raping women and girls, and displacing tens of thousands of people from their villages in the south of the country,” said Deprose Muchena,

“Quite simply, the government of South Sudan has failed to protect its people. It would be irresponsible of the Security Council to suspend or lift the arms embargo now, in light of the horrendous human rights violations being committed by government forces.”

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