AU leaders ask to improve security in the continent

The Intelligence and Security Service chief from the East Africa region attending workshop in Juba on Monday 28th June 2021

South Sudan Minister of National Security Gen. Obuto Mamur Mete has warned the Africa Union and regional members from the Eastern Africa bloc to build security stability and trust among regional members. 

The minister expressed his disappointment about continental uncertainty during three days workshop on Intelligence and Security Service organized by African Union on the eastern African countries. 

Gen. Obuto painted the consequences of regional political instability, which will affect continental development. He felt infuriated external sanction against African leaders from international counterparts is unfair system that needs Africa unity. 

Minister did not attack any foreign nations directly, but he referred his statement to superpowers countries that had colonized Africa; remained to play some central roles, manipulating the system of governance.

“We have been misused throughout our ages, against our interest. Especially in the Eastern Africa community, if you see chaos engulfed in the whole region, our problem is the lack of knowledge.

If you allowed your brother to be sanction, you would be sanction tomorrow. And another one will be sanction. Where is Africa? Where are you going? He asks”

Mr. Obuto blamed external influence triggering Africa’s instability. He encouraged leaders to exercised democracy, good leadership, and unity in the continent. 

Director-General for National Security Simon Yien Makuach says, “Sanctions are likely growing as foreign policy and political instrument for western powers to advance their strategic interests where the popularity is growing.” 

In May UN Security Council renewed the sanction of the embargo against South Sudan. And six military generals, three from the government and a rebel faction from SPLM-IO led by First Vice president Dr. Riek Machar were previously sanctioned. 

Some politicians include Michael Makuei Lueth, Martin Elia Lomuro, and others, who were also banned.

Britain, France, and the United States imposed a travel ban and access freeze from those individuals believe as profiteers, prolonging the war in South Sudan.

The UN Security Council’s continuous sanctioning annoyed South Sudan, citing that imposing such an unfair decision on them will affect the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement. 

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