Authority in Leer ordered the closure of two checkpoints along River Nile.

Nile River Causeway, Photo credited, Web Andres

Local authorities in Leer County, Unity State, and the SPLM-IO have announced the possible closure of two illegal checkpoints along the River Nile near the Adok port. 

The checkpoints were unauthorized but illegally, collecting taxation from business people along the Nile.

Unidentified groups alleged to be SPLM-IO white army have created unauthorized checkpoints collecting money from business people.

Leer County Acting Commissioner Kong Tap Kulany said illegal taxation is unprecedented. And the two leaders have agreed to close down the River Nile checkpoint soon. 

He stated that closing an unrecognized spot check should be implemented under the SPLM-IO command to end unlawful taxation on their territory.

Kurland said, “when traders are overtaxed when they reach his final destination, he will increase the price. He will calculate all taxes taken and added them to the commodities price. To determine their commodities price, it is their right because they are dying on the River. Traders do not raise the price without lost”.

SPLM-IO’s county chairperson Stephen Chap Kai has visited Adok port on Monday to discuss an armed youth issue. 

According to the authority, armed youth were given one week to leave illegal checkpoints. Failure for them to comply with ordered, it will force the state government to use force.

“Initially, Dok has only two checkpoints plus the main port. There are two checkpoints created by youth, which make a total of five checkpoints. We discussed and agreed that the two checkpoints would be closed. Only two checkpoints plus Adok port will remain. We have talked with youth to leave the River, and they have not yet come out.”

Koang Nyuon Yap, a trader in Leer, said business people faced serious insecurity threats. And some could lose their life if they did not pay the amount need at the checkpoint.

“There are several checkpoints with much taxation, and we [traders] are being killed. We are now suffering a lot because we are doing good things for the country’s betterment. Now we are urging the government to close down those checkpoints only port can remain.”

The authority agreed that only two checkpoints and Adok port would remain legal stopping points for all business people who go to different locations.

Parties to the revitalized agreement have not yet fully formed the state’s government and local administration since the governors and deputies were appointed. 

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