Three Tons of Medical Supplies Arrive Aweil

Cargo Plane from Sudan landed in Aweil with medical supply on 2nd September 2020.

Northern Bahr el Ghazal state received first consignment of 3 ton medical supplies. The drugs arrived in Aweil this week from neighboring Sudan.  Officials said the supplies will help reduce the shortage of medicines in the state.

The Secretary General of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, Dominic Kang Deng said the imported drugs will not be free of charge. Adding that the drugs will be sold at low cost in the public pharmacies.  He did not specified how much they will be sold to the public.

Kang said “the plane is carrying different drugs for the diseases that are affecting people in Northern Bahr el Ghazal. And this is the first phase and the second phase will also come after this drugs and we want people of Aweil to work with government and these drugs are meant to reduce the prices of drugs at the markets”.

He urges the community to visit the main hospital and get cheaper medicines.

Akol Yam FM in spoke to some of the residents in Aweil.  Which show a conflicting views between the authority and civilians. Some of the residents in Aweil thoughts the drugs will be free of charge. They applauded the availability of medical supplies.

Mr. Zachariah Garang Lual is a resident in Aweil. He said drug imported will help a patient who are unable to pay for medication. He appealed to the authority to dispense drugs to five Counties for easy accessibility.

“We love it and we want Governor Tong to monitor these drugs and distribute to all five counties of Northern Bhar El Ghazal State and assured people not to sell them away because so many people take things as their things and it is not good,” Garang said.

Another resident, Francis Muonydeng Garang excited with the initiative. Urge the governor to continue doing more good things for the people.

“I have really appreciated the Government of Sudan for supporting us with drugs and I want people of Aweil to work together with new leadership because the governor has started and he is going to do great things to our people in the State please put your hand together for development”

The Director of Aweil’s Civil hospital, Dr. Reech Mathok Ding said that the drugs will help the patients during the malaria season. And people could afford to buy at a cheaper price because they have been subsidized by the government.

“When the governor of Northern Bhar El Ghazal State was in Sudan he called me to give him a list of drugs that needed most in Aweil so that he can bring drugs from Sudan and I have listed them and send it to him while in Khartoum so he bought the drugs such as malaria, diabetes, and others and we have received them today,” Mathok stated.

This is the first for the State to get direct supply from neighboring Sudan.

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