Awerial barred jobs advertisement without stamp

Mingkaman Signpost in Awerial County, Lakes state

The Labor office in Awerial County has barred all organization jobs advertisement without labor office approval stamps. The local authority issued an official notification to improve the local recruitment policy.

Areas of cooperation needed include recruitment of local workers, job advertisement, and verification of contracting candidates. The humanitarian agencies were asked to cooperate with policy and collaborate with authorities during the staff recruitment process.

According to the letter circulated on March 11th, the inspector of labor and public service in Awerial Mawut Deng Mabor Ariith warned that no job should be advertised without the labor office’s legal signature.

Public service barred unapproved advertisement after Norwegian People Aid (NPA) posted vacancies for agriculture extension workers without their notes. The county authority sees the decision as unconstitutional.

Mawut says his office is tasked to monitor and see NGOs’ work plan and gives them approval.

“All NGOs that are here in Mingkaman are supposed to come to my office for approval and see what kind of work they are going to do so that we see it if it is something that will be allowed or not. It also includes people who are going to do it.

This is the work of the labor, but they have never come to my office. That is why I wrote that letter to aware them that there is labor in the county and give them the sense to go to my office and see how best we can work together,” the inspector directed.

The project officer for Norwegian People’s Aid, Dut Guet Kom, admitted the fault. He says his organization was not aware of the Labor office presence in the county. They only seek approval of their advert from the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission office.

“It is a surprise to see that letter. We were not even aware of the labor office. We posted an advert before bearing the stamp of the RRC because the Labor office in Juba was delaying the work of extension. After all, it was so urgent. We decide to seek approval from the RRC, and when it comes to recruitment, we have our policies. We don’t go back to labor to seek the consent of those we selected for the job.

The labor act 2017 gives inspectors powers to investigate complaints received by the Labour Inspectorate from employees or Employers. Any legal instrument, collective agreement, or arbitration award shall be handled under the law regarding matters regulated by this Actor.

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