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The Radio Community (TRC) invites stringers and contributors to write well-constructed and balanced stories to suit the more comprehensive online readers’ standard.

The stringers will be paid per article that met TRC editorial requirements and approved and published on the website. The story must be accurate by getting all the facts and opinions right. Each news article should have a soundbite not exceeding 18 seconds saved in MP3 format (Well transcribe if recorded in local language) and two best photos.

The photos should have been taken in landscape and NOT in portrait; only one image will be selected to publish with the story. Make sure your news article is well constructed grammatically and captures the reader’s attention. The source of information must be accurate and reliable. 

To be accurate, you should strive to get facts and opinions right, check, and verify the sources and attributes. Ensure all those affected by the story include or are represented in the story. 

Remember to be precise, and your story should answer the 5Ws and H.

The daily limit for stories that qualify for publication ranges from two to three news articles per day. If your news article does not meet TRC standards, it wouldn’t be published or broadcast. 

Other stories that do not get published may be broadcast at the station’s broadcast areas across South Sudan.

You will only get paid when your story is published or selected for broadcast and has the best rate for website and radio news articles. 

Please submit your story to the email address:, and remember to put your phone number for the editorial follow-up questions.

ABOUT US: The Radio Community (TRC) is a national nonprofit media NGO in South Sudan, established in 2015 in accordance with South Sudan NGOs laws. TRC operates a network of community-based radio stations with a commitment to public service broadcasting. The organization’s vision is a country where people can make informed decisions about their lives. And its mission is ‘a sustainable radio stations that inform, educate, and entertain‘.

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