Calm return to Mayom County after deadly cattle raiding

The Unity state’s local authority said security situation returned to normal in Mayom County after deadly cattle raiding emerged between Unity and its neighboring Warrap state that killed 18 people on Saturday. 

Suspected raiders, believed coming from Tonj County of Warrap state, have attacked a cattle camp for a spiritual leader known as Gatdeng and went away with thousands of cattle heads.

Authority in Unity state condemned the raider’s illegal actions and need accountability for the suspect’s group. 

The minister of information and communication, Gabriel Hon Makuei, says his government was outrage by a raiding incident that jeopardized peace and tranquility between two states.

He specified the two states state authorities had step in to trace the raiders for accountability and find an amicable solution to end unauthorized cattle raiding.

After the incident happened, Mayom County commissioner James Chuol said, “the incident has displaced unknown civilians. We want everyone to return to their places. To return to normalcy, what we are going to do is to conduct patrols.” 

Warrap state government reported that at least thirty people had been killed and thirty-five others injured from both youth of Mayom and Tonj North Counties.

A cattle raiding remained the only threat many people in the remote villages see as a danger zone that risks their lives since the conflict stopped between the two rival factions after the signatory Revitalized Agreement in 2018.

UN reported cattle raiding caused many deaths among rural communities, which some government officials identified as arming youth through “Community Base Militia”. 

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