Jonglei teachers receive three-month incentives

One thousand, one hundred fifty teachers in Jonglei state have received incentives from the European Union’s quick impact project on Monday.

Education authority says each teacher paid 21,400 Pound, an equivalence of 120 US dollars for only public schools the state owned.

The money is covering a period of three, May, June, and July this year respectively. 

Deng David Buol, is a teacher at Kapat primary school in Bor. He encourages the European Union to pay the incentives monthly as the project boasts teachers motivation.

“These incentives are helping us that’s the first thing I can put forward, but the challenge is that they delayed they don’t come on time, but all in all, they are helping teachers a lot for those of us who will be getting this support it will help our families and ourselves as teachers.”

One of the female teachers Adol Deng Bior, says the instructors face difficult situations due to low pa. She called the government to improve teachers’ motivation to keep them in the profession. 

“I may say that the government should motivate teachers well because they are developing the country. Suppose there are no teachers in the country. In that case, the country will not prosper, and there are teacher’s children will receive a quality education in the country, and the country will be developed, so please motivate teachers very well.”.

The Director of the Bor county education department, Gabriel Panchol Anyang, commend the efforts of partners supporting the education sector in South Sudan. He says the incentives cover the gap of salary delay.

UNICEF implements the Quick Impact Project in collaboration with the Ministry of General Education and Instruction (MoGEI) and with support from the European.

Military in Sudan dissolve the govt, imposed state of emergency 

The chairman of the Sudan Military Council, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, announced the dissolution of the transitional government and the sovereign council and declared a national state of emergency.

In a televised news address, Gen: Fattah said, the 2019′ agreement on the transitional government with power-sharing between the civilian and military leadership had turned into a struggle threatening peace and security.

Gen: Fattah al-Burhan says the military needed to protect the country’s safety and security as stated in the constitutional declaration, he said, announcing the dissolution of the power-sharing ruling council and the government.

He also announced the removal of state governors, saying the elections would be held in July 2023.

World leaders and human rights groups have condemned the detention of several high-ranking Sudanese officials in what appears to be a coup attempt, as a senior military official dissolved the government.

Al Jazeera reported that it was unlikely for the young people in the streets of Khartoum to stop their resistance following the announcement of the state of emergency that entails curfews.

The Human Rights Watch says a military coup in Sudan strikes a major blow to the hopes that many walks of life had that a transition to a fairer and rights-abiding country was possible.

At Human Rights Watch, Sudanese researcher Mohamed Osman said in the early hours that security forces in Sudan’s capital Khartoum rounded up at least five ministers, advisors to the prime ministers, and other political figures. Military forces also had placed prime minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok under house arrest before reportedly moving him to an unknown location.

Communication service the internet connectivity is currently severely disrupted, and the airport closed. Protests are now taking place in different parts of the capital Khartoum against the military takeover amidst heavy deployment of military forces.

HRW warns Military takeover a blow for Sudanese

The Human Rights Watch says a military coup in Sudan strikes a major blow to the hopes that many walks of life had that a transition to a fairer and rights-abiding country was possible.

At Human Rights Watch, Sudanese researcher Mohamed Osman said in the early hours that security forces in Sudan’s capital Khartoum rounded up at least five ministers, advisors to the prime ministers, and other political figures. Military forces also had placed prime minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok under house arrest before reportedly moving him to an unknown location.

Communication service the internet connectivity is currently severely disrupted and airport closed. Protests are now taking place in different parts of the capital Khartoum against the military takeover amidst heavy deployment of military forces.

Audrey Kawire Wabwire, Media Manager at HRW, called on the security forces to protect the protesters.

“The pro-democracy protesters take to the streets; security forces should protect their fundamental right to protest and refrain from using lethal force as has too often been the go-to response. The international community should press for a return to the civilian transition,” Kawire said.

According to BBC reports, a statement from the information ministry on Facebook said the detentions were carried out by “joint military forces,” and those arrested were held in “an unidentified location.”

The ministry said soldiers had stormed the HQ of the state broadcaster in Omdurman and detained staff there.

It also said Mr. Hamdok was being pressed to support a coup but refused to do so, and he urged people to continue with peaceful protests to “defend the revolution.”

The United States said is “deeply alarmed” by the coup reports, its special envoy for the Horn of Africa, Jeffrey Feltman, said. The UN, EU, and Arab League also expressed deep concern.

South Sudan mediated a deal between the transitional government of Sudan and Darfur rebel groups that were signed in Juba last year.

Classes resumes in Gogrial East after floods disrupted learning

The education department in Warrap state has reported, at least twenty-four Primary schools have resumed classes. The government announced on Wednesday after a month’s closure due to flooding at Gogrial East County. 

According to the officials and children forced to stay homes, the devastating floods have affected nearly forty schools in the area.

Flood displaces nine hundred twenty households in Warrap between July to August this year. Health facilities, markets, and government offices were evacuated.

Makeny Agoth Giir is the County Education Director spokes to Mayardit FM in Turalei. He alerts the parents to allow children to go back to classrooms as teaching commences at closed schools.

” Am calling on the parents not to keep children at home because now flood have reduced, and classes and exams are at the doorways. I mean, they are closed. We will also make sure chalks; blackboards are provided to the schools, Agoth said.

A headmaster of Maker-Jok Primary school in Gogrial East County, Akol Bol Dhal, says two classrooms collapsed, and several blackboards were damaged.

He worried that lack of funds would hinder the renovation of school premises that has minor damages caused by recent flooding in the past few months.

“Much of our infrastructure is damaged by the flooding. For example, classes are collapsed, blackboards that were put in the store also got collapsed with the store, and now the school that starts from primary one to eight is sharing only three blackboards, he stated.

The UN reports indicated that flood-displaced 426,000 in South Sudan, 185,000 are children as rivers overflow submerged homes and farms.

Maiju Baba appointed as new Deputy Information Minister

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has on Tuesday night sacked the Deputy Minister of Information Communications Technology and Postal Services Baba Medan Konyi in a republican decree announced on SSBC.

Dr Jacob Maiju Baba Korok was appointed in Medan’s place as the new Deputy Minister.

Dr Jacob Maiju Korok holds a Bachelor Degree in Veterinary medicine from the University of Zagazig in Egypt and a Master of Veterinary medicine from the University of Khartoum in Sudan.

Prior to his appointment last evening, Dr Jacob was the Director-General in the National Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries.

No reason was given for the sacking of Baba Medan.

South Sudan and Kenya agree to open Nadapal border for trucks

Eastern Equatoria state government and Turkana County of Kenya have agreed to open the Nadapal border as an alternative highway to ease the movement of trucks into South Sudan

The Minister of Information in eastern Equatoria was in the border over the weekend to seal the deal on behalf of his government.

Earlier this month, the two countries reached an agreement to upgrade the roads to ease the movement of goods and services. That road construction said was started last week.

The passenger’s vehicle has been able to access the roads beside trucks due to numerous challenges, including insecurity and poor road condition, a driver said. It’s remained unclear what government would do to improve the situation.

Kenyan trucks drivers used the Nimule highway through Uganda into South Sudan.

Hon Patrick Oting Cyprian, Minister of Information in Eastern Equatoria state. He says the move is part of the Northern Corridor agreement, in which South Sudan was a member. 

We discuss that small piece of land that was supposed to be graded to allow for the Nadapal border to be open so that the tracks can start moving from there because Nimule Border is so congested with so many trucks, he said

Hon Patrick Oting states that the road’s opening will bring about relative peace between the bordering communities. 

“If this border is open, even these issues of counter revenge and cattle raiding will stopInstead of going for raiding, they will consider building the hotel and doing other things. That’s the importance of opening the border to be open, Oting added.

Last week, several people posted on social media stated the Kenyan army crossed inside South Sudan. Authority admitted the move but cautioned that it was not an attempt to invade the country by foreign forces.

Minister, Oting says the Kenyan soldiers were only in Nadapal to patrol the road construction on Thursday last week. He revealed the agreement to allow the South Sudanese army to take charge of the security and safety of construction workers that will enable Kenya to pull back its troops.

Women call for support to fence rice farm in Warrap

A group of women farmers in Warrap state says they need help to protect their rice scheme from being destroyed in Twic county. The group said they have sixteen feddan with rice at various locations in Twic county.

The farms are in the areas of Aweng, Mangok Amuol, and Lol-Kou Ayien Amuol Boma.

Alek Piot Mayol is one of the women’s representatives. She says the rice field are at high risk of being destroyed by livestock.

She said any help to construct a fence around the farms would prevent animals from entering and grazed from their rice farmland.

Ms. Piot called upon the humanitarian agencies working in Warrap state to support fencing or construct dykes that will keep animals away.

The call for assistance came during a commemoration of “International Day of rural women’s resilience in the wake of COVID-19. The day was celebrated in Twic county at Mangok Amuol Boma last week.

Mr. Yai Deng Yai is the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) project coordinator for food security and livelihood in Twic county. He said they supported the groups to plant rice but said they had no funds to construct fences around the farm fields.

Deng said that they did not foresee the risk of animals destroying rice fields but will include that in the next project to continue supporting women in the state.

The United Nations’ International Day of Rural Women celebrates and honors women and girls living in rural areas on October 15 each year.

The event considered the role rural mothers, daughters, and grandmothers play in producing food and building agricultural and rural development worldwide.

DDR registers 13 child soldiers in Lakes

The Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (DDR) has started the process of screening children associated with the armed forces at Panda military Barack, under South Sudan’s People Defense Forces, SSPDF in Lakes State. The move is part of the revitalized agreement’s implementation.

The Commission say they identified 13 children during the verification process this week who are waiting for a reunion with their parents and relatives.

Meen Mawut is the DDR Commission in Lakes State. He says their investigation found the children have voluntarily joined the army.

“They voluntarily associated themselves with the army because of their personal needs. Some of them join the army to get food,” Mawut said.

The Director further stated that the verification team would report to Juba for the national government to decide on their release.

Mawut called the armed groups to cease recruiting or allowing children to join the army as it’s against child rights.

“They are not supposed to be in the army, and that is why this process is carried out so that the children go back to school. Children are not soldiers because recruitment of children is prohibited, he stated.

The process of screening child soldiers has been ongoing since the signing of the peace agreement in 2018.

UN children’s Organization, UNICEF, and United Nations Mission in South Sudan have been much involved to facilitate the demobilization of children associated with armed forces.

President of Football Association in Bor suspends indefinitely

Local Football Association in Jonglei State has suspended its President this week for allegedly misappropriating more than three thousand dollars. Abraham Ajok Kuol, the President of the Association, denied the allegation.

The Secretary-general of the state football governing body David Kuol Ateny, says the President is suspended until further notices once the investigation is completed.

“We made this suspension according to article 24 Section (E), which gave the board of directors a mandate of suspending any member of the board. Also, in respect to article 69 of the Local Association constitution 2012 amended 2019, we also have a responsibility of opening any legal procedures against any person who has misused the fund of the Association., Ateny said.

Ateny says corruption is unacceptable in the Association’s regulation. He stated that the suspended football president expects to pay back the money once legal procedures are completed.

According to the official, the Association received 3,200 US dollars from well-wishers in July this year. The money meant to improve player ground in Bor.

Kuol says the football management later realized the money was missing from the Association’s account in September.

“We were planning to use this money to level the playing ground as the freedom square now has a lot of water, so we were planning to bring some trips of sand to the place and level so that we run our activities on it,” Kuol added.

The suspended official, Abraham Ajok Kuol, says nothing to prove he had taken the money.

“I have got nothing to prove, but I am following the right procedures, so as I said, I am not saying anything about it,” Ajok said on the phone.

Last year, the former President of the South Sudan Football Federation, Chabur Goc Alei, was banned for ten years by FIFA. He was accused of corruption, misappropriation of funds, and bribery.

Civil servants receives the missing month’s salary in Aweil

The civil servants in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state have started receiving the missing month salary on Friday.

The workers union in NBG has been calling for investigation over unpaid one month salary after the national Ministry of Finance released a document indicated that civil servants will receive May and June salaries. But the state paid only one month. The matter creates controversy between the state government and its employees.

Chol Dut Diing, the chairperson of workers, welcomes the state authority’s decision to fulfill the demand of civil servants. He says the payment came after payroll reviews as salary missing caused confusion between workers and the state finance ministry.

“This week, we decided to make general revisions on the payroll of previous months. I confirm now civil servants have started receiving their salary, and civil servants don’t have any money missing anymore,” Dut said.

The Director-General in the state ministry of finance, John Korol Dut the says the money paid to the workers is for June 2021’s salary. Earlier this week, the Ministry of Finance in NBGs has denied the report of one month’s missing salary. It’s unclear how they recover the money.

Korol says the civil servants still demand four months’ wages from the government, including July, August, September, and October 2021.

“As I said early this week, we don’t have money missed in the state altogether. I want to repeat to myself that the national government did not release money in august. We in the state pushed cash from August, June, and September 2021 after receiving them today. Our civil servants will not complain again,” Korol stated.

In July this year, President Salva Kiir ordered the increase of Civil Servant salary to 100 percent. The ministry of labor said that increment of salary structure would be effective this month, October 2021.