UN Chief opt support flood-affected families in South Sudan.

Head of United Nations Mission in South Sudan David Shearer has declared support to the floods affected people in the Bahr El Ghazal region and other parts of the Country.

Several areas are facing severe flooding this year, Jonglei, Unity, and the Lakes States.

According to the report published by UNHOCA on Oct 5, 2020, around 1.67 million people believe are internally displaced. “There has been a spike in food insecurity in Western Bahr el Ghazal due to recent severe flooding in August 2020”.

Mayardit FM [Turalei] spoked to the UN SRSG David Shearer in an inclusive interview on Thursday. He assured the public that his office would work with humanitarian agencies to support the flood-affected communities. And repair significant roads connecting the Counties in the state.

He acknowledged poor harvest this year due to flooding in some parts of the Country has caused hunger threats that make it challenging to end the malnutrition situation. 

Shearer mentioned that UN agencies include UNFOA, UNICEF, the World Food Program, and other NGOs that will take the leading role in supporting vulnerable people.

“You have flooding and the people looking for food, and with that, we have been in discussing with the world food program on how we can help these people. So, we are trying to help the areas affected. That is why we have been in discussion with the humanitarians.”

The press secretary to the governor of Warrap state, Mr. Albino Kuek, said  roads connecting the Counties will help improve insecurity, health, and others.

“When you renovate the road, it curves the security matters in all the County. It also helps reach flood-affected citizens and also helps deliver the requirements of the schools as well as medicines.”

Last year, the United States of America, former Ambassador to S-Sudan, Thomas Hushek, also assured their supports on developmental projects after conflict.

Kenyan Forces Seen Deploy at the Nadapal border.

Kenya’s government has deployed six hundred security forces in the Nadapal border, authority in Kapoeta East County reported.

It accused the neighboring Kenyan of violated borderline and cross into South Sudan territory beyond the normal counterpart demarcation.

The state government has seen such a move uncertain marginal that violate regional boundary. An eyewitness said Kenyan soldiers were seen pushing their invasion toward South Sudan, patrolling using a helicopter. 

Nadapal is located in the southwest of Kapoeta East County, near the border with the Rift Valley province of Kenya. The Nadapal belt is an area stretching 25 kilometers (16 mi) southward from South Sudan to Lokichogio in Kenya. 

The executive director of Kapoeta East, Juma Justine, said Kenya forces were deployed in South Sudan territory last month without clear justification. A claim this news media can’t independently verify.

According to the official, recent deployment has caused fear among the civilians and pastoralists in the area.

Justine narrated that the two communities of Toposa and Turkana have to share grazing lands without a feud.

It’s unclear why Kenya deployed forces at which spark anxiety among people.

“It is true since misunderstanding of the road Kenyan when to come up to Nakondo our people come out from there since they say this place is not ours. And yet it is our territory that place they deployed their security personnel.” 

Juma has urged the communities to avoid panicking or cause any problem. “You should remain patient until the government solves the issue with the Kenyan counterparts.”

David Eriga, Secretary, based in Kapoeata County, has confirmed its forces to the border took place. He reaffirmed that the area where the Kenyan troops deployed were within South Sudan territory and not Kenya land, according to the map of “1914-1926”.

 “Yeah, indeed deployment of Kenyan forces is true is not at the border it is in our territory by 1914-1926 as per our independent 1956. The area where currently they are the territory of the Sudan which currently, which is South Sudan elemi triangle also to discuss is part of Sudan gave,” Eriga said. 

David blamed that the Kenya government has interfered with South Sudan, which violates the regional borderline. He urges the public to be patient as the National government is working hard to resolve the matter.

Singaita FM in Kapoeta contacted an official from the Kenya government on Tuesday, but decline to comment said was not authorized to talk. He refers to the station to speaks to the District Commissioner in Lokichogio. The Commissioner couldn’t answer numerous telephone calls in an attempt to get his view in this article.