State wide livestock show and agriculture exhibition kickoff in Kuajok

One thousand farmers and cattle owners turn up ahead of livestock and agriculture trade fair in Warrap state on Thursday.

Today’s event in Kuajok gives herders and farmers groups opportunities to advertise livestock and local produce in the seeds fair exhibition in Kuajok Theatre.

The purpose is to encourage the commercialization of the livestock and farming sector. Farmers display their agricultural products, tools and demonstrate technologies, including irrigation systems and seed treatment.

Paul Thon Akech is the Head of Field Office in Kuajok, Warrap State. He said the winners would walk away with some cash amount twenty-nine thousand SSP equivalent of 70 US dollars.

According to FAO, over seven hundred cows, 400 sheep and goats were registered.

He said the groundnut, sorghum, maize, pumpkin, okra, and sesame would dominate most local products in the ongoing trade fair exhibition, which started on Wednesday.

Thon said the event is attended by top government officials, diplomats, and donors expected to arrive on Thursday in Kuajok, the last day of the exhibition. “We shall award winners who will be nominated by judges brought from Torit and Northern Bhar El Ghazal States,” Thon said.

In the exhibition, local farmers showcase the fresh produce of groundnut, sorghum, maize, pumpkin, okra, and sesame products of the 2021 harvest.

Some of the farmers who spoke to Mayardit FM said the program would renew the importance of animals in their lives, impact its economy, and restore hope for rearing animals.

A similar event is scheduled in Northern Bhar El Ghazal State in Aweil town this month.

Women call for support to fence rice farm in Warrap

A group of women farmers in Warrap state says they need help to protect their rice scheme from being destroyed in Twic county. The group said they have sixteen feddan with rice at various locations in Twic county.

The farms are in the areas of Aweng, Mangok Amuol, and Lol-Kou Ayien Amuol Boma.

Alek Piot Mayol is one of the women’s representatives. She says the rice field are at high risk of being destroyed by livestock.

She said any help to construct a fence around the farms would prevent animals from entering and grazed from their rice farmland.

Ms. Piot called upon the humanitarian agencies working in Warrap state to support fencing or construct dykes that will keep animals away.

The call for assistance came during a commemoration of “International Day of rural women’s resilience in the wake of COVID-19. The day was celebrated in Twic county at Mangok Amuol Boma last week.

Mr. Yai Deng Yai is the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) project coordinator for food security and livelihood in Twic county. He said they supported the groups to plant rice but said they had no funds to construct fences around the farm fields.

Deng said that they did not foresee the risk of animals destroying rice fields but will include that in the next project to continue supporting women in the state.

The United Nations’ International Day of Rural Women celebrates and honors women and girls living in rural areas on October 15 each year.

The event considered the role rural mothers, daughters, and grandmothers play in producing food and building agricultural and rural development worldwide.

RRC Staff killed in Tonj communal clashes

An official working for Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in Tonj East County has condemned the killing of one of their Field Supervisors in renewed communal violence.

The RRC County Coordinator says targeting staff working for the Relief agency would hinder delivering humanitarian services to the needy people.

Michael Madhang urges conflicting communities to stop target killings and embrace peaceful coexistence with their neighbors.

On Wednesday, he made his remarks after one of their staff was shot dead in communal clashes at Malual Chum Payam in Tonj North County.

Madhang calls on the government to intervene to curb tension between the communities fighting each other.

“Fear has increased drastically among the NGOs and RRC staff because once you go out, you are killed indiscriminately. It is so bad, operations of the NGOs including other operations have come to a standstill,” said Madhang

The acting state Information Minister, Hon. Agok Ayaar Chieny says an eight-member committee has been formed to investigate the cause of the conflict. The committee will be flown to the scene soon to assess the situation.

He said the committee is expected to meet community leaders, youth, and women to discuss restoring calm.

“We want the fight to stop with the last week one because it is better to dialogue than fight. So, let stop wait till we come this week,” Agok said in an interview with Mayardit FM.

At least 36 people were reportedly killed in cattle-related raids last week between Tonj North and East Counties.

The South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) is an agency of the Government of South Sudan. It is the operational arm of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management.

The NGO Act 2016 added additional powers to the agency to register any NGO interested in South Sudan.


36 people are reported dead, 80 wounded in Tonj clashes 

Authority in Warrap state has reported that 36 people have been killed, and 80 others wounded on both sides in cattle raiding attacks over the weekend.


Officials said, the fighting started between armed youth of Tonj North and East.


John Deng Kok is the Commissioner of Tonj East County. He said there were no forces on the ground to helped separate the rival group but later the youth stopped the fighting alone.


Adding that those injured are being treated at Paliang, Ngap-Agok, and Marial Lou health facilities.


Deng stated that some women and children have run away from their homes and shelter at Paliang and Muok villages.


A report suggests that several houses have been set on fire. 


He said some of the health centers are running out of medical supplies to treat the wounded.


The Commissioner further urges youth to cease the fighting and embrace peace in the communities. 


A statement released by Warrap state government condemned the renewed inter-communal violence in Tonj and promise to search for culprit behind the conflict.

Cattle vaccination starts in Gogrial, Warrap State

The health department for animal resources and fishery launched cattle vaccination in Gogrial West County this week.

The move is hoping to prevent cattle from lumpy skin diseases, black Quarter, anthrax, Foot and Mouth Diseases. Several cattle died due to flooding this year.

The Animals’ Resources Director-general, Mr. Salvatoria Mayar Mayar, said the campaign is targeted two hundred in Gogrial West County due to shortages of the animal vaccine.

But the vaccination is not free of charge. Herders require to pay 250 South Sudanese pounds, or else your cow is left out.

Mayar said the plan came after cattle keepers raised concern about the death of their livestock in Gogrial.

” We received a message from cattle keepers that their cows are dying. Some cattle owners came with their cattle to near our officer asking for vaccines. We have seen the condition of cows, and we give out vaccines, although it could not be enough to vaccinate every cow. Next month the general vaccination will kick off across the state,” Mayar said.

Some cattle keeper’s spokes to Mayardit FM in Turalei. They welcomed the state initiative and urged the animal resource department to extend vaccination to the villages and other counties of warrap.

“My cows are sick, singe of disease is a cow can have leg swollen and skin rash, for some few days now 15 cows have died, and other cows are now suffering.” 

“My Cows have many diseases that I cannot verify, and I don’t know if they will be okay after receiving vaccines. I like to tell our government to be engaged with partners for more vaccines.” 

“My cows got disease since August this year, and this month also, I have lost some cows of them. I am hoping now that those cows who receive the vaccine will not die.”

The government further called cattle owners to take special precautions against flood-related diseases in poultry and livestock.

Floods have wreaked havoc in many parts of Warrap State this week resulted in the displacement of hundreds, schools closed, and some health facilities evacuated the areas.


Three people drown in Gogrial West

As flooding intensifies in many parts of the country, Warrap State has reported three people drowned this week. The incident occurred in Alek Payam, Gogrial West County.

According to Alek Payam administrator Angelo Kol Akol, one teenage boy and two adults were confirmed died due to heavy flooding in the area. Several villages were submerged in water and people could not manage to escape, he stressed.

He said the victims drowned while crossing the flooded swampy areas, and their bodies were later recovered.

The county reported that at least seven people drowned in Alek between July and August this year.

“It is dangerous at this time because of flooding. We should take care of our family members,” Kol said.

Paramount Chief Akol Maror cautioned that the high risks people are children and elderly persons during this flooding devastation.

“I want to tell the community to stop much movement at night and early in the morning because there are so many snakebites. Please don’t leave your children at home alone although they are condition to take you out like food.” He said.

The commissioner of Gogrial West County reported having registered eleven cases of people who have drownd this year alone.

Floods have wreaked havoc in many parts of Warrap State this week resulting to displacement of hundreds.

Abyei criminalizes women sleeping in hotels

The Abyei Administrative Area has restricted females from sleeping in hotels. The Abyei municipality issued a local order on Thursday, September 16, 2021.

Area administration says women and girls will not get accommodation in hotels unless one has a marriage certificate.

According to the Abyei government’s spokesperson, the move is to preserve community norms and values that do not allow single women to sleep in hotels.

John Ajang Kiir, the spokesperson, said the order permits female visitors to stay alone in their rooms. He warned the hotel owners of consequences for violating the directive.

“We want our females to respect themselves because it has been seen that our girls and some women use hotels, and that is not the reason for hotels to be in town, community leaders including women and youth have agreed with this order,” said John Ajang in an interview with Mayardit FM.

According to John Ajang, the directive will also help curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

“It is also good security for the community. The plan will reduce some diseases that affect people through sexual,” he stated.

Some youth in the area welcomed the order and urged the government to implement it. They claimed that many girls get impregnated by those staying in the hotels.

“We have our own country, which is good for us to have hotels, but people should not take it as a place that you can take someone’s wife to and someone’s daughter. I appreciate the government and the community because sometimes it does not please someone the way people are using hotels. I like the idea,” said one woman in support of the order.

“I am a woman, and I like the order. My message is that when you see a visitor in your home, please welcome her, let her sleep because you will remember the order. This is the message to the people of Abyei.” She added.

The government promised to form a committee to identify female travelers and arrest those that would violate the order.

Several NGO workers in the area stay in the hotel during their fieldwork. It’s not clear whether this directive will affect them or not. The implementation of the order would be effective on Monday next week.

Flood displaces nine hundred twenty households in Warrap

Boma Administrator in Gogrial West say 920 households are in dire need of basic commodities in Warrap state

The rainwater which started early this month has caused major flooding in the village and displaced thousands of residents at Agal in Gogrial West county.

James Agoth Awar is the Boma administrator for Agal village in Gogrial West. He says the two need assessments have been conducted and nine hundred and 20 households were registered.

Agoth said the county commissioner had also visited the area to assess the situation on the ground with several NGOs such as the World Vision.

He said up to now it is going almost a month since those people were displaced and aid agencies are yet to act, and the situation is worsening daily.

He said the people are staying under trees, and there is an urgent need of food, shelter, and medicines.

Some of the those affected spokes to Mayardit FM, and they described the conditions they are in and many said to have lost all their belonging, most of their properties destroyed, including crops which they had planted.

Nyanut Athoui, one of the residents at Agal village says, she is surviving on the firewood which she collects and sell in the market to buy few cups of maize floor to feed her children.

Alim Chol a mother of 7 children a family of nine members said that the flood has destroyed her farm.

She said that they are not hoping for new harvest, because their maize, sorghum and sesame are all destroyed by water.

The director of the state relief and rehabilitation commission (RRC) in Warrap, Gabriel Anyar says his office is engaging with aid agencies on emergency response to help those affected.

He said they have formed committees based on clusters, so that each cluster will be able addressed the needs such as food cluster, health cluster and others.

Anyar said he is hoping the agencies will respond this week on how they will help those affected by the flood.

Authority condemns killing of civilians in Gogrial East

The Government of Warrap State has condemned the attack on civilians that left 15 people dead and 17 others wounded last Thursday.

An armed youth from Mayom County in Unity State allegedly attacked Mangol Apuk village. The motive remains unclear.

Among those killed were women, children, and older adults. Houses and shops were also burnt to ashes during the attack.

Ring Deng Ading is the state minister of Information in Warrap State. He condemned the killing, and the government takes measures to apprehend the culprit who carries out the attack.

“Government of Warrap state call on the government of unity state to protect their civilian as the way we do in our side.”

“What will be done is to come together as we two government and sit down and see how we protect our civilian and for criminal not to involve themselves in crime. We bring pastoralist together those who have responsibility for soft consistency that make unity,” Deng said.

Mayom County Commissioner James Chuol said his forces had arrested two people behind the attack.

He promised the two government both Unity and Warrap are working to stabilized security between their border and avoided rampant attack within the neighboring states.


Chiefs unite to reconcile people in Twic

Local leaders of the Twic community have ended the wrangling over County headquarter row and agreed to reconcile the communities.

An acceptance of unity among community leaders appeared a vital exemplary to end antagonism and inter-communal violence.

The community feuds commenced during the creation of 32 states and the promotion of Mayen Abun as Twic state headquarters in 2015.

Misunderstanding over the state capital’s location had existed for more than five years triggering chaotic disputes. 

Some community leaders declined to accept previously created state headquarters citing uncompromised agreement among by the community.

Despite the government returned the country to ten states, making Turalei the County headquarters, loggerhead disagreement remained weaponized. Some community members refused to come to Turalei as a tit-for-tat game against those who denied the proposed new Mayen Abun headquarter.

Speaking to Mayardit FM, now, the chief has dropped such demands, prioritizing dialogue. They will organize a peace campaign in all six Payam of Twic County to work in Turalei. The community leaders didn’t mention when the peace tour will begin.

An agreement comes after the Warrap governor organized the Twic peace conference to bring the Twic people together in Kuajok town this week.

Chiefs urged the youth to accept themselves and work together for the betterment of the County.

Warrap state minister of local government Mr. Peter Paduol Mangong said peace in Twic means peace across the state.

Minister welcomed the initiative made by the Twic leaders and urged the communities to copy the move made.