Students protest demand reopening of Dr. John Garang University

The students from Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology in Bor Jonglei State have staged a peaceful demonstration demanding the reopening of higher learning institutions.

The protesters blocked the road to the University while carrying posters indicated; Covid-19 is no more and urged the administration to start lectures.

Dr. John Garang University was shut down during the country’s total lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. It was never reopened despite the lifted restriction.

One of the students Agol Panchol, said they call off the strike until the administration reopens within five days.

 “It is coming two years now without lectures. Other public universities like the University of Juba and Upper Nile are operational why only John Garang University is affected by COVID-19 until this time. 

“We are tired of waiting. We are not doing anything for ourselves because we always promised that University would reopen soon. This confines us in Bor without going anywhere to do any other business. We hope to finish so that we get a job and do other things for our families.”

The University Dean of Students affair Prof. Majok Kelei said the administration would brief students over the cause of delay to resume lectures. 

He claimed that students had ended their peaceful protest stage on roads to allow traffic flow.

“My students have abandoned the road as we talk now. I am in front of them. It is no longer on the road. It was a kind of peaceful demonstration, not violent and we are in position to sort it out.”

Dr. John Garang Memorial University of the science board of deans wrote a letter on 3rd June assuring the students that the University would reopen when the contractor supplied food.

The University was established in 2008 as one of the five public universities in the country.

Suspect shooter of lactating mother fire squad in Lakes

The Commissioner of Rumbek East in Lakes State has fire squad a man alleged of killing lactated mother and infant in Pachong on Monday. A family member of the deceased suspect of murder confirmed to MInGKAMAN FM.

Commissioner Rumbek East County, Hon. Mapuor Malek Maual was said to have contacted the Governor and permitted to kill the suspect identified as Rel-Chiith Marol Kuctiel.

Eyewitness who speak in condition of anonymous said the order was from newly appointed Governor Ring Tueny Mabor.  But no official document seen governor has signed.

This came after group of youth known as Gelweng apprehended suspected and handed him over to the police before he was fire squad.

Youth leader says the suspect was identified through an individual who leaked the information related to the killing.

Police reported that a breastfeeding mother was shot dead with her baby at Pachong in Rumbek East after an unknown man fire in the house through the window. The motive remains unclear.

Makuer Dut Matong is Gelweng Youth leader in Maleng-agok. He says the alleged individual was arrested on Wednesday and will be handover to police for further investigation.

Dut discourages youth from killing women and children who are not part of the conflict in the state.

“Our conflict targeted youth it doesn’t involve children and women like last week fighting was taking place in touch between Gelweng youth. So any person who lost relatives and resorts to kills children and women is not in our custom that person should be handed over to the government to answer his crimes in the court of laws that is why we captured him by forces and called police to arrest him.”

Police spokesperson in Lakes state, Captain Elijah Mabor Makuach, confirmed the arrest.

“This morning at 7 AM, relatives and Gelweng youth managed to apprehend him at gunpoint, and the suspect was handed over to police authorities. He is now in police custody, and he will be investigated to answer his crimes.”

In May two lactated mother was killed in Akot village, and suspects are in Police detention. 

17 people kills in Lakes communal violence

Police authorities in Lakes state confirmed 17 people dead and 22 others wounded in fresh communal clashes that erupted over the weekend. The fighting was said to be between Athoi and Gony communities in Rumbek East.

Official says wounded persons were taken to Rumbek Hospital, and the police describe their condition as stable.

Captain Elijah Mabor Makuach is the police spokesperson in Lakes state.

He says the cause of fighting remains unclear, and police did not arrest any suspects.

Mabor assured the public that force had been deployed in the area to provide security to vulnerable people and road users.

“Since we heard that there is mobilization among the youth to fight, we assembled the few forces we have and sent them to the area to protect the town, residences, and people using the road. Their youth was well-armed, and the small force cannot stop them from fighting,” He said.

Several communal violence, Road ambushes, and revenge attack have been reported this year in Lakes state and the government effort to stop them remain invisible.

Nilepet starts renovating road connects to the oilfield in Unity

NilePet has begun the renovation from Twic in Warrap via Wau to Unity state, the government’s own oil company. Officials say the project will allow the easy transportation of crude oil to South Sudan’s capital Juba and other parts of the Country.

The Dal-ke and Ability construction companies are implementing the initiative.

Joseph Mayol Bol is the Bar El Ghazel Nile-pet Regional Director. He says companies are using Murram and are expected to finish the work in three months. Road renovation started last week from Wunrok to Kuajok and Wunrok to Unity state, respectively.

“From Gogrial coming Twic here and proceeding to Unity is not suitable during the rain, and that is why we have given it a priority before heavy rain. So, we have now begun it from Wunrok back to Gogrial and from Wunrok here to Abiemnhom to Mayom County of Unity.”

Resident in Wunrok area where the road passes through expressed happiness, saying the renovation will also improve business through easy transport.

Others believe the road will strengthen security between Warrap and Unity states.

“These roads will improve patient mobility to the hospitals. This is because roads have been impassible. After all, they are damaged. It will improve security because vehicles can rush to the areas of insecurity. Trades between Abyei, Warrap, and Unity state.”

In March this year, South Sudan Nile-pet managing director Mr. Bol Ring Wuorwel promised to renovate the road connecting Unity and Bar El Ghazal.

Two aid workers kills in Lakes state

Police in Lakes state have reported the killing of two aid workers after humanitarian convey ambushed on Monday.

Authority says the unknown gunmen also injured two other women who were on Board.

The decreases work for international NGO Doctors with Africa (CUAM)

This is the second incident on aid workers within weeks following the killing of medical workers in Unity State.

According to the report, the staff members for an INGO were killed while traveling with a security escort on their way back from the fieldwork in Yirol West County.

Police Commissioner in Yirol, Brigadier Taban Lueth, says his department investigates the matter to identify the suspects who carried the attack.

 “We tried our best to reach the scene yesterday, and there is no identification made to help the police trace the suspects. They shoot people in the vehicles while in the bush and immediately left the scene. That is what we got from the people who were injured”.

Lakes state’s ministry of health has condemned the killing and called the incident a devilish act against aid workers.

Dr. Jacob Akuochpiir Achuoth is the minister of health in Lakes state. He says they will work closely with law enforcement authorities to investigate and hold those involved to account.

He said the two staff were on duty delivering nutrition supplies to the far west Payam of Yirol West County.

Akuochpiir conveys his deepest condolences to the families, friends, and colleagues of the workers and entire people of lakes for this loss.

Police called for calm and urged the health personnel working in lakes to follow safety precautions.

Doctors with Africa (CUAM) in Yirol do not yet comment on the matter.

Last week, six aid workers from South Sudan Red Cross were reportedly assaulted, forcing the branch to suspend its activities in Eastern Equatoria.

Police arrest four people overshooting at wrestlers

Police at Awerial County in Lakes State have arrested four people after wrestling match violence left two people with gunshot injuries on Saturday.

According to Police, an incident occurred on Saturday at Dor Payam in a traditional wrestling game between the area’s local Youth without knowledge of the government.

Two wounded persons are receiving treatment at Mingkaman Primary Health Care Center.

John Bol Tiar is the County Police Inspector. He says two suspects are being questions for arranging the match that turns violence.

Bol warns local Youth to refrain from conducting a wrestling game in rural areas without notifying local authorities for approval.

“We have arrested them. We will investigate them when the time comes so that they tell us, the Police who gave them the right to arrange for the wrestling and who said the other to shoot his fellows and the two injured are okay and being taken care of in the hospital one is shot in the mouth. The other in the ear, I am sure they will all be alright soon.” He said.

Local Authorities bans wrestling matches between the Youth in Awerial County since last year.

8 people dies in Yirol -Juba road accident

At least 8 people have died in a fatal road accident between Yirol and Awerial county in Lakes state.The accident happened on Wednesday morning at Anyanchier village in Awerial.

The Landcrusier pickup was from Wau and spent night in Yirol and continue on a journey to Juba carrying 18 people.

Major Mading Makur is the director of traffic police in Yirol West county. He said the two cars collided killing seven passengers on impact and one person later succumbed in Yirol hospital.

He says the driver for the oil tanker is on the run and police is searching for him.

Salah Malang Panchol is one of the traffic police officer who visit the scene at Anyanchier village. He says it was not easy to retrieve people who were critical injuries from the wreckage.

He said they rushed those injured to Yirol hospital. Malang said 10 people are receiving treatment in Yirol hospital.

He attributed the cause to over speeding and cautioned the drivers to be careful when driving on a highway.

Five soldiers sustains gunshots in Rumbek East

The Commissioner of Rumbek East County says five soldiers have been wounded in fresh clashes between Local Arm Youth and security forces at Pacong Payam.

The youth group known as “Gelweng” Openfire at government soldiers deployed to stop the attack against Maleng’agok Community on Monday morning. The cause of fighting remains unclear.

Commissioner Mapuor Malek Malual says two of his bodyguards were wounded, and the youth has taken four firearms, including one PKM.

He narrated that his vehicle was parked later found with multiple gunshots but nobody in the car.

Malek spoke to Mingkaman 100 FM while he was at Rumbek State Hospital, where his guards took Medication.

” As government authority, we heard the information at night that Gony section plans to attack Thuyic section in the morning. I and the Security Advisor and Minister of Local Government went to Pacong to contain the fight and the come passing heading Maleng-Agok we tried to stop them. Still, they opened gunfire injured my two guards and three others.

“The youth take away four guns belong to Soldiers at Pacong this morning am now in Rumbek hospital with my guards, and tension is still high,” Malek said.

Commissioner says tension remains high, and security forces are station in the area to contain the situation.

Kiir condemned shooting of Catholic Bishop in Rumbek

President Salva Kiir has condemned the incident that target bishop elect of the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek. Saying he is dismay the unfortunate incident that involved the Rt. Rev. Christians Carlassare.

Kiir statement came after unidentified gunmen shot and wounded the bishop elect in his residence in Rumbek on Sunday night.

Kiir said such the reprehensible act of violence against bishop is unacceptable and must stop.

He calls upon all South Sudanese to condemn the criminals who carried out this heinous crime in strongest terms as possible.

“To ensure no such act is carried out against the clergy, I call upon authorities in Lake’s state to carry out an expeditious investigation that will lead to lawful apprehension and persecution of the criminals who perpetrates this crime” Said Kiir statement.

Kiir in a written statement said if those who carried out this shameful act intention was to intimidate the church, they are mistaken.

He said the Catholic faithful bishop elect, Christian Carlassare was chosen to lead and authorities in Lake’s state will stand by him and they will not allow action of few criminals to affect the plans ecclesiastical authority.

Kiir pray for God to strengthen the Rt. Rev. Carlassare faith in serving people so that he can come back to his flock with renewed determination to serve the faithful in the diocese. Kiir wish the bishop a speedy recovery.

5 abducted children and women are freed in Jonglei state.

Authorities in Jonglei state say they have handed over three children and two women to Pibor Administration for reunion after they were freed by abductors.
Official says the children and women being released were abducted by unknown group in Jonglei state last year.

Hon. Tuong Majok is the deputy governor of Jonglei state. He said the government is committed to engage local communities in tracing and safely return of those abducted from Pibor Administrative area.

Majok said the handing over of 5 people is part of government initiative to end the prolong conflict, of child abductions and cattle raid between the two communities.

He described the continued abductions of children and cattle raiding between the two communities as a disaster. Tuong said that maintaining peace in the region will be a continuous process which he said is not one day action.

The three children and two women are now in the care of Save the Children to help trace and facilitate the reunion with their families in Pibor.

Mr. Zewede Legess is the Save the Children’s child protection specialist. He said they welcome the state government effort to free children and women that were abducted.

He said they are in good health, but kids are malnourished. Adding that they are going to give supplementary feeding while tracing their families before the reunification.

“Today, we are witnessing the arrival of three children and two women, we are working with the government ministers and other partners to reunify this children back to their families safely and the community”. Said Legess.

Last month, Pibor Administration reported to handed over 43 people to Jonglei state, but the process is yet to begin.

The two communities of Murle and Bor have experienced hostility, of cattle raid revenge killing, and children abduction.