Hundreds of people fled villages over cattle raiding in Awerial

Hundreds of residents have fled Mayom, Pulawar, and Magok villages due to insecurity threats triggered by cattle raiding. People who were fleeing villages include women, children, and elderly people.
Three villages abandoned at Awerial County in Lakes State were bordering Tindelo and Tali of Terekeka County which they alleged the source of the displacement.
The community blamed Mundari and Aliab for creating tension. IDPs were temporarily settled in Mingkaman without aid assistant.
Athieng Aguot Nyanyith is a resident of Pulawar village. She ran away from her home for safety mentioning an alarm of being attack by cattle raiders in the neighboring Terekeka County.
“I came here after our cattle were raided by arms men last week inside Tindelo, we decided to come back to the village and it was insecure because people fear as tension is still very high and there is no protection there. That is why I come, closure to the government for my protection.”
One of the IDP Ayak Thuc said the village is not a safe place because the cattle raiding incident sparks tension between two neighboring communities.
She explained armed youth are taking the laws into their own hands, which need government intervention to hold perpetrators accountable.
Ayak appealed to Awerial and Terekeka County authorities to provide protection to civilians in both counties as cattle raiders terrorize rural communities.
“We don’t sleep at night since our people killed and dozens of cows taken; there are rumors of attack in our village. We decided to leave the area because there is no policy that can protect us. Two ladies were even killed when attackers were raiding our cows.”
Awerial County Executive Director James Manoah has confirmed the mass displacement instigated by growing anxiety at villages bordering Tindelo.
He said the two governments of Awerial and Terekeka Counties are working to control the situation.
“We heard about the displacement and both County’s government including Terekeka are working so hard on security issues because Mandari and Aliab are good neighbors for years. They had inter-marriages, and they have a lot of common relationships and friendships. We shall report these displaced residents to IDPs” Manoah stressed.
Last week, seven people were killed that include one woman and one girl. And several heads of cattle were believed to have been raided at Baping cattle camp by the suspected group in Tindelo areas.

Students’ Demands Handwashing Services amid COVID-19

The primary eight candidates in Padaar Comboni School are demanding handwashing materials installation.  Inaccessibility of health prevention materials that include facemask, soaps, and sanitizers for disinfection has caused anxiety among the candidates.

The students were concerned about the possibility of contracting coronavirus due to the unavailability of health facilities. Students claimed they are attending classes without handwashing that include visitors coming to school.

Seventy-five students who were said coming from different areas are attending classes in one classroom without respecting social distancing.

In September, the national ministry of education ordered the reopening of schools and enforced general hygiene and safety rules to be observed.

“In our School St. Daniel Comboni, we are lacking hand washing containers that will protect us from contracting Covid-19. We also lack benches, and sharing the few we had is against current health guidelines regarding coronavirus preventions,”

“We wanted social distance to be put in place by ensuring that enough benches are provided. Education partners and school administration should take our concerns seriously,’’

School headmaster Isaac Garang admitted challenges. He said his office is engaging education partners to provide the school with COVID-19 equipment. In contrast, he urged the Primary eight candidates to be patient as the school administration finds alternative solutions to address an issue.

“Our benches are still in Rumbek because floodwater has cut off the road linking Rumbek and Yirol. Now learners do come with their chairs during teaching hours”  

Education official said the institution lack support from its partners “So, the school is lacking benches. There is no assistance from Education partners operating here. The candidates are seventy-five, and if we divided them into two classes, there are no teachers to teach them. So that is the challenge facing us in our school,’’

A National NGO known as Charity Empowerment Foundation distributed handwashing containers to twelve schools in Lakes State in September.

Lakes State dismisses the report of killing in Mayath.

 Lakes State authorities has denied report of five people killed at Mayath payam in Cueibet over the weekend. Some media reported that five traders were killed, and 75 cows raided in the area on Saturday.

Zachariah Mameber Thokagor is the secretary general of Cueibet County in Lakes state. He said the report of five people killed is not accurate. 

He told  Mingakaman FM, in Awerial that cattle traders were ambushed at Mayath, which resulted into 75 cattle looted and one of the herder injured.

Mamer said they are searching for the suspects to bring them to book and recover the looted cattle. 

“The report of people killed is not true. No one died. only one person was injured, five cows killed in crossfire, and 76 cows raided” said Mamer 

One of the traders who fell in the ambush Goi Ghai Goi also said none of his colleagues  killed during the attack.

Goi said one of his colleague who was  injured is now receiving treatment in the hospital in Rumbek.

Adding the other four members are now in  Cueibet to follow up on the raided cattle.

He said they were moving as a team of traders from different states that include Jonglei, Lakes, and Warrap plus government soldiers who were escorting us, but no one is dead in the incident, “said Goi.

Many traders use the road from Wau to Juba for a better market to sell their cattle.

One hundred recovered cattle return to owners in Yirol

The community leaders in Yirol West County have returned over one hundred-headed of cattle to owners. According to the police, the cattle were raided in Rumbek East on Thursday by suspected cattle rustlers.

Authority said the recovered livestock had been given back to rightful owners on Sunday, two days after the raiding incident occurred. The raided cattle were traced through youth and community chiefs at Aluak Luak Payam in Lakes State.

Chairperson of Peace Committee in Greater Yirol Hon. Chol Kuotwel argued that handing over recovered cows to the owners would pave the way for a lasting peace among the neighboring communities.

The first time raided cattle were legally given back to rightful owners peaceful in Lakes State following years of inter-communal violence over cattle rustling.

“We want the community to cooperate with the government when your cows are stolen.  Come to the government to solve the problem, don’t take laws into your own hands.  Don’t go for revenge raiding; come directly to the government.  It will follow your rights from suspected criminals and give it to you without the coursing problem. So stop revenging. This is the form of cooperation we want to stop revenge.  Let the government apply laws and orders to eliminate crimes in the State,” Chol said.

One of the cattle owner Majok Thuc who has received his 29 cows being raided, applauded the initiative. He explained his cow was raided during grazing time. Simultaneously, calling the government and the community members to end cattle raiding and revenge killing.

“It surprised me to recover the raided cattle in Lakes State,” Thuc said.

He Stated that many cattle raided and never been returned to the rightful owners.  “My cattle have been raided three times, but this third raiding, my cows were returned. I’m happy and appreciated the State government for bringing back my cattle.  This is a tremendous surprise to the community of Rumbek East County.”

Another pastoralist said he has received forty cattle but still seven cows are missing.

Mangon Dut Madol commended the effort of Community leaders who said it will promote permanent peace among the neighboring clans in Lakes State.

“Government is still searching for the missing cows and am feeling secured here with community leaders they are working hands in hands with the government to maintain peace between two neighboring communities. The government has promised me to bring seven missing cows once trace out”.

Manyang Ater who has also got his 20 cows returned expressed readiness to support the committee on the search for rustlers

Traditional leaders of Apaak have done a great job with the entire community at Aluak-Luak to trace out looted cattle. Their leaders assure us to bring back the missing cows am now waiting for my two cows to be returned from the suspected criminals” Ater stated.

Last week suspected group from Yirol West raided over 200 cattle in neighboring Rumbek East County.

Governor warns prisons for unlawfully releasing inmates in Yirol

The governor of Lakes State has warned the Prison Services unit for letting prisoners free without a due process. Governor Makur Kulang angrily spoke after receiving a report of two released inmates who were mysteriously murdered  in Yirol town.

Governor Makur threatened to punish prison wardens over the illegal release without proper court orders. He further cautioned that some of the released criminals were found guilty of crimes involving loss of lives making them dangerous to the community. Their illegal releases may turn as a “blame of the government.”

The state governor also revealed that one escaped prisoner was found dead in Yirol town. The assailant was not identified. It further said the deceased had got involved in a fight that left four people dead and two other wounded at Nyang Payam of Yirol East County last week.

The local prisons authority promised to investigate the reason behind the increased illegal bailouts before inmates’ prison terms expired.

“I don’t want you to release the suspects with a murder case. It must stop! If the prisons release the people with major crimes, that is not lawful. We want to bring an end to the communal violence in Lakes State through the law.”

The prison director of prisons, Elijah Biar, admitted that some inmates easily escaped due to inadequate detention facilities. He claimed that the inmates also bribed their way out. The director said his administration would take disciplinary measures against officers on duty during the escape of prisoners and assured the citizens of a speedy solution to this menace.

“We are not going to allow any bailout at all because we have seen challenges now. Then the people with the major crime cases will go to Rumbek or other States with good facilities. Our prison is impoverished, and that is the reason some inmates do run-away,” Biar said.

Young girl rape by multiple men survive in Yirol.

A 14 years girl raped at Yali village on Tuesday 22nd, has been admitted in Yirol hospital due to severe physical and internal injuries. The medical doctor reported that the victim was sexually assaulted by four men while returning home after fetching water nearby community borehole 7 pm at

Yali village, outskirts of Yirol East County. Authority believed perpetrators who were involved in sexual assaults of the teenager were allegedly under alcohol influence.

The medical doctor who was treating the victim assured the public that a teenager had been rescued with blood transfusion, and her conditions are improving”.

County Health Director Michel Makuei Ijoung confirmed that rape survival is getting stable compared to two days back. The rape victim has lost more blood as a resulted after too much bleeding.

“In fact, from the very beginning is severe, she came with very severe bleeding and till she was donated blood when she runs out blood. So she was donated blood, and up to now, she ok. She no longer bleeding like before. She got rap at some distance with where she was living. Now she needs no referral because she ok.”

Acting Police Inspector Andrew Maguar Deng said two suspects accused of raping the young had been arrested, and two others were still running.

Police explained they would keep the two suspects in custody before they are taken to court after a thorough investigation.

“Yes, the police are following up those people, they escape one person is gone to settle village near here, and another is not heard of where he is about. Rap happened last year, and this is another surprise, one girl with four men, so we will deal with them after we detain all of them.”

Police stated that rape is one of the major crime is punishable by the laws. He appeals to young people to cease from committing rape in the Country.

In June this year, an older woman was rushed to the reproductive clinic in Mingkaman after a young man sexually assaulted her at night. And she was treated with similar severe injuries.

Report Road Accidents, Awarial Traffic Police Urges the Citizens

The Traffic Police department in Awerial County called on motorists’ riders to report accidents that happen.  The motorists’ accident has caused an alarm among County residents.

The Deputy Director of Traffic Police Officer Mapour Majok cautioned that some motorists’ riders committing crimes will not hide due to insecurity threats.

Awerial county traffic police department recorded five murder cases of road accidents early this year. Last week, a Boda Boda operator knocked a 6-year-old boy at Tukure village hide for several hours before handing himself to traffic police.

Police explained that it is not lawful to hurt a person and run away. According to the law if you are involved in an accident with a motorbike. The rider should be in the scene until the survey has done like what he did to leave the motorbike in the place of accident and report yourself to the police and not to run away not good.

Law enforcement

Local County in Awerial in Lakes state acknowledged that cases of a motorbike accidents increase. But, some Boda Boda operators in Mingkaman town have risen concerned about being targeted in motorbike accidents involved the passenger.

The motorists’ riders didn’t dismiss police department claims. They said the reason why they escaped the scene during accidents is to avoid being hurt by relative to the victims and dodge public confrontation.

Motorists’ representative talk in the condition of anonymity to Mingakaman FM.

He said ’’it is better to run away before relatives harm you, you can even be killed if fail to run for your life.” The reason for running is that people gather crying and they turn violence against you so the best to escape for safety, traffic police should be the ones to handle accident cases so our people must stop fighting us back. Our people should learn how issues to do with roads are addressed”.

Boda boda Riders urge citizens to refrain from violence and allowed traffic police to investigate road accidents.

Health officials receive high influx of IDPs in Mingkaman

A health official working at Mingkaman Primary health care center PHCC said there is influx of people visiting the health center daily has increased significantly daily.

Christopher Akuein is a clinical officer managing the PHCC run by doctors with Africa CAUM in Mingkaman. He said they are treating two hundred and thirty patient’s a day. Saying the increase has overwhelmed the four clinical officers of which each sees an average of nearly 60 people in a day.

He said that this happens because of the massive flood displacement so the clinical officers are managing the facility. Akuien said the hospital is running short of lifesaving drugs for treating common diseases, such as malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea. “The number is increasing every day and we are trying our best to deliver medical treatment to people here in the clinic, said Akuien.

He added that the only fear of drug shortage, which they are expecting to run out very soon.

Achol Kur is one of the patients who brought her child to be treated said she spent several hours in the queue to see medical doctors due to the high number of waiting to be served. “It takes us many hours to reach doctor that means someone needs to be here very early in the morning.

She said women and children are suffering from a common disease like malaria even now my child tested positive of malaria. “Am worry in case the clinic run out of essential drugs, most of us will not afford to buy medicine in private pharmacies.”

This comes after over fifteen thousand people who fled their homes in Jonglei State due to flooding arrived in Mingkaman in the last few weeks.

Over 300 IDPs received emergency food assistance in Mingkaman.

At least over three hundred households ‘flood-affected victims in Mingkaman receive emergency food assistance. The food distribution, which started on Wednesday, is being conducted by a national NGO called Assistance for Relief and Development Agency (ARDA).

Mr. Bup Mading Bup is the field coordinator for ARDA; he said the combined two households to share 50kg bag of maize flour, 25kg per household. “We have identified sixty families from Pakeer alone, Ajuong the same sixty, so sixty people will be given thirty bags of maize flour because it is a little food,” said Bup.

He said the people receiving food are those identified as the most vulnerable groups. Saying they have given community leaders the responsibility to select their vulnerable people in the payams. And he urged people to be patient as they continue lobbying for more fundings to support the flood-displaced victims.

Mr. Yeah Dup is one of the community leaders in Mingkaman. He raised his concerns saying the food would not be enough to feed thousands of people in need. He urges the organization to bring more food that can meet the total registered IDPs.

Abuk Agot, one of the women who received food, said she appreciated the organization for a quick response. ’’We were the people affected by flood in our areas; we lost all our properties,” said Agot.

She said that they use to sleep in the open space without shelter or mosquito nets and no clean drinking water available.

Agot said this little food would help her family to survive for a few days to wait until they get the next distribution round.

Fifteen thousand people who fled Bor as a result of floods are camping in Mingkaman, many living in the schools.