Four children killed and one wounded in Kapoeta North County.

Google Map of Kapoeta County EE, South Sudan

Local authority in Kapoeta North county said four children age 7 – 10  have been killed on Monday.

One child has survived and is receiving treatment in Kapoeta South county hospital. The incident happened at Riwoto Payam. in a village called Lokolibor approximately about 35kilometers from Kapoeta South. The teenagers were on their way home after they went to fetch water from a nearby river.

Prince Daniel is one of the nurse in Kapoeta hospital. He said the girl has suffered multiple stab wounds to her body, and is responding to the treatment.  The nurse says the girl needs to be referred to a better health facility for further treatment, “Unfortunately we receive a patient yesterday she was stabbed multiple times and now her condition is stable, we manage to stick some wounds and make some dressing.” He said that she was so lucky that one of the wounds did not penetrate to the chest.

Daniel said such kind of action must be prohibited and law must be enforced fully so that the perpetrators are punished for such killing.

Evariso Cheche is paramount chief in Kapoeta North County. He condemned the killing and called on the state government to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Chief Evariso alleged that the suspects, which he said brutally murdered four innocent kids, could have come from Kimotong area in Budi county. Saying the killing was a revenge attack. This allegation has not been independently verified by Singaita FM.

“Revenge killing cannot stop because there is no government or chief and community leader in the village to control the situation”. Said Chief Evariso

Police department in the Eastern Equatoria state declined to comment citing inappropriate information in their office.

There has been number of attack between the two communities Toposa and Buya which follow the killing of two women at Kimotong payam earlier this month.

Domestic Airplanes resumes landing in Kapoeta

Humanitarians air services and commercials aircraft have resumed landing in Kapoeta after runway’s renovation complete. An airplane landing was green line by state authority on Thursday, 5 Nov 2020.

The flights were suspended from landing on the runway due to a rehabilitation exercise that began in October, and only helicopters allow to land.

Mega Worldwide construction company, charge for upgraded the runway, said the work took them 30 days to complete the work

The Secretary-General in Kapoeta’s Eastern Equatoria state said, five planes land today [Thursday] to test the standard of runway.

David Eriga mentioned that the work not yet fully completed, but will not affect the flight regular schedules.

 “On the airstrip currently we are doing the rehabilitation repair of the airstrip we want to little bit upgrade the airstrip to grade B that’s why you see the work has taken long”

We have allowed about five (5) flights to test the ground, and now this is the fourth flight we expecting one other flight and tomorrow there will not be work our people will resume work then Saturday we also allow them to so that work goes on.” Eriga said

Eriga says the rehabilitation is almost finishing, and more planes will soon start landing safely.

Aviation companies operating in Kapoeta welcome the government initiative to improve the airstrip.

The Manager of High vison air aviation, Atong Grace says the rehabilitation of the airstrip will help safety of passengers of landing and taking off.

“The renovation of this airstrip is going to improve a lot it first all we use to care about people’s safety this is going to cater a lot on that side of people’s safety because before the renovation it uses to be very hard for the captains to take off and even land sometimes, “said Grace.

Unity air aviation said the renovation will reduces flight cancelation  due to the condition of airstrip “There is a time when plane arrive and the airfield was not safe for landing, some aircraft just turn back to Juba  right away, but now the plane can land safely”

They are calling on the government to do more work on the airstrip so that flights can move always to Kapoeta even when there is rain.

25 Teachers to Receive Cash Incentives in Eastern Equatoria

At least 25 teachers working for the government public primary schools in Kapoeta South county, Eastern Equatoria are expected to received teaching incentive.

Duku Derick is the program manager for disaster emergency committee (DEC) project implemented by Plan international, an international NGO. He told Singaita FM on Wednesday that the aimed of giving incentive is to help motivate teachers so that they continue to work effectively.

He said each teachers will be paid 6,550 South Sudanese pounds and the project will continue for a duration of 6 months.

Derick said they are giving support as an incentive and not like salaries to teachers who will be involved in this alternative education process.

“This money is just given to help them to support their families I know it is a small amount we feel it is good to motivate teachers by giving some small motivation in that form” said Derick.

He said the disaster emergency committee is funded by UK in response to the emergency education program amid COVID 19 pandemic.

Mr. Ayoma Sarafin is the acting director general at the  ministry of education in Eastern Equatoria state. He said they have not been informed about the payment of incentive to teachers in Kapoeta. Saying that he hope the agency will present their plan to the state  ministry of education to see how this project will be implemented.

Sarafin called upon the partners NGOs working in the state to first get an introductory letter from the national ministry of education in case of any support to teachers.

“Any organization that comes to help we are grateful that is a very good support to our education sector, any organization that comes is supposed to come with letter from the national ministry of Education MOGEI” said Sarafin.

Plan International refuted the claims that government not aware of its support to Education in Kapoeta. It said the project is coordinated between National Ministry with County Education authority.

Traders condemn security mistreatment against business community.

The Traders in Kapoeta town have condemned the brutal torture by the security personnel over the food commodities increase. Business people complained that securities were criminally beaten due to economic inflation.

State authority and chamber of commerce held a talk on Thursday to stable price increases in the market. The security department was accused of taking money from traders as fine “for raising the prices”.

Anonymous traders said, “we have do mistakes we should be corrected in accordance with the law. Beating people is unlawful behavior”.

“What we are condemning the abuse as the business community. The issue of the dollar is automatic if the dollar is down prices should also reduce down, there is competition in the market”.Traders stated.

Traders empathize, that unlawful crack-down is not a solution, but an act of aggression against the business activities.

The Secretary-General in Kapoeta County David Eriga has confirmed that he is aware of the incident. He said the alleged security mistreatment of business people is against human rights.

‘’We have apologized for what has happened currently even in school general this issue corporal punishment is not there. The entire world lashing is something which is outdated even now even in the police if you are torcher a person so that they give you information going to the court that will not be taken consideration’’.Eriga said.

The Police department also confirmed security personnel illegal operation last Saturday. M. General Adil Juma Ramadhan explains that the security personnel has commanders who instruct them on what to do, but others abuse the orders and do their own things.

“This issue happened on Friday and Saturday, everyone was tortured and taken some fine, and this is the problem with security. They need to cooperate. You can send your security to do one two three, but there he or she will do something else’’.He explained.

He is urging the traders to cooperate with the security personnel to avoid similar problems in the future.

Kapoeta: Kuleu Lights Academy postpone school opening.

The Kuleu Lights Academy’s primary administration in Kapoeta, Eastern Equatoria has postponed school reopening this week for standard eight candidates over financial constraints. The school administration has rejected the operational burden without cash to pay teachers.

Students saw the postponement of school reopening as a worse move that will affect over 30 candidates who will risk missing classes before they sit their final national exam in December 2020.

Two weeks ago, the ministry of education announced the reopening of schools across the country. In March, the government has closed down all schools due to the coronavirus outbreak that has affected global activities.

The school director said they needed money to pay teachers and institution operations. Now learners are worried about their future to catch up with lessons. The administration claimed they had made an arrangement of increasing school fees to 27,000 pounds this year, but parents disagreed.

Pastor James Lokuuda confirmed that they had taken a unanimous decision. The school will remain close this year until their demands are met. He urged the candidates to get enrolled in other schools.

“We have decided we postpone the opening of the school to next year because we cannot afford it. There is no money to pay the teachers or even feed them the normal breakfast and lunch that they get from the school. We can’t do that. And also we may recommend them because now they are not coming. If anyone who wanted their child to get into school this year, they can take them to Kotome primary because Kotome is also a good school or even to Kapoeta day”.

Parents were dismayed by the administration’s decision. They suggested the school be open and pay the school fees slowly.

“This is wrong because the schools were declared to reopen. If they wanted money to be paid more than twenty, now if these students will remain home, they will get spoils. Many of them will enter the markets; others will become drunkards. Lokkuda cannot decide this, let him call parents to come for a meeting. Let him collect this money slowly up to next year because this is the same year that these learners paid. Parents have just started collecting little money for this pupil to return to school”.

The students urge the school’s administration to calls for a general meeting between parents, teachers, and students.

“We don’t know the problem why they close, and they heard that they add a lot of fees and parents has to come parent refuses to go to school because of the money that has been added that why the school is close, they need to call the parent and the head of the school he should help school children.

Commodity prices hiked in Kapoeta, vulnerable groups affected

Residents of Kapoeta town said the price increase of commodities in the local market has badly affected the vulnerable groups in the area. Families were going hungry for days due to the high prices of food in the market.
The residents said the skyrocketing prices have made it difficult to sustain their families.
“We can not afford a meal. The situation has worsened this month after the increase in the US dollars exchange rate against the local currency,’ said one resident.
Some of the affected families who spoke to Singaita FM how hard life has become with the market’s daily price increase.
A family at Hai Atalabra residential area explained how they spent two days without eating. Rose Imiyang, a mother of five, said she was struggling to feed her children.
“Things are high in the market, you go to the shop and find prices are high, this is making my life difficult and can’t buy food for my children. There is nothing, you can’t buy enough food”. Imiyang said.
A widow at Malakia who lost her husband during the civil war echoed the same, saying she was finding it difficult to feed her children.
The information officer in the office of chambers of commerce, Mr. Abraham Duot, said that he was aware of the market situation. He said that his team was following up with traders in the market to address and find a solution to the issue.
“We plan to meet with traders to find out the cause of the increase of prices in the market and find ways of controlling.”
He urged the public to be patient as his office look into finding a way forward with the traders.

Families of Raped Survivors in Kapoeta call for justice

Many of the family, whom their daughters were raped are calling on the local authorities in the Kapoeta to arrest perpetrators behind the alleged cases of raped recorded by the aid agency American Refugee Council (ARC) in Kapoeta.

An ARC caseworker for the agency said they have documented 23 cases of rape this year alone and no action has been taken to those allege to have committed these crimes.

Among the 23 cases 10 were girls age ranging from 7 to 12 years old and 13 women, the youngest was 27 and oldest was at her 50s.

The survivor’s families blamed the authorities in Kapoeta for giving free card to those committing crimes within the community.

They accused the county local police in Kapoeta of being complicit in releasing many of the suspects without trail or investigate the alleged crimes. An accusation the police has denied.

Some of the families who spoke to Singaita FM explained the ordeal psychological trauma their daughters have gone through in the hands of rapists and no action taken to punish the perpetrators.

Natara Maria Lokwa is a mother to one of the survivors. She explained how the suspect who raped her daughter disappeared the same day they saw him at the police station.

She called local police to bring the accused suspect immediately in order to face justice for crimes he committed against her daughters and many other families who are feeling the same.

“I have told the government that I am bitter for not letting the perpetrator stay in the police custody”. Said Lokwa. She said the suspects do get out from the police custody before they appear in court for the allege crimes.

A mother residing at Locheler residential in Kapoeta whom her daughter was raped last week called upon the government to arrest the perpetrator.

She said her daughter was attacked by the rapist in the garden and they reported the incident to the police and no arrest has been made to apprehend the suspect.

The deputy police commissioner Brigadier Abdallah Kiri in Kapoeta says his department only arrest the suspects and it’s upon the court to decide on the verdict.

He said that most of the cases were not followed by the families of the rape victims, and the police could not proceed with case because the plaintiff failed to pursue the case in court.

Police have done his part and need the owner to be present in front of the court. So, to explain how the incident happens, the police were not there where the incident happens”. Said Brigadier Kiri.

The director-general in the ministry of gender and social welfare Thomas Nawi said that the partners NGOs are not sharing data to reported  the cases of rape to their office.

“They don’t link more such kind of cases to the ministry of gender and humanitarian affair we always request them to bring the case”. Said Nawi.

Nawi said that they should be the one to coordinate with police so that those who commit the crimes must be brought to the book.

He urged general public and partners aid agencies dealing on the issues of Gender Based Violence to coordinate the cases of rape in the communities with  ministry.

Palakal Residents Going Thirsty as the Main Water Tank Bursts

The Palakal area resident in Kapoeta has raised concerns over the shortage of water after their source of water damaged. The community has been fetched water from the tanker installed in the area that busted last week.

Some residents said they find it challenging to get enough clean water for drinking, washing, and bathing.

Others argued that the remaining tanks could not supplies every resident despite water pumped daily.

 “We are urging the government to help them because of the water tank which is busted or spoil no water they always cry every day of water when there is sun water come, but all pour out, so they run shortage of water they are urging the government to help and make the tank,” she said.

“People do quarreling every day because of the water supply. What happens with water? What take water? The tank busted and did pour water out, so children cry for thirst; nothing we can wash the cloth tells the authority to come and help us,” community member stated.

The Palakal asked the town council to address the matter urgently.

Singaita FM spoke to Juma Buhari, Council’s Chief Executive in Kapoeta town Eastern Equatoria, distance his government responsibility to repair the broken water tanker. He said the facility had been handed to the community, and people should contribute money to replace the tank and other maintenance costs.

The water tank of Palakal was hand over to the community management team, mostly the tank that got spoil or burst. Those people did not give any money to the government. It is almost one year they have not given anything to let them collect money to buy another the other tank NGO who did so they have handed to us want the NGO to give the tank the community has to assist.

The government expressed a lack of budget for purchasing a new tank. Some residents said they resorted to drinking from the river as an alternative way to meet their needs but highlighted the fear of water-borne diseases.