Cattle herders clashes over grazing land in Nadapal

Cattle keeper in Turkana area of Kenya bordering South Sudan.

Eastern Equatoria has reported fighting in the Nadapal border over grazing land.

Cattle owners from Toposa and Turkana herders clashed on Monday morning, August 9th, 2021.

South Sudan and Kenya authorities confirmed the incident to Singaita FM in Kapoeta.

Kapoeta East County commissioner Abdallah Lokeno said the fighting began at 3 am around the Mogila hill area in Nadapal. No causalities were reported.

The authority said two communities are fighting over grazing land and there is not enough security force to rescue the situation.

“Turkana is fighting with Toposa. The kraal of Toposa under the hill says these kraals should be migrated from there. No report of people been wounded. Since yesterday got them fighting up to now as we are taking fighting is continuing. The county is seeking ways to go to them, but no way, transport.”

The Commissioner claimed that four land cruisers loaded with Kenyan Police Reserved forces had been transported into the area to assist the cattle herders from the Kenyan border. A claimed this media could not independently verify.

Lokeno is urging the state and the national government to intervene.

“Even if the government of South Sudan should stop such things happening because these people have plans of taking our land. They want to take the land of Nadapal such that if the issue of demarcating the geography of the border, it should get south Sudanese far from these places,” said Lokeno.”

The in charge of Turkana West district in border, Johnstone Esekon Ekamai confirmed the incidences.  But he could not give details over the ongoing fighting both sides reported.

“For now, I have no clear information as the fighting is still on; just wait till it is concluded that is when we can have a summary information we can share.”

Kenya and South Sudan share a straight-line border that extends for over 200 km.

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