Cattle vaccination starts in Gogrial, Warrap State

Animal Health workers vaccinated cattle in South Sudan/photo FAO

The health department for animal resources and fishery launched cattle vaccination in Gogrial West County this week.

The move is hoping to prevent cattle from lumpy skin diseases, black Quarter, anthrax, Foot and Mouth Diseases. Several cattle died due to flooding this year.

The Animals’ Resources Director-general, Mr. Salvatoria Mayar Mayar, said the campaign is targeted two hundred in Gogrial West County due to shortages of the animal vaccine.

But the vaccination is not free of charge. Herders require to pay 250 South Sudanese pounds, or else your cow is left out.

Mayar said the plan came after cattle keepers raised concern about the death of their livestock in Gogrial.

” We received a message from cattle keepers that their cows are dying. Some cattle owners came with their cattle to near our officer asking for vaccines. We have seen the condition of cows, and we give out vaccines, although it could not be enough to vaccinate every cow. Next month the general vaccination will kick off across the state,” Mayar said.

Some cattle keeper’s spokes to Mayardit FM in Turalei. They welcomed the state initiative and urged the animal resource department to extend vaccination to the villages and other counties of warrap.

“My cows are sick, singe of disease is a cow can have leg swollen and skin rash, for some few days now 15 cows have died, and other cows are now suffering.” 

“My Cows have many diseases that I cannot verify, and I don’t know if they will be okay after receiving vaccines. I like to tell our government to be engaged with partners for more vaccines.” 

“My cows got disease since August this year, and this month also, I have lost some cows of them. I am hoping now that those cows who receive the vaccine will not die.”

The government further called cattle owners to take special precautions against flood-related diseases in poultry and livestock.

Floods have wreaked havoc in many parts of Warrap State this week resulted in the displacement of hundreds, schools closed, and some health facilities evacuated the areas.


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