Chiefs unite to reconcile people in Twic

Local Chiefs during meeting in Twic county.

Local leaders of the Twic community have ended the wrangling over County headquarter row and agreed to reconcile the communities.

An acceptance of unity among community leaders appeared a vital exemplary to end antagonism and inter-communal violence.

The community feuds commenced during the creation of 32 states and the promotion of Mayen Abun as Twic state headquarters in 2015.

Misunderstanding over the state capital’s location had existed for more than five years triggering chaotic disputes. 

Some community leaders declined to accept previously created state headquarters citing uncompromised agreement among by the community.

Despite the government returned the country to ten states, making Turalei the County headquarters, loggerhead disagreement remained weaponized. Some community members refused to come to Turalei as a tit-for-tat game against those who denied the proposed new Mayen Abun headquarter.

Speaking to Mayardit FM, now, the chief has dropped such demands, prioritizing dialogue. They will organize a peace campaign in all six Payam of Twic County to work in Turalei. The community leaders didn’t mention when the peace tour will begin.

An agreement comes after the Warrap governor organized the Twic peace conference to bring the Twic people together in Kuajok town this week.

Chiefs urged the youth to accept themselves and work together for the betterment of the County.

Warrap state minister of local government Mr. Peter Paduol Mangong said peace in Twic means peace across the state.

Minister welcomed the initiative made by the Twic leaders and urged the communities to copy the move made.

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