Citizens call for free education to reward martyrs’ children

Late Dr. John Garang de, Mabior, for Leader of the SPLM/A with South Sudan Martyrs in memorial picture

As South Sudan commemorates Martyrs Day, citizens in Jonglei and Lakes states called for free education across the country. They say the schools will help martyrs’ children access free education as some families could not afford to pay school fees.

Martyrs’ Day in South Sudan is observed on July 30. It is a public holiday and a Remembrance Day commemorating John Garang de Mabior, who died in 2005.

Citizens say the schools will compensate the families who lost their loved one during the struggle.

Listeners of Mingkaman FM in Awerial County, Lakes State, expressed their views.

“There is nothing that the government can do better than establishing schools for the children of martyrs to learn freely. When they are educated, their lives will change. That would be the best reward.” 

“I see education as the best gift to children of Martyrs. If the government could do that, it would be good and lasting remembrance.” 

“I am a child of the martyr. My father got married during the war, and we were all born on the frontline. Unfortunately, when people returned home, he got killed and never had time to access good learning institutions due to financial constraints. I believe if the government could offer free education to the children of Martyrs, that will be of great benefit.”

President Salva Kiir salutes men and women uniforms for their unwavering contributions to freedom. In his statement, he called for the honor of martyr’s families.

“Today, I called upon you our citizens to salute our Martyrs who bore the brunt of hardship that come with liberation struggle but never faltered,” Kiir stated.

“Kiir said the nation would continue to remember the contribution toward the birth of South Sudan. The selfless action of these men and women who did not live to see the birth of our republic hold important clues for us on how we should overcome our present-day challenges.”

President stated his government effort to stabilize the country and focus on achieving total peace and called the citizens to promote peaceful coexistence in their communities.

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