Citizens called on the new governor of Aweil to tackle hunger situation

Citizens in Aweil welcoming the Governor

Public in Northern Bhar el Ghazal state has urges the new governor to focus on ways address hunger that affect their livelihood.

They said food prices increase in the area and not everyone could afford to buy.

On Saturday Northern Bhar El Gazal’s Governor Tong Aken Ngor arrived at the State capital, Aweil with his accompanied delegation.

Community citizen express their views said government should bring sorghum with affordable price.

For us, the main challenge is that there is hunger in the state, our people can’t afford sorghum at the market and we hope that our governor can look into this matter, there was some sorghum that was brought by the Government and we all saw them, but unfortunately they were not managed well so now the people are suffering because they cannot afford the ones in the market’ Citizens said”

The Governor of Northern Bhar El Gazal Tong Akeen Ngor promise to address citizens’ concern.

He said government will work with traders to overcome high prices in the markets “Before I came back to Aweil, I heard that there is sorghum shortage in the state so I spoke with our neighboring country and eighteen trucks loaded with sorghum were supposed to arrive in Aweil but due to the insecurity and poor roads, the trucks returned. But now I am here in the state, we will see how we shall enable this goods to come to Aweil. So the issue of sorghum won’t be a problem anymore.”

Northern Governor Akeen further urged the citizens to unite and promote peaceful coexistent at the state.

However, in another hand, Warrap state governor promised to end cattle rustling by renewing the functions of traditional court established to trail suspects cattle raiders and cases of revenge killing.

Hon: Bona Panek Biar arrived in the state capital on Monday July 13, 2020

He said several agreements to restore peace between Warrap and neighboring unity states were signed.

One is insecurity with those whom sharing us border. We want to talk both sides to preventing crime people who want to across a border, and outside also no one can go there; we need people staying with peace. And all areas made disarmament we will be putting soldier there to protected people”

The governors of eight States in South Sudan was appointed in a Presidential order on the last day of June.

Among the governors and areas administrators appointed, only one female governor made it through.

According to the peace agreement the parties are require to implement women representation at all level. And 35 percent share were allocated to women.

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