Civil Society calls the army to involve in dyke construction

Floods in Bor town Jonglei South Sudan August-2020

The National Civil Alliance in Jonglei State has called South Sudan Defense Forces –SSPDF to participate in constructing the dyke at the flood-affected areas include Pibor Administrative Area.

In August 2020, South Sudan President Salva Kiir has declared a state of emergency in Jonglei state and Pibor administrative area due to unprecedented heavy flood and inter-communal violence causes displacement.

Mr. Bol Deng Bol is a Secretary-General of the National Civil Alliance, a Civil society organization. He said SSPDF should help citizens during natural disasters crises such as floods and droughts.

“The national army, wildlife, Police and other departments in the government should be taking part in the flood control in Bor and Greater Pibor. There is no war in the country now, and the army can take the lead in control flood in Bor, and then the civil population backs them up.”

Deputy Spokesperson of South Sudan’s People Defense Force, Santo Domnic, said that it is the army’s role to provide security, logistic and medical services to the affected population in the state of emergency areas.  But, he claimed to revitalize peace programs preoccupied with their participation.

The Civil Society organization said they had written a petition to President Salva Kiir asking the national government to put flood disaster in government priority as the State capital is underwater. Activist did not further elaborate whether their petition is responded or not.

Youth in Bor town have been working voluntarily repairing collapsed dykes along the river bank to control landslide water from reaching the city. The communities have lost hopes of seeing floodwater swarming constructed dykes.

On Tuesday, the National Civil Alliance have called for the resignation of state flood management taskforce’s leader after issued a statement expressing inability to control the flood in Bor.

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