Five activists bank accounts and allies institutions at risk of freezing

Hon. Dier Tong governor of Bank of South Sudan addressing journalists on 1st April 2021 (credited Lieth Nyak)

Bank of South Sudan directed commercial banks to freeze and blocked five Activists’ bank accounts, including the former governor of Northern Bahr El Gazal state Kuel Aguer Kuel who is at the National Security detention. He was arrested on 2nd August in the capital Juba after signed PCCA declaration.

The four institutions named are linked to People Coalition for Civil action PCCA.

The activists have been calling for a peaceful protest against the government and asking leaders to step down.

The telecommunication network restricted social media access on 30th August this year follow a call by people coalition through social media urging citizens for mass protest.

The activists named are Abraham A. Awolic, Rajab Mohandis, Wani Michael, James David Kolok, and Kuel Aguer Kuol, former Governor of Northern Bahr el ghazal are denies access to their money in the bank.

“All their bank accounts held at the respective banks must be blocked and frozen, “Moses Makur Deng, Director General in the Central Bank, stated.

The statement also listed four: Sudd Institute, Okay African Foundation, Organization for Responsive Governance, and Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance.

It stated, “all commercial banks dealing with these organizations must blocked their bank accounts until further notice.”

Jok Madut Jok is a Professor of Anthropology at Syracuse University, in New York, and Executive Director of the Sudd Institute. He said the freezing of Sudd Institute and other organizations’ bank accounts, is “unbecoming.

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