Committee formed to investigate Lowareng and camp 15 attacks

House burned in Camp15 area in Kapoeta town of Eastern Equatoria after gunmen attacked the village on Tuesday 30th March 2021

The Eastern Equatoria state has formed a committee to investigate the Lowarneg attacks and the camp 15 incidences.

Committee formed comprise of six members led by the state minister of local government in Eastern Equatoria state.

Lowareng, a cantonment site for the SPLM-IO in Kapoeta, was attacked on the 22nd of last month, leaving five deaths.

In a separate incident, 15 people were killed at camp 15 in Loriyok Payam by an unknown group which caused insecurity threats among residents.

People believe counter-attacks emerged due to revenge between the two communities of Katiko and Loriyok.

The press secretary in the governor’s office says the committee has been given seven days ultimate to submit the findings.

Aliandro Lotok explains investigation will help the government in arresting the suspects and held them accountable.

“We have six members, these highly respected men in our state. These are people with experience who will come and investigate these cases because we want to ascertain”.

Lotok said government must work to account the culprits “The government wants to determine what had gone wrong, why things are happening the way they happen. And to prove the damages coursed in these places. These are sad stories that we do not want to hear in this state, he warned”.

Mr. Lotok urged the communities, local leaders, and youth to cooperate with this committee to give information that can lead to the arrest of what he says barbaric act.

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