Communal fight left thirty-one people dead in Warrap state

Armed youth looking after cattle in Warrap State, South Sudan

At least 31 people are reported killed and 30 others wounded in a communal clash on 16 August between three communities at Mer and Lol-lith, Tonj East County in Warrap state.

The clashes happened between three subsections of Luacjang, Lou Paher, and Thiik, but the details of what triggered the fighting are yet to be established.

Hon. Ring Deng Ading is the state minister of information and communication in Warrap. He said more than 30 others had been wounded in dire need of medication for attention.

Hon. Deng said that the local health facility is overwhelmed by the number of people injuries. He says they lack drugs and the capacity to treat some of the wounded patients.

He urged the three neighboring sections to cease confrontation and embrace peace. The state government has resolved to deploy security forces to separate the community and restore stability.

He said the deployment for the security forces is awaiting approval from the national military in headquarter in BilPam to have SSPDF soldiers deployed in the area.

Some eyewitnesses who spoke to Mayardit FM said they need security forces deployed to contain the situation—saying that they fear clashes happening before soldiers arrived in the area as a pledge by the government.

Last month, seventeen people were killed, and twenty people wounded communal clashes between Luacjang and Lou-Paher communities in Warrap state.

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