COVID-19 Health workers end protests

COVID-19 tested result kit

South Sudan’s COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare Workers agreed to reconsider and ease the peaceful strike in what was described as “humanity ground” for all South Sudanese. The medical team say they resumed their duties today, on June 13, 2021

The workers peacefully strike demanding unpaid nine-month incentives from the Ministry of Health and the National High-Level Taskforce. However, in the last two weeks of peaceful lay down of tools by the workers. The stated health workers issued said the committee constituted to follow up the payments of staff with the Ministry of Health was able to engage in a series of meetings. Still, all the negotiations couldn’t produce a positive outcome. 

Though the Ministry of Health acknowledged that it’s the legal right of the COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare workers’ to be given their unpaid 9-months, still failed, neither have they mentioned when to pay nor to address the concerns of the staff,” Health workers stated.

The medical team expressed readiness to continue to deliver services despite the challenges facing them. “You can imagine, the COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare Workers committed despites the daily life challenges while saving the people’s lives.”

COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare Workers call the country’s top leadership to intervene, and their concern should not be neglected. “It’s on these bases that we still call for the intervention of the top leadership to protect the rights of the COVID-19 healthcare workers.”

They urged the government and the Donor communities to continue supporting the healthcare sector in South Sudan to overcome the pandemic, expressed the need for accountability and auditing to avoid the misuse and mismanagement of resources by individual.

South Sudan cumulative number of cases confirmed to date 10, 691, number of cases recovered 10,514 and one hundred fifteen death since coronavirus declared in the country last year.

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