CTSAMVM calls peace partners to control internal army defection.

CTSAMVM Technical Committee meeting on Monday 19th October 2020 in Juba, South Sudan

The Ceasefire Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring and Verification Mechanism [CTSAMVM] has called the Unity government to control internal military defection. Ceasefire monitors were such concerns about senior army officers changing allegiance within TGoNU while the parties are implementing security arrangements before the unification of forces. 

In September, a General from SPLA-IO Moses Lokujo defected to the SSPDF, which was seen as a false indication of the agreement. The parties to the agreement were urges to discourage unlawful activities from stopping putting the deal at risk. 

On Monday, CTSAMVM has discussed the implementation of the Ceasefire Agreement in Juba. Parties’ representatives attended the talk. The discussion highlight concerns on the recent clashes among the SPLM-IO forces after a general switched to the SSPDF in September. 

The monitoring body urged the parties to adhere to the revitalized agreement, stop the violence, and bring non-signatories on board.

Acting Chairperson of the Ceasefire Transitional Council, Gen. Dafalla Hamid Mohammed, says defection should not be allowed to weaken the agreement’s implementation.

There was significant violence involving the reported change of allegiance of Maj Gen Moses Lokujo from SPLM/A-IO to SSPDF, which resulted in violent clashes in the area of Moroto on 7, 29 September and 4 October between SPLM/A-IO and forces loyal to Maj Gen Lokujo.” Hamid me mentioned.

Mohammed appreciated the parties’ commitment to resolving clashes in Moroto amicably, which he believes such development can jeopardize the Peace Agreement.

The Representatives from oppositions who are parties to the peace agreement include the SPLM-IO, South Sudan Opposition Alliance, and Former detainee are urge the Unity government to stop welcoming people defecting from one party to another.

General David Nyang is from the South Sudan Opposition Alliance –SSOA. He said the Unity government should discourage internal defection as time is close to unifying the army under one command.

The season of migration or changing allegiance from one party to another is over. It doesn’t make sense that a military group moves from one party to another that could trigger a big problem. We have only days, weeks, or months to have one unified army; we wonder where are they going? We urge the leadership this practice should be discouraged,” He said.

The SPLM-IO has called for willingness from the parties to graduates the unifying forces. It warned that soldiers would leave training centers if not graduating in a few weeks or months due to unfavorable situations. The troops are seen losing truth after many promises have not been implemented.

Brig General. Andrea Mangu Adora said the graduation of unifying forces is a symbol that could create hope of peace for South Sudan. 

“Our unify forces in the training centers their situation are difficult too tough, and to talk about it have become monotonous. We urge the concern to have the willingness to graduates and deploy the forces that are in the training centers right now, so that we may create hope of peace in the heart of our citizens,” Gen Mangu said.

The former Incumbent transitional government of National Unity [ITGoNU] ‘s representative at CTSAMVM urged the parties to double their efforts to implement the peace agreement’s provisions. Maj Gen. Rabi Mujung echoed the calls to make the officers defecting accountable, cautioning that such acts could destabilize the country’s security.

He explained that“changing of allegiance emerged after the signing of the agreement and we have been seeing it from time to time. I see it as something that we cannot encourage since we had agreed that all the fighting forces would be unified into a national army. I quite agree with some recommendations from colleagues that such practices have to stop, and those who are involved in causing insecurity should be accounted for.”

According to the peace monitors, the pre-transitional task and cantonment activities includes registration of forces, have not yet complete. The revitalized agreement is the only hope to bring durable peace to South Sudan. 

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