Delay in reconstituting parliament “Worrying and disturbing” Activist said

South Sudan national legislative assembly or NTLA

South Sudan civil society group is frustrated over the delay in the reconstitution of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly in the Revitalize Peace Agreement.

The Center for Peace and Advocacy viewed parliament reconstitution delay as a “worrying and disturbing” signal to the citizens to achieve sustainable peace, security, and development.

Center for Peace Executive Director Ter Manyang said the delay in the formation of the National parliament is a bad sign that already had severe consequences for citizens’ live due to economic depression and grave communal violence taking thousands of lives across the country.

The unity government is desperately seen functioning without fiscal year budgets. The Parties to the agreement have failed to pass the fiscal year budget for 2021/ 22 due to the absence of the parliament.

Activists slapped the Unity government’s irresponsible re-formation delay, putting the country in an unprecedented economic vacuum.

“No country can operate without a budget. The government of national Unity must avoid uncertainty and reconstituted parliament to ensure the fiscal year budgets pass as stipulated in the R-ARCSS Peter educated.”

Peter branded parliament reconstitution delay unreasonable game that makes people tired—in contrast, urging the parties to show some seriousness and commitments to sure that the Transitional National Legislative Assembly is formed.

Activists warned that “failure for Unity government to reconstitute the parliament could lead to solid measures against peace spoilers.

The Civil Society Organizations said it would renew their appeals to the IGAD, AU, EU, and the UN Security Council to take appropriate actions against those individuals sabotaging the full implementation of the Revitalized Agreement.”

Mr. Manyang called upon peace guarantors and the international community to pressure Parties to Revitalized Agreement to ensure that the deadlocks over parliament reconstitution delay reach.

The government spokesperson and the Minister of Information, Michael Makuei Lueth, noted the delay but believed the cause is technically promised that his party has completed the process.

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