Domestic Airplanes resumes landing in Kapoeta

Commercial Plane of Bonke Aviation Services landed at Kapoeta, Airstrips, 05 Nov 2020

Humanitarians air services and commercials aircraft have resumed landing in Kapoeta after runway’s renovation complete. An airplane landing was green line by state authority on Thursday, 5 Nov 2020.

The flights were suspended from landing on the runway due to a rehabilitation exercise that began in October, and only helicopters allow to land.

Mega Worldwide construction company, charge for upgraded the runway, said the work took them 30 days to complete the work

The Secretary-General in Kapoeta’s Eastern Equatoria state said, five planes land today [Thursday] to test the standard of runway.

David Eriga mentioned that the work not yet fully completed, but will not affect the flight regular schedules.

 “On the airstrip currently we are doing the rehabilitation repair of the airstrip we want to little bit upgrade the airstrip to grade B that’s why you see the work has taken long”

We have allowed about five (5) flights to test the ground, and now this is the fourth flight we expecting one other flight and tomorrow there will not be work our people will resume work then Saturday we also allow them to so that work goes on.” Eriga said

Eriga says the rehabilitation is almost finishing, and more planes will soon start landing safely.

Aviation companies operating in Kapoeta welcome the government initiative to improve the airstrip.

The Manager of High vison air aviation, Atong Grace says the rehabilitation of the airstrip will help safety of passengers of landing and taking off.

“The renovation of this airstrip is going to improve a lot it first all we use to care about people’s safety this is going to cater a lot on that side of people’s safety because before the renovation it uses to be very hard for the captains to take off and even land sometimes, “said Grace.

Unity air aviation said the renovation will reduces flight cancelation  due to the condition of airstrip “There is a time when plane arrive and the airfield was not safe for landing, some aircraft just turn back to Juba  right away, but now the plane can land safely”

They are calling on the government to do more work on the airstrip so that flights can move always to Kapoeta even when there is rain.

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