Drivers Union in Aweil sue to court over taxes disagreement

Public bus station in Aweil, Northern Bahr el Gazal.

In Aweil of Northern Bahr el Ghazal, the Municipality Council has opened a court case against the public driver alleged of refusing to pay taxes charged per trip.

The case was opened in Aweil High Court. Deputy Chairperson of NBGs Drivers’ Union confirmed his office had received a summon letter on Monday, May 17th.

According to Mr. Guot Wol, the Drivers’ Union members will appear in the court this week on Wednesday.

Drivers Union disputed authority case against their administration. They are labeling the matter “unlawful acts,” which should be resolve in the court of laws.

The Union leader claimed that each driver pays twenty-six thousand South Sudanese pounds to the town municipality for road usage tax and a business license per year.

“The authority has summoned some of our members, and it is because of the issue of a seat fare tax which the authority is trying to impose on us. It is not good for us. We pay for other licenses and feel this should not be necessary,” Guot narrated.

Mr. Guot also said a seat charge per every trip is unjust.

“We will go to court and see how the court ruling will be made because we find this tax illegal. So, it is better to be handled within the law.”

Aweil town deputy mayor for planning, development, and environment, Mr. Anei Wal Achien, affirmed the case against accusing drivers of not paying their monthly fees.

Anei said that payment of one seat fare per trip to the town municipality is legal policy, and the drivers have avoided two months without pay.

“This is a law set by the government, and the drivers should abide by it, but since they are refusing to cooperate, then that is why we resorted to the court of laws, yes we have given them a summon letter, and the court proceedings will begin tomorrow,” Anei explained.

Last month, public vehicle drivers in Aweil town stopped working for three days in protest of paying fare for one seat per trip to the town municipality.

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