Eight people killed over cattle raiding in Terekeka County

Cattle recovered from raiders in Lakes State

At least eight people have been killed and six others injured during the cattle raiding incident in Terekeka County over the weekend.

An incident happened on Saturday after gunmen stormed the Kuacjuwa cattle camp at Gura Payam.

Acting Executive Director in Terekeka County Hillary John Konga said death causalities are five cattle owners and three attackers.

Local Administrator claimed attackers believed coming from neighboring Awerial County. He called his counterpart to arrest the culprits.

“Yesterday in the morning, I received a problem in the cattle camp called Kuacjuwa. Some youths from Awerial killed people in the attack, four people killed, including a girl and six others injured in the fight.’’

Acting Executive Director in Awerial County Alfred Adult has confirmed the incident, citing that forces have been dispatched to apprehend the suspects.

He warned young people to cease cattle raids and promote peaceful coexistence among the neighboring Communities.

“We have started the investigation, we call the local chief of the suspect raiders to name their people behind this attack, and even these people have some people from Abuyung that need the Payam administrator.

I’m appealing to those who have been attacked to respect the highway if nobody would cause insecurity along the main road even, we had several things happen, but people forgive, but this issue will involve government to be in it to find the cause to be addressed immediately.’’

In November 2020, six people were killed, and thousands of cows were looted at the Tali area after suspected Mundari gunmen attacked the camp.

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