Fall armyworm destroy nearly fifty farms in Warrap

Fallarmyworm, South-Sudan Torit. Photo; FAO

Crops pest known as “fall army-worm” has smashed forty-nine small scale farms at Ajak Kuac Payam, in Warrap State

Local farmers reported that their farms were simultaneously destroyed by the fall-army-worm.

Some of the farmers complaints that the insects has invaded their crops. Adding that they would not  have good harvest this year because the pests have eaten crops which they planted”.

“It changes the color of the crops to blackish like the wild grains and loses the grain. It also pierces the leaves of the sorghum and maize and ends up losing them. We thought these farms were going to help the producers and those who don’t have, but now we are back to square one where no one will help the other” Public concerned.

Officials from the ministry of agriculture in Warrap State said they have been informed and had dispatched a team to visit the areas and to assess the damage.

Peter Madut Amet is the director of agriculture. He explained that the monitoring system team is expected to see the level of destruction and promised to support the farmers after the outcome the assessment.

“We will support some of them with the fishing tools, and others will tool for growing the vegetables, and we have sent out the assessment team. It will collect the data, and these data will be sent to Juba for action on the destruction,” Madut said.

Last month, many villages in Warrap State  flooded, displacing people from their and farms destroyed in Tonj East County.

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