Female students face tough questions to fulfill their needs. 

Schoolgirls matched in Warrap during literacy day in 2018

Schoolgirls in Warrap state faced resistance from parents to avail the needs that could keep them hygienic in public and education centers.

Some not find it easy to buy sanitary parts and feel shy to explain to the parents that a “student spokes out,” mature girls have monthly demands that parents are supposed to avail without excuse.”

A female student said she could wear an inner cloth or always protect the period’s visibility on an outer cloth to avoid embarrassment.

Mayardit FM spokes to some school girls and explained the situation many of them have gone through, calling for an end to such practices.

Nagai Ring, a senior student in Aweng secondary school. “Parents always ask, you need money for what and you have clothed and shoe? What are you going to do with the money? These are questions parents ask us, the girls. They forget that we have other things to buy apart from clothing, shoe, and food. There are somethings we cannot say by name to our fathers, unlike the mother,” she narrated.

Another student Ms Aluong Akech. She said only her brother’s wife is a solution to make needs available. Aluong said she could tell her brother’s wife that “month, month” aah, and she can understand. 

“When I say this, my brother’s wife understands that I need always. She can understand my monthly period is on. With this, I can imagine how my fellow girls suffer when in need of sanitary parts,” Along jokily told Mayardit FM.

The 3rd student who refused to be named said she felt very ashamed to ask for money every month from her dad and brother.

“It is very difficult to tell your father or brother that I always need. And sometimes when say it by name, some parents say, this is not a problem. I cannot give you money to go and buy just something to protect your period from being known. Lack of always prevents us from going to school because when you go to school, it may appear on the cloth and people, especially boys, may laugh at you and therefore, you will become embarrassed,” she mentioned.

Head Teacher of Aweng Secondary school, Mathiang Duor Mathiang, said some parents only know paying for school fees but do not provide other needs for their daughters, which he discouraged.

He stated that girls of adolescent age have more demands than boys, and their demand should be fulfilled.

“Many girls drop out of school because their demands are always not met by their parents. It is sometimes the NGOs that support girl education. Girls need soap, and they need body lotion, they always or liners and others. These are taken very less by the parents, and these are supposed to be top priorities before other things. Mathiang added.

The schoolgirls speak out during the distribution of hygiene kits this week by the National NGO known as Humanity of Friends-HoF.

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