Fifteen farmers trained to plants fruits in Kapoeta.

Farmers in Kapoeta, Equatoria State


Farmers planting fruits in Kapoeta, PHOTO Credited: Singaita FM

At least fifteen farmers in
Kapoeta are undergoing practical training on making nursery beds to boasts
their knowledge on agricultural production and ways of planting fruits like
mangos, guavas, and lemons.

The farmers expect to make
local products which have mainly exported in foreign countries with high prices
everyone could afford.

Acting Director-General of
Animal Resources and Fisheries, Kadong Merisia said his department would
continue to equip local farmers to produce their food.

He stated that fruits sale
in Kapoeta town is exported from the neighboring countries but arguing for a
demand to make them in South Sudan.

“So this is a nursery
for growing different varieties of fruits guava, mango lemons, and other types
of fruits. Yesterday [Thursday], a one day workshop was organized for theory
and practical part. At least the farmers will continue to learn for four days
so that they acquit themselves with theory on how to plants the fruits,”
He said.

Some farmers’ spokes to
Singaiata FM in Kapoeta said the capacity building would help them work
independently and support others. They said locals would be sold cheaper
compare to traded goods.

The local farmers urge the
government and its partner to continue to empower more people in the area.

“This will help us a
lot because once this seedling germinates, we can sell out to the people, and
we carry others to different places for sale. We have gained good knowledge.
“Yesterday we were for a workshop, and we were taught on the importance of
forest, and we all know, we can even get money from it and also creates a good
environment by keeping the place cool and also when there are lots of trees
planted even the wind which blows heavily cannot affect us a lot”.

The workshop expects to end
over the weekend was supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the
United Nations [FAO].

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