Fifteen shops burned in fire blast at Jebel market

Shops burning in Jebel Market, Tuesday 23 February 2021

Fifteen shops have burned in a fire blast on Tuesday in Jebel market along Yei road. Traders say they have lost thousands of pounds, hardware, and timbers. It is unclear what causes the fire.

The shops burned were owned by South Sudanese and foreign traders. Eyewitness gives mixed reactions to how fire breaks-out occurred.

The market residents were shocked to see terrifying smokes in the sky that burned everything, including an electrical pole.

Some people told Radio Community journalist Chuol Jany the fire broke out at 6 am. Other eyewitnesses claimed that an incident happened from 4:50 am until 5: 40am.

Many water tankers and firefighters were seen on the scene trying to put off the fire to prevent further damage. Their intervention was unhelpful when everything burned to ash.

The Radio community reporter who has been in the scene took a small video clip for broader views of the situation

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